Letter #152

Watch Out for Your Neighbor!

Imagine you get a visit from your local Police Dept. tomorrow. The officer tells you to beware of the neighbor across the street because he has said he wants to kill you. Sure enough, you look and there he is, holding his shotgun and shaking his fist at you! The officer says, “Keep an eye on him. We can’t keep a car posted here permanently.

“I sure will!” you say. The officer leaves and you go get your shotgun and sit on the porch and give him a “Come on!” look. For 25 years that neighbor shakes his fist, points his shotgun at you and even starts across the street but turns around every time you point yours back at him. Finally, one day he dies. He is no longer a threat. You have protected your house. You go back in the house only to find that, while you were watching out front, thieves came in the back door and stole everything you had!

That’s what happened to our country. For 70 years our government, the News Media, Hollywood & everyone else warned, “Beware of the USSR! They plan to kill you.” But we were vigilant and the Soviet Union collapsed. But while we were watching our “enemies” the Immigration & Naturalization Service opened the back door to every Bible-hating, non-Christian group they could with the goal of making our country “multi- cultural” and destroying the nation our Founding Fathers gave us.

Is It a Coincidence?

It is obvious that Jerry Brown, former Dem. Governor of California, and his Dem. replacement are doing everything in their power to destroy that beautiful state. People are fleeing this soon-to-be 3rd World “country” by the droves.

At the very same time liberals are writing stories about the “10 Best Places to Live” and they’re allconservative states. Last year alone 600,000 people moved into conservative Idaho. Is this being done to transplant liberal voting blocks into conservative states to alter future elections?

The Invisible Man

If you do a search on the Apostle Paul by typing “Paul” into your computer Bible program it will give you 156 occurrences of that name…and you will miss EVERY reference to him before he was saved when he was known as “Saul.” The old “Saul” is invisible!

That’s what the Lord does for us. We get a “New name written down in Glory.” If someone tries to reference something you did before you were saved nothing shows up because it’s recorded under your old name. It is a beautiful picture of the Bible truth of 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. Glory to God!

Did We “Duck a Bullet?”

The vehement hatred of the Leftists in government, Hollywood, the News Mafia & public ed. is unprecedented in history. They no longer even try to pretend to be objective or even nice. Was Hellary going to be the end of our Republic? Were they so sure she would win that they knew that by now we would all be slaves of “The Supreme Soviet?” By now they would have taken our guns, free speech & freedom. God may have been more merciful to us than we know!

Meeting the 7000

Pastor Bill Lytell

Bro. Lytell entered the ministry in 1976. In 1992 he became pastor of the Gospel Baptist Church in Ft. Myers, Florida. He is one of those “walking-balls-of-energy” that you occasionally meet. We have stopped by his church when passing through the area. He is always friendly and gives you a good message from the Scripture. He has been faithfully serving the Lord for over four decades. That, in itself, is a worthy goal for anyone to seek to achieve!

It’s Coming

There was a day when you went to the hospital, your doctor performed his work and then told the insurance company to pay the bill. But now, the insurance companies control the hospitals. Now you only get, “What your insurance will cover.”

The day is coming when insurance companies will expand their iron-fisted control to your home. Someday soon you will hear, “Insurance companies refuse to pay for injuries received by those not wearing seatbelts.”, “Insurance companies refuse to pay for medical bills caused by over eating.”, “Insurance companies refuse to pay for injuries received due to ‘unsafe conduct’.”

Public Christianity

More people are praying publicly, shamelessly over their food in restaurants. A few are still too ashamed to publicly thank God for His blessings. Which group are you in?

A Rebel versus a Non-conformist

A non-conformist doesn’t want to be like everyone else. A rebel desires to overthrow something. Sometimes it’s hard to tell a Rebel from a Non-conformist. Be careful in your churches. Sometimes you glory in a man’s desire to be different and mistake a Rebel for a Non-conformist.

Fight on!

Since their landing on Iwo Jima on February 19, 1945, the Marines had battled an unseen enemy hidden in jungle cover and caves or secure in stout concrete pill boxes. Resolutely the Marines struggled forward never knowing from where death would visit. One of the most useful weapons was the flamethrower. Spewing a column of sticky fire 25 feet ahead of the soldier holding it. Sometimes it was the only way to eliminate enemy positions.

Now Company C, 14th Marines was stopped in its tracks. Their path was barred by a field of Japanese pillboxes. Five days of brutal fighting had claimed eight of their nine flamethrower operators. Only 21 year old Corporal Hershel W. “Woody” Williams remained. C Company’s commander asked him, “Can you do anything?” The slight, young Marine with the crooked smile simply said, “I can try.” Then he grabbed his equipment and began a one-man assault. Japanese soldiers charged him and he lit them up. Then he reached a pillbox, stuffed the nozzle into the firing slit and let loose, destroying it. Soon his tanks were empty and he donned fresh ones and continued his attack. Another pillbox. Another enemy counterattack. More empty tanks. Another charge and onward. By the time he was done he had knocked out six enemy pillboxes and Company C was on the move again. And Corp. Woody Williams was to receive the Medal of Honor. Fight on!

(In March, 2015, Woody Williams spoke at the Capitol Connection in Washington DC, just before me. He was 91 years old at the time and still had that sly grin and a spring in his step. He looked like he was ready to “take the next.” Today he travels the country speaking on behalf of veterans.)

Beware of the “Murderer”

A “Murderer” was a light cannon, mounted on a pinnacle on the deck of a sailing ship of old. It fired the equivalent of a huge shotgun blast and was used to clear the decks of an enemy ship either to facilitate boarding or prevent it. (See! That warning had nothing to do with Hellary Clinton.)

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

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