Letter #148

Just One

It is impossible to number how many people, Republicans or Democrats, politicians, entertainers, news journalists, teachers, college professors etc stand against our country. You’ve seen them on the news promoting sex perverts, abortion, socialism, environmentalism and any cause they feel will help turn this country into the “United Socialist States of America.”

How many times did we think a Paul Ryan or George Bush would stand up for our country but they simply joined the crowd working to destroy our country.

Now there is a voice that defends our country and wishes to strengthen it and help preserve our freedoms, Donald Trump. But remember, he’s all alone. Any Republican who bravely stands with him today will tuck their tail if he disappears. Pray for our President.

Not One

We just kicked a Kenyan, Muslim, Communist out of our White House. Think about this. In the eight years since the News Media installed him in the White House, he has never, never, NEVER made even one decision that he said to himself, “This will help America & Americans.” Every single decision Barak Obama made he thought, “This will hurt America & Americans.” He has promoted every evil, perverted, anti-American policy he could. He is undoubtedly the most evil man ever to reside in the White House.

The Angel of Hell

I chuckle every time I hear anyone speak the words, “Obama’s legacy.” Your legacy is what you leave behind after you’re gone. Here is the true legacy of this evil man:

1. Perverted same-sex marriage forced on the U.S. 2. Legalized pot forced on the U.S.

3. Muslim terrorists placed across the land

4. The military forced to accept perverts

5. Iran headed for a nuclear bomb

6. China threatens the South China Sea 7. Renewed ties with Cuba

8. Russia invades Crimea & Ukraine 9. American healthcare sabotaged

10. Syria in turmoil

11. Egypt in turmoil

12 Libya in turmoil

13 Racial hatred an epidemic

14. Islam taught in public schools

This Angel of Hell has left a trail of death everywhere he has gone. His policies have destabilized governments, destroyed families and killed people around the world ALL with the open blessing of the Democratic Party, the News Media and the silent agreement of leading Republicans.

We must NEVER FORGET that the Democratic Party openly supports terrorism, criminal acts and Islam. Anyone who votes Democratic cannot pretend they are doing a virtuous thing. They are simply opening the door to more death & destruction.

Americans need to get realistic about a few things: the News Media, liberal college professors, liberal school teachers, Hollywood, entertainers, most athletes ARE NOT “sincerely wrong .” They are enemies of life, freedom, Christianity, Israel, the family, morality and anything else pure and good. Quit “voting your wallet.” Quit pretending that effeminate surrender to evil is a godly virtue or you’ll see blood in the streets.
Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

Meeting the 7000

Pastor Art Dean

Bro. Dean pastors Berean Baptist Church in Orono, (Bangor) Maine. (http://www.bbcbangorarea.com/) He started the church there 28 years ago. I first preached for him in 1992. At that time the church was meeting in a decrepit Grange Hall. Later, they rented a few rooms above a storefront that held everything from a pizza parlor to a sandwich shop. Bro. Dean is funny and faithful and held his church on the proper course for years as they labored hoping to have their own building.

One day, while traveling in Maine Bro. Dean chanced upon a huge monument a Bible-believer had built to God’s word, the King James Bible. The man was elderly and couldn’t take care of it anymore. Bro. Dean and his church voluntarily cleaned, painted and then maintained it.

Last year, after 28 years, Berean BC left the Grange Halls & pizza shops behind and finally met in the brand new building that they built on their own property. God had rewarded decades of faithfulness and prayer. Oh, and right out in front of their church is something no other church has. It is that monument to God’s word, bequeathed by the man who built it.

Dear Pastor, sometimes you labor for years
wanting and needing a building of your own. Deals show
up and then fall through. But the greatest thing you can do
to secure your own church building can be summed up in just two words: Don’t quit!

What Trump Can’t & Won’t Do

Although Donald Trump seems to truly love this country and I believe he may remove a great deal of the oppressive policies foisted on us by evil Democrats and cowardly Republicans, there is something he simply cannot do. He cannot make God’s people get right with God. 40 years ago those in the World thought they were here to enjoy life. Christians thought they were here to live to God’s glory. Today, having been totally intoxicated by television both groups believe they’re here to enjoy life. Sadly the election of Donald Trump is viewed by many Christians as “four more years of partying.”

If God’s people do not rededicate themselves to living separated, holy lives, our next president (possibly Barak Obama again) will turn this country into Hell-on-earth…and we will deserve it! If you are so stupid as to believe you & your family will be protected you are indeed STUPID.

Fight On!

In 1860 Great Britain was engaged in its third war with China, appropriately named the Third China War. As British troops stormed the complex of defensive forts in North Taku, a British soldier was severely wounded. Young hospital apprentice, Andrew Fitzgibbons, ran out under heavy enemy fire and tended to his wounds. As Chinese soldiers continued to try to kill Fitzgibbons, he darted to another wounded soldier and tended to him. As he did he was severely wounded by Chinesebravery For his bravery under fire he was awarded the Victoria Cross. Considering that he was only 15 years old, that is quite an accomplishment. Fight on!

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