Letter 156

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel.

Prov 27:9

What Time Is It?

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 says there’s a time to “kill” vs “heal” and a time of “war” vs “peace.” In spite of all the Democrat controlled riots and murders we are still living in a time of “peace” and a time to “heal.” You still eat well, sleep safely and are free to travel and live as you wish. War upsets all of these practices.

You and I cannot and should not wish to change it to “war” & “kill.” Someone else has that power, we don’t. It will take a miracle (not impossible) for this nation to avoid a civil war. Once that war starts you will never again know peace in your lifetime. It will be a time to kill. Don’t wish for it!


The crime of eradicating a people and their history. It’s what the Nazis tried to do to the Jews and what the Muslims hope to do to them. It is what the Iroquois Indians did when they killed every man, woman and child of the rival Erie tribe. This is what Democrats and their allies, BLM & Antifa want to do to Americans and America. They want our country, its proud history, its great achievements, and our people totally wiped off the face of the earth. Call it what it is: Genocide. It’s an internationally recognized crime.

A Protest Versus a Riot

How do we balance our American right to protest with our desire to see the destruction of our country halted? It’s really very simple. Lay out some simple definitions and follow them:

  1. A protest is a public demonstration against an action or policy of government.
  2. The moment a rock hits a window it goes from a lawful assembly, a protest, to an unlawful assembly, a riot. Law Enforcement is to stop the riot and arrest the law breakers.
  3. It is required that Law Enforcement be allowed to fulfill the above duty. Anyone interfering with that duty via harassment, physical attacks, “Stand Down” orders or any other action is to be arrested and prosecuted.
  4. It is the obligation of executive office holders, mayors & governors, to execute the laws passed by city and states legislators. If an executive office holder abandons that duty they have voluntarily vacated their office and are to be replaced by the next official in line.
  5. Any Law Enforcement Officer who refuses to enforce the law has voluntarily resigned their job and is to be replaced.
  6. Any damage done, whether personal or property, due to an executive office holder or Law Enforcement Officer declining to fulfill their duty to uphold the law is to be charged with the crime/s they have allowed as an accessory to that crime and punished accordingly.

The Communists won the Russian Revolution of 1917 because police and army forces refused to stop the law breakers.

Question Answered

Every time a Democrat plot to unseat President Trump has failed we ask, “What will they try next?” Well, after the failures of Stormy Daniels, Russian Collusion and Impeachment failed we have our answer…open revolution against the United States and its people. The Dem. Party is a criminal organization.

Meeting the 7000

Francis Graham

I met this dear saint in Walnut Ridge, AR. She was 101 at that time. (2019) She needed a walker but no other help. Many times a person of such advanced age will come for Sunday morning services and then not make it back. Not Francis, she was there for every service of the Sun-Wed meeting.

Resolve now what you’re going to be when you get old or you’ll use it as an excuse to shortchange God!

The Courage of a Smoker

There was a time when smoking was common place in our country. (I am not in favor of it.) But due to decades-long anti-smoking campaigns and state & municipal laws it is rarely seen today. Anyone who smokes is viewed with hostility for not giving in to the nationwide pressure to quit. When someone lights up they basically tell every critical viewer, “I don’t care what you think of me. I’m doing this anyway.”

I wish Americans had that same courage when accosted by the pressure from liberal dictators! I wish they would think, “I don’t care what you think of me. I’m doing this anyway.” and then continue on in their politically incorrect action. It seems like Americans would rather let their country be overthrown by godless Communism than endure the ire of a self-righteous, liberal hypocrite. America will die for the cowardice.

Jeremiah is Dead

I can understand the hatred communists have for our country. I can’t understand the same hatred displayed by some self loving Bible believers who see themselves as modern day “Jeremiahs” who have “declared America’s sin” and now await His righteous judgement. These folks all think that because God spared Jeremiah that He will do the same for them because of their righteous admonishings. Hey! Only two people escaped God’s judgement in Jeremiah’s time: Jeremiah and Ebed-melech, the servant who took care of him. Did you ever think God stopped Jeremiah from marrying in chapter 16 because He wouldn’t be protecting his wife. If you actually do escape God’s wrath on America but see your family and friends all suffer will you still glory in your righteous escape?

I see no reason why God should take special care of me. If He did but those whom I love fell I would dissolve in despair at their plight. It’s better that our country not fall than to take hope in its judgement only to realize you never thought the whole thing through!

President Pelosi?

I’ve been told that if there is no election in November then the Trump/Pence term will end in January & the Speaker of the House will become president. Don’t laugh. Have you noticed how “presidential” Pelosi has been acting. Dems may tell BLM & Antifa to start shooting before Nov. to scuttle the election.

Fight On!

Captain Sam Whittemore, a native of Massachusetts, was a veteran long before the 1776 War for Independence. As a young man he was a member of His Majesty’s Dragoons and fought the French, Indians and renegades. At age 51 (1745) he helped capture the French fort of Louisburg. He helped take the fort again in 1758 at age 64. He then retired to farm in Menotomy, Mass. In 1763 Chief Pontiac staged an uprising in the Mid-west and at 68 Whittemore rode off to once again fight the Indians. He then returned to his wife, three sons and five daughters in Menotomy. He was working his fields the morning of April 19, 1775 when he heard his next call to battle. The British had opened fire on colonists at Concord. He went to his house and loaded his musket, two dueling pistols, gathered his saber and was off to fight the British at age 80! As British troops marched through Menotomy (now Arlington) he leaped up and shot three British soldiers, killing two and wounding one. Then he attacked the rest with his saber. A British soldier shot him point-blank in the face. The others bayoneted him no less than thirteen times. Then they let his neighbors haul his perforated body back to his farm to die. But he didn’t. He recovered and lived, disfigured and lame, another 18 years, dying on February 3, 1793 at age 98! Did he regret his wounds? No, he said to any who asked him, “No! I would take the same chance again!” We may need some Sam Whittemores in the near future. Fight On!

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