Letter 160

Just Wait Till the Mid-terms!

I disdain people who feel a need to dash any hope that folks may have. I know our real hope is the return of Christ but while we’re down here we need some good news every now and then. The last two years have not only been bad news but unbelievable bad news as the Democrats attempt to make the perverted normal and silence all who resist their evil efforts.

That being said, I must say the following. I keep hearing everyone say that the Democrats are going to lose big in the upcoming Mid-term elections. Might I point something out? We also thought Biden couldn’t possibly win the election sitting in his basement. Well, he didn’t! But the evil Democrats were three steps ahead of us and had told him, “Stay in your basement and we’ve got this wrapped up.” They produced 81,000,000 votes out of thin air overnight. Now, I ask you, do you think these same evil cheats don’t know they’re set to “lose big in the Mid-terms”? I don’t know what they have planned but don’t be surprised if we don’t see a massive repeat of November 2020. After all, if they cheat, what’s going to happen to them? They own the election boards, the FBI, the News Mafia and the judicial system. Who’s going to press charges against them with any hope of winning?

Corrupting the Incorruptible

America has gotten far worse than I ever thought is would before the Lord came back. I thought homosexuality was the bottom of the moral barrel but codifying this “transgender” nonsense as normal is even worse. Plus, since 2020 we’ve seen the FBI go from the world’s leading crime investigating organization to a branch of the Democrat Party. Our once excellent medical system has become a death trap and public schools have quit pretending to be interested in anything of perverting our children.

Since Democrats stole the 2020 election America has gone into a moral and legal nose-dive with nothing but “more of the same” on the horizon. Christian, if you aren’t praying for the Lord to come back you will be by the time He gets here!

The Blessing of God

We often visualize the blessings of God has having Him provide some great need or keeping us safe through some horrible peril. But there may be a broader definition that bodes far worse for our country in the immediate future. I believe God has blessed this country many times in the manner just referred to. But He has also given it a kind of “blanket blessing” that has simply meant…everything works! Whether it was His conscience efforts or just the residual Bible value instilled in our people our nation has been an amazingly well functioning machine. I think we are just beginning to see America run without God’s kind and gracious watch care.

I don’t believe that all of the evils in our heath care system are instigated by the devil or even his workers, the Democrat Party. I think we are now seeing our heath care industry run by people with absolutely no influence of the Bible. Man’s wickedness is no longer being thwarted or throttled.

Meeting the 7000

Trinidad Garza

Brother Garza does not pastor a church. But he fills a tremendous need in that he transports Bibles, tracts and Sunday School materials to missionaries in Mexico. He has been doing this since 1991 and has transported countless pieces of Gospel literature into that needy country over the years. He doesn’t have a highly visible ministry but the fruit of his labors will never be known until we stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ.

There’s always something you can do for the Lord.

The Ministry of “Truth”

Dictator Biden has created a so-called “Ministry of Truth.” Who else had such a ministry? Adolf Hitler had one, Joseph Goebbels had one and Joseph Stalin had one. I think that’s all you need to know. Every dictator has to eradicate free speech. Now, anyone who disagrees with Biden’s communist agenda can be classified a “domestic terrorist” and be taken prisoner with no civil rights protection under the vile Patriot Act.

Fight On!

Peter Francisco was dropped off by a ship on the dock near what is now Hopewell, VA, in June of 1765, when he was only five years old. Taken in by Patrick Henry’s uncle, Judge Anthony Winston, the boy grew up in colonial Virginia. Early on it became obvious that this was no ordinary young boy. By age fifteen he was 6 foot 6 and weighed 260 pounds.

When the War of Independence broke out Peter joined the 10th Virginia Regiment. At the Battle of Brandywine Creek he was wounded in the leg but soon recovered. He spent the winter in Valley Forge with the rest of George Washington’s battered army and was then wounded again in the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse, again recovering but with a permanently damaged right thigh. Later he took a bayonet slash to the abdomen while helping conquer the British fort on Stony Point.

At the panicked colonial retreat from Camden, NJ, Francisco killed a dragoon trying to capture him and then took his horse and rode off. He came upon his commanding officer who had been taken prisoner. He killed the British guard and then gave the horse to the American colonel and told him to ride off. But by this time the

Redcoats had passed beyond him and he as now behind enemy lines. Another mounted Redcoat rode up. Francisco killed him, mounted his horse, then impersonating a Tory yelled, “Huzzah, my brave boys! We’ve conquered the rebels,” he charged off, back to American lines.

His third enlistment now up he returned home to Virginia, where he promptly reenlisted in Col. William Washington’s light dragoons. On March 15, 1781, Francisco killed 11 Redcoats during the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina. He received a bayonet wound to his leg and another more grievous such wound to the same leg.

Months later, working now as a scout, he was surrounded by nine of Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton’s calvary men. He killed two, drove off the others and rode off with their horses.

When the war ended Francisco returned home and fought another battle – illiteracy. He enrolled himself in school at age 18 and learned to read. He died January 16,1831, at age 70.

Never Forget!

Nothing can “save” you from the coming cataclysm but the Lord! You can buy all the guns & ammo you want, store up years of food, have the perfect hiding place, know the toughest fighters alive, but never be fool enough to entrust your safety in any of them. Only the Lord can keep you safe. Can you pray, “Lord, You can take all of my preparations away if You want. I trust only You to care for me when the worst happens.”

If you can’t say those words you have a problem. Think about it! If you can trust God with your soul why can’t you trust Him with your life?

A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money.” – G. Gordon Liddy

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