Letter 157

The Known Factor

Every honest American knows our recent election was a fraud. Biden did not win. Although I can predict that Democrats will likely “win” every election from here on out just as surely as the Communist Party “won” every election in the USSR from 1918 to 1990. Democrats stole the election while the Nation watched. Every one of “Freedom’s Guard Dogs,” the Press, state governors, state Supreme courts and the U.S. Supreme Court made this theft possible by simply not doing their job and allowing the theft to go on unchecked. As Jesus Christ said in Luke 23:31, For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?

But we Christians know that God can upset the plans of anyone at any time. Like me, you may wonder why He didn’t step in and stop the theft. The only thing I can say is to review a prayer I have prayed many times in my life when the all-knowing God ignored the script I had written for a situation and did what He wanted to as though He were God! Here it is. Feel free to use it. “Lord I disagree with Your actions but, You are right and I am wrong.” So, maybe the Lord will rescue us from our Democrat dictators and maybe he won’t. But no matter what He does… He will be right.

The Unknown Factor

The communist takeover of our country is almost now inevitable. As I said above, only God can stop it and He doesn’t seem inclined to do so. What I say next is not to be taken outside of the above truth.

The Unknown Factor in all of this is…The American. History has never seen an individual like The American. Because our country was found on the Bible and raised on Bible preaching, the spirit of innovation, love for freedom and protection of the weak has become part of our national character. American soldiers are famous for destroying their enemies in battle and a half-hour later be passing out candy bars to kids.

The standard American allows himself to be pushed, pushed, PUSHED and does nothing about it. This tends to make his enemies think, “Wow! What a wimp! I punch him just once & he’ll surrender” which is where he makes his mistake. He punches the American…and suddenly Germany is in rubble and Japan is growing mushroom clouds.

Where others have folded to their oppressors no one has seen what an American will do. Maybe he will, indeed, bow down. Or maybe his reaction will be historic!

“Oh say does that Star-spangled banner yet wave
Or the Land, no longer free
and the home of the slave?”

Contemporary Hymns

  1. Sweet Hour of Coffee
  2. Brethren, We Have Met to…Share
  3. How Great I Am!
  4. Victory in Aerobics
  5. I’ve Got a Mansion…Right Here!
  6. There is a Fountain, Filled with Beer
  7. What a Friend We Have in Rick Warren
  8. My Anchor Folds
  9. Judge Me Not Oh Gentile Saviour
  10. The Bling is Coming
Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man's friend by hearty counsel. Prove 27:9

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