Letter #153

Have You Forgotten That You’re Dying?

We have all heard the famous line from the Christian song, “Only one life, soon will be past, only what’s done, for Christ will last.” So, you’re dying. One of these days you’ll clutch your chest and be in front of the Lord before they get your body to the Emergency Room. Are you ready? No, I don’t mean are you saved, ready to face death. I mean, have you done anything in this life that will even count in Eternity? Your bowling trophy, deer mount, beautiful house, big bank account will mean nothing once you cross over. Has God given you an entire life time to send things ahead of yourself for Eternity. Have you wisely used the time He has given you or have you been so busy “enjoying life” here to “waste” any of your precious time on eternal things? You can ignore this but…you’ll still be dying.

The Mueller Hit Job

We all know Robert Mueller & his Masters failed to find anything they could claim was criminal action on the part of our President. Some wonder why he obviously wanted to find a crime but wouldn’t go so far as to claim one was committed. Why? Simple. He knew if he claimed there was a crime it would end in a jury trial which would end in acquittal because there was no crime & then his liberal prejudice would be revealed to all.

Why Are Americans Doing Crazy Things?

Why are Americans acting like there really is such a condition as “transgender?” Because, if you obey people who are mentally ill you yourself will do things that mentally ill people do! For decades Americans have been obeying Liberals, who are obviously mentally ill, so we have been acting mentally ill ourselves. It’s time
to quit obeying crazy people!

The Time Has Come

I am sorry to inform you but, if you have a relative that is mentally ill at some point you have to face that fact and intervene on their behalf & have them institutionalized so they can’t hurt themselves or others. The time has come to face the facts. A huge swath of our people are afflicted with the mental illness of liberalism. It’s time to institutionalize those who spread the disease thru public statements & actions so they can’t hurt anyone else or infect anyone else.

How Our “Royalty” Says “Thanks”

We make members of Congress millionaires. We let them live richly, surrender great power to them and even let them use our tax money to hide their crimes. How do they say “Thank you?” By increasing our taxes and trying to take away our guns, our cars and kill our unborn babies.

Voter ID

We are told that requiring voters to simply identify themselves would be suppressing the vote. That’s exactly right. It will suppress the vote…of illegal voters! Whether they be illegal immigrants or legal citizens voting multiple times. Dems desperately need illegal votes to win elections.

Meeting the 7000

His name is Harold

Recently we were at a House Warming for some friends. Sitting next to Kathy was a old man who she engaged in conversation. His name was Harold. He was a Christian. He was 93 years young. He told Kathy, “On Sundays, after church, I go to the nursing homes to minister to the old folks.” (!) Then he told her, “Yesterday I led my 50 year old neighbor and his wife to the Lord. I’ve been witnessing to them for years.”
So, how young are you?

Fight On!

It was during the American War for Independence, at the Battle of Brandywine, that Major Patrick Ferguson, head of British sharpshooters, placed his sights squarely on the back of an American officer. He gazed at the man over his sights long enough to have “lodged half a dozen balls in him before he was out of my reach….”then, he simply lowered his weapon without firing. Unbeknownst to him he had just, for some inexplicable reason, chosen not to kill George Washington. And how would history read if Major Ferguson had squeezed that trigger? And why didn’t he? Thank you, Lord.

A Criminal Enterprise

How long was the Nazi Party in existence before people realized it was a criminal enterprise bent on taking over Germany, enslaving its population and murdering millions of people? How long was the Communist Party in existence before people realized it was a criminal enterprise bent on taking over Russia, enslaving its population and murdering millions of people? Are Americans going to wait until the Democratic Party takes control of our country, enslaves us and murders millions of people before we realize it’s a criminal enterprise? There will be a horrible amount of blood shed if that is so.

It WILL Happen

Democrats are determined to negate our 2016 Presidential Election, overthrow our government and enslave Americans under Communism. (Which they package as “Socialism.) They have tried with the Mueller Witch Hunt and failed. They will continue to try thru phony impeachment charges, assassination attempts or a fixed election in 2020. I can assure you that if they manage in anyway to get Trump out of office illegally they will spark a bloody civil war. I am not for it. The first casualty of a civil war will be our Constitution and it will never return. Millions of people will die before a foreign power/s takes advantage of our weakened military condition and moves in. No one will win and millions will die. But, that is what Democrats are toying with.

Ever Notice?

We were in a church service where the congregation sang “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” recently. Ever notice that nobody sings, ““Wonderful Grace of Allah” or “Wonderful Grace of Mohammad?” Grace is found nowhere in Islam. It is the religion of hatred, murder and slavery. Who wants to sing about that!?

Sure Thing

When Politicians, Democrat or Republican, take our cars away, they will have chauffeurs. When Politicians, Democrat or Republican, take our guns away, they will have armed guards. When Politicians, Democrat or Republican, take our food away, they will have elite chefs. When Politicians, Democrat or Republican, take our freedom away, they will have complete control over us.

Yep, Sure Enough!

If a preacher claims, “I believe the Bible is without error.” and then can’t put in your hand a copy of the Book he just preached about, doesn’t that make him a liar and deceiver? If you believe the Bible is “inerrant” but can’t produce a copy of the Book you’re talking about, what does that make you?

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel.

Prov 27:9

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