Letter #149

There IS No “People’s Republic of North Korea”

There is no “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.” there is the “Kingdom of North Korea.” First king Kim Il Sung then his son, Kim Jong-Il, then Kim Jong-un. But the News Mafia won’t admit it because they NEVER criticize any Communist government.

Obama Was a Curse to the Earth
The eight years that Communist, Kenyan, Muslim Barak Obama spent in our White House were the most devastating this world has known since World War II. While the Korean & Vietnam Wars affected the United States they had little effect on the entire world like World War II and the Obama Reign of Terror did. Today the world is perched on the brink of World War III and it is predominantly due to the seizing of the White House by Liberals during the 2008 Presidential Election.

1. Korea – While the nuclearization of the Kingdom of North Korea took place due to another Leftist, Bill Clinton, Obama did nothing to try to throttle the snowballing nuclear program of the KNK. Why? Because he refused to stand against fellow Communists and because he loved arming the enemies of Freedom, the United States in particular.

2. Iran – We are now in a face-off with an Iran that is about to go nuclear also. Same reasons as above. To which can be added that Obama always loyally served his Muslim religion.

3. Iraq – Obama pulled U.S. troops out of Iraq so his fellow Muslims could recapture cites that had been liberated from their evil, extreme rule. Every drop of blood shed retaking Iraqi cities is on Obama’s hands.

4. Russia – It is almost comical that the News Mafia berates Trump for wanting to strengthen Russia when it was their fellow-leftist, Obama, who created the military vacuum in Iraq that Russia rushed in and filled. Now the U.S. and Russian militaries are facing each other eye-to-eye solely because of Obama.

5. Libya – Obama overthrew the stable government of Libya so the country could be overwhelmed by radical Muslims.

6. Egypt – Obama did the same thing in Egypt as he did in Libya.

7. ISIS – Think about this…there was no ISIS when Obama took office! It came into existence solely because of the actions of their fellow Muslim, Barak Obama.

Think of all the death that the above actions have caused. Obama is the bloodiest man ever to inhabit our White House. Think of how much more death will be inflicted on the inhabitants of our planet if his hateful policies lead to WWIII. Anyone who votes for a Democrat helps the destabilization of the world. Anyone who votes for a Democrat, votes for rape, murder, and horror beyond description.
It’s a DIFFERENT White House!

Did you know that President Trump’s White House staff meets together for prayer and Bible Study?
(If you just said, “Yeah, but I bet it’s wishy-washy and shallow,” you’re a self-righteous idiot.) Vice President Mike Pence has Bible studies in his office every Friday. This is a massive difference from the anti-Christian attitude of the Muslim administration of that enemy of God, Barak Obama.

Gripe all you want about Trump, but he has done more to turn this country back to God than ANY of his Republican competitors would have done had they been elected. Shut up & get behind him!

Bro. Chris Hofacker

Bro. Hofacker was in law enforcement from 1986 -2010. Then, two years short of retirement he answered God’s call to preach. He now serves as an evangelist. He has also founded Law to Grace Ministries. Bro. Hofacker travels to local churches and teaches gun safety courses and also helps churches set up church security teams. In the vile, anti-Christian environment created by the likes of the liberal News mafia and Muslim Barak Obama, a church security team may be the vehicle that saves many lives. If you want Bro. Hofacker to come to your church to preach, teach or help with a church security team you can call him at: 419-271-4695, or email him at: Warrior4myKing@gmail.com

That Doesn’t Mean That
1. “Broadcast” is a farming term, not radio & TV. A farmer used to “broadcast” the seed in his fields by hand. The term was later picked up by radio & TV.

2. “Free-lance” is not a writer’s term. It’s a mercenary’s term signifying a “lance free for hire.”

3. “Pilot” is a nautical not aeronautical term. A “pilot” was (and still is today) placed aboard out-going
and incoming ships to safely guide them to port or the open sea.

4. “Pennsylvania” means “Penn’s Woods”

5. “Going berserk” originally did not mean going crazy. A “berserker” was a single Scottish warrior who
fought with absolute reckless abandon. He would charge straightforward and kill everybody in his path, friend or foe. He would fight with sword, stick, club or bare hands. He was a mad-man gone to war. Many times one “berserker” would be left to guard a bridge against a numerically superior enemy force and succeed. Thus we say, “He went ‘berserk.’”

6. “Chevrolet” is the name of a man, not a car. He was a famous French race car driver, Louis Chevrolet, after whom the Chevrolet car was named.

7. A “Corvette” is a ship not a car. The Chevrolet Corvette sports car was named after a naval vessel which is known for being small and fast.

8. Thomas Crapper was the name of a manufacturer of toilets in England. His product proudly displayed his name. When American soldiers went to England during WWII they took to saying, “I’m going to the Crapper.” The rest is history!

9. In 1771 North Carolina’s Governor, William Tyron, sent a tax collector to force Colonists to pay their taxes to the Crown. Rather than be intimidated the residents hung the man, whose name was Lynch. So, from that day to this we say, “They ‘lynched’ him.” (By the way, he was white.)

Fight On!
On January 2, 1864, a large group of men left the gold mining town of Virginia City (Montana Territory) for Salt Lake City. Between them they were transporting $125,000 worth of gold. The weather was brutally cold and the snow deep as they struggled south. Suffering from the vicious cold they kept overtaking other desperate travelers whose horses were dead and their food exhausted. Soon they had added 23 men and one woman to their company. The added drain on the food supply quickly exhausted their own supply and soon their own animals were dead. The nearest help, Fort Call, was 45 miles away, a great distance on foot and exhausting in a Rocky Mountain winter. A group decision was made, they would bury the gold in the snow, mark the spot and then it was “every man for himself” for Fort Call.
Pushing hard, a man named Alex Toponce and his wagon boss, Hawkins, outdistanced the others through the deep snow. On the second day the two men could see no one behind them. Then Hawkins gave out and Toponce left him behind. Four days after the grim race began, a nearly frozen Toponce staggered into Fort Call. Although he was nearly spent Toponce rode out on one of the eight sleds to guide the rescue party. Every person was rescued along with the gold. Fight on!

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