Letter 159

I Believe in Vaccines!

Yes I truly do. In fact, I have never contracted Whooping Cough, Smallpox or Polio because I took a vaccine to prevent me from getting them and those vaccines worked!

I am certain you have heard all the things wrong with the vaccines being offered, no being “mandated” to fight Covid. They contain everything from hydras, nano-robots and killer-clotting chemicals. They will either kill everyone who took them or, at least, someday turn them into zombies! Maybe, maybe not. But, even our own government, who wants to force our entire population to take a Covid vaccine has plainly stated that taking the vaccine will not guarantee you won’t get Covid or that you won’t spread Covid. So, why do they want me to take it? If those who don’t get vaccinated are putting their life in danger, why are: Congress, their 12,000 staffers, 6,000 White House staff, 600,000 USPS workers, 80,000 HHS employees, 8 million Chinese students and all illegals exempt from taking the vaccine? Is our godvernment trying to kill the above mentioned…or protect them?

Sabotage is Treason

If a citizen of any country tried to damage that country and help its enemies by acts of sabotage they would be arrested and tried for treason. “Resident” Biden (he is NOT the President because he DID NOT win the election!) Has been openly committing acts of sabotage against the nation he is a citizen of. He has sabotaged our energy needs by closing down pipe lines to cut off our gasoline supplies. Sabotage! He has aided disease carrying infiltrators into the country and spread them all over the country. Sabotage! He occupies our White House because he assisted in voter fraud. Sabotage!

Attention Military and Law Enforcement Officers

A dictator cannot rise or cannot stay in power without the cooperation of two groups, the military and law enforcement personnel. If you are in either of these groups, wannabe dictator, Joe Biden, will never fulfill his attempted dictatorial takeover of our country without your willing assistance. Before you bash heads and arrest parents at PTA meetings and Non-vaxxers please remember this. We are the common citizens of this country. We are the ones who cry, “Pray for our Troops!” and “Back the Blue!” Please don’t treat us like we are either your, or this country’s enemies.

Remember, it is the Democrats who cry, “Defund the Police!” and “Cut all Veteran’s Benefits!” If you refuse to follow their illegal orders and refuse to support their totalitarian takeover of our government they cannot succeed! Rather than obeyed they need arrested. Please don’t turn on the people who love, support and pray for you and help to destroy the greatest nation in history. It will take bravery that few have possessed. But only you are in position to stop the communist insurrection presently running our government. Will you rise up? Will you be true? Will you save your freedom, your family, your country?

Meeting the 7000

Greg Arrout

About 30 years ago I was holding a meeting in a church in the Los Angeles area. When the invitation was given a biker came forward and got saved. That man was Greg Arrout. After Greg trusted Christ he jumped right in. He got baptized, joined that church and became a faithful member. Four years later I returned for another meeting. During that meeting Bro. Arrout surrendered to full time service for the Lord. Since then he has been faithfully ministering in the prison system in southern California. His has been quite a transition from one life to another!

Please pray. Bro. Greg suffers tremendously with heart problems. He has been in the hospital numerous times with serious problems…but he hasn’t quit! He has a better reason to keep going than he does an excuse to quit. He is a great example of a faithful soldier for Christ.

Fight On!

Greg Woessner and his six year old son, Nathan, were racing Keith Karrow and his seven year old son, Colin, up a mammoth sand dune on the beach of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in Porter, Indiana, during the summer of 2014 when little Nathan simply vanished! The young boy had fallen into an 18 inch round hole in the dune. The men called down and heard the terrified boy call back “I’m scared!” They reached down into the hole as far as possible but couldn’t touch him. Frantically they began digging. Suddenly the sand caved in and filled in the hole. Someone called 911 as others came to help, desperately trying to dig Nathan out before it was too late.

Faith, Nathan’s mother, soon arrived and did what she did best, she prayed. “Lord, please give him an air pocket. Please help my little boy to breathe. Please help us find him.”

Police and firemen arrived but the more they dug, the more sand from above poured into their excavation. “Hold him in your arms,” Faith prayed. “Help us find him.”

Minutes become hours and the mission turned from the rescue of a young boy the recovery the boy’s body. Greg and Faith were led away and taken to the police station so they wouldn’t have to witness the recovery of their son’s body. After a few hours they found Nathan at a depth of 23 feet. They lifted to lifeless body from the hole and carried it to a waiting ambulance. Greg and Faith rushed to the hospital. No one could explain it…Nathan was alive!

At the hospital they suctioned sand from his mouth, throat and even his lungs. Nathan was soon up and talking with his rescuers. There was no brain damage. No one could understand how he survived…but his mother. “God did this for us. He really does answer prayers. This is God’s miracle.” Pray on!

The Faith of NASA

Evolutionists like to talk down to Christians by saying, “I believe in science but you weak minded Christians need something you call ‘faith’.” Yes, relying on “science” sounds so superior to the “faith” we trembling, confused, fearful Christians have to turn to. Yet, for all their high-sounding babel about “science” all evolutionists believe there is life out in space somewhere. What do they base this on? FAITH! “Well, if our planet is inhabited with life there must be another out there somewhere that also supports life.” Oh, now there’s a truly “scientific” statement! Our federally funded NASA has only one goal, to prove evolution. It has failed in every attempt since it was first founded in 1958. Why? Because it relies on “faith” instead of scientific reality!

The Faith of Too Many Americans

We’ve all seen the standard American movie: some evil power threatens the existence of our nation. As the movie progresses the threat increases to the point of hopelessness. Ah! But then, at the last moment, the bad guy’s plan falls apart and “good prevails!” The problem with this scenario is that we’ve seen it so many times that, as we watch evil spreading across our country we have pointless, meaningless “Hollywood Faith” that somehow “good will prevail!” Folks, life ain’t a movie!

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