Letter #154

Red Flag About the “Red Flag”

Liberals never give up on their goals. One of their goals is to disarm America so they are free to institute a communist dictatorship here. Thwarted from confiscating our guns by the genius of our Founding Fathers in giving us the Second Amendment they are ever trying to think of a way to disarm Americans.

Their newest and most dangerous ploy is called “Red Flag Laws.” Due to the mentally ill Democrats who have been shooting schools, malls and Walmarts they have called for laws that allow any citizen to call the Police and claim they are “worried” about their neighbor as possibly being the next mass shooter. The Police are then authorized to visit the innocent person’s home and confiscate their guns for a crime they have not committed. Of course, Lawmakers won’t be put at any risk, only dutiful Police and innocent citizens.

At some point an American citizen is going to resist to the point of someone being killed. Then a threshold will be crossed that we will all regret.

Suddenly it’s 1938 in Germany

Once Hitler took dictatorial power in Germany his public relations campaign against the Jews went into full force. They were dehumanized, harassed and targeted for death. We all know where that led.

This is exactly what liberals in politics, the News Mafia and Hollywood are doing to Conservatives. Anyone who does not bow to them is being dehumanized as “racists” and attacked in public places. Now they are even boldly calling for Conservatives to be murdered or put in concentration camps.

Holocaust #2 in the Wings

The European Union has begun putting warning labels on goods made by Jews. This is just the lead-up to the next planned Holocaust. Unfortunately for them, the next one won’t turn out like its planners intend.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Murder

The murder of Jeffrey Epstein while in Federal custody is chilling. Nothing illustrates more the smug, haughty confidence of the cold-blooded killers that ordered it. They knew the whole country was watching and expecting it and had him murdered just like a scene in a movie: guards removed, cameras “malfunction” and Epstein manages to “hang” himself from a ceiling that is 8 feet high and has nothing to support his weight from.

You can only imagine the multitude of witnesses to the Clinton’s crimes who heard about it, gulped and whispered, “I know nothing.”

Our Masters

The United States is now run by overbearing women and effeminate men. When you hear a man whine, “You’ve offended me.” he is being a woman or trying to please one.

Men, if you apologize for being a man you just ceased being one. If you are afraid of upsetting a woman you have surrendered your manhood. Our Nation is in the sad shape it’s in because for decades men been bullied into surrendering their manhood to please an overbearing woman.

The choice is yours.

Meeting the 7000

Pastor John Elbert

I have known Bro. John since the late 1970s when I was his Youth Director at the Massillon Baptist Temple in Massillon, OH. Back then John was always ready to serve the Lord and nothing has changed. Life has mercilessly slapped this good brother and his wife around and yet he just goes on smiling and serving the Lord. Today he is the pastor of Hacker Valley BC in Hacker Valley, WV. I am blessed to know him and honored to have had some small part in his life!

Don’t let anything stop you from serving the Lord!

Fight On!

George Ives was a cold-blooded killer. He had left more than one stone-cold corpse in his wake. Worse yet he had some partners that helped him rob the miners that were transporting their gold from the gold diggings of Alder Gulch (in present day Montana) to Bannack, the territorial capital in 1863.

Jim Sheehan had gold to transport to Bannack. Not from mining but from selling merchandise to those miners. George Ives and his men knew Sheehan had a large haul of gold he needed to get to Bannack. Sheehan had too much gold to properly hide it though he did the best he could. Every bend in the trail, every hill, every rocky outcropping struck terror in Sheehan’s heart as he awaited the robbery attempt he knew was coming. And then, there was Bannack! He had made it! Upon his return he found that Ives knew of Sheehan’s gold shipment but he had told his men to let him alone because he had a nice wife and two young daughters. Be nice!

(On December 21, 1863, in Nevada City, MT., George Ives was found guilty of the brutal murder of Nicholas Talbot and hanged immediately following the trial. He was 27 years old.)

It Will Take a Miracle!

I believe it will take a miracle for the United States to avoid a fatal civil war. Liberals seem so confident of victory that they are pushing hard for it. Don’t be surprised if, once Trump wins in 2020 ANTIFA doesn’t start shooting people instead of throwing milk shakes on them and punching them. Liberals love death and seem to feel they have a right to attack anyone who disagrees with them. Soon they’ll think they have the right to kill them.

If we survive the post-election riots without falling into open warfare then the civil war will begin the next time we have a Democrat elected president. The next Democratic president will rule like a dictator using Executive Orders: gun confiscation will be mandated, free speech will be eradicated and open persecution of anyone who disagrees will begin. At that point it will be the conservatives who will start the shooting because they also feel confident of victory.

Be warned! NO ONE WILL WIN A CIVIL WAR! Both sides will mercilessly bludgeon each other until they are both almost whipped…and then a union of foreign powers will attack our country. Win, lose or draw the America you know will cease to exist and everyday life will be a massive challenge.

A national revival is America’s only hope. How much chance do we have of experiencing a revival? About as much as Nineveh had in the book of Jonah!

Stocking Up?

If you plan on stocking up like all those Y2Kers did in hopes of avoiding the fall of our country, don’t. If you want to stockpile anything I would recommend medicines and staples like sugar, salt & flour. Then be willing to give those to your lost neighbor if they’re in need. They would also be useful for bartering for anything you might need. But anyone who thinks they’re going to outwit God with their stockpiled goods is a fool. Don’t trust in your guns, your supplies or your pre-planning to save you. Trust the Lord only. He is gracious. Never forget the truth of Isaiah 43:1

I, even I, am the Lord; and beside me there is no saviour.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel.

Prov 27:9


  1. Kurt Lining on May 30, 2020 at 9:18 pm

    Thanks, Dr. Gipp for your great wisdom – I have known of you
    for many years, and thank the Lord for you.
    I’ve read the “Understandable History of the Bible” of the 2nd Edition.
    An excellent work; also the text question book.

    Kurt Lining
    PS: I’m on your mailing list.

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