Letter #147

Don’t Vote. Nobody Needs You

There are some Christians who are telling anyone that will listen to their strong convictions against voting for Donald Trump. Let’s see, he said he will stop illegal immigration, rebuild the military, stop importing Muslims wholesale, repeal the Johnson amendment, cancel Obama care. I don’t know, I thought these were good things. They point to his “evil” life as their reason. Oh, well I believe George W. Bush was far more moral than Donald Trump…and he involved us in a war (23 years ago) that we’re still in. He didn’t rebuild our military but told Muslims they were great people. Quite an improvement!

But if you’re planning to not voting for Trump that’s fine. Don’t think for a second I’m trying to change your mind. I’m not. Why? Because this election you’re not needed. Trump has brought out so many new voters that you can stay home on Nov. 8.

He’s Already Done It!

Donald Trump hasn’t even been elected yet and he’s already influenced the economy! Because of
Trumps’ pressure against American companies sending jobs out of the country Ford Motor Co. has announced it will build its new Bronco in Michigan.

Think about that. The man is nothing more than a candidate for the presidency and he already has companies altering their production plans. Now THAT is a leader.

While Trump is bringing jobs back to the USA Hellary is happily talking about her plans to make everyone that works in the coal industry (NOT just miners) unemployed.

Muslims & Bible Believers

I have a loose rule-of-thumb that I always consider when “taking a stand” on some seemingly important issue: Do I want to take the stand that a lost, Christ-rejecter would take.

Example: Imagine a Bible believer and a Bible corrector arguing over whether God has preserved the Bible without error. (You know: James White & Sam Gipp) As they argue their cases they are observed by a lost man. Finally, the lost man looks at Gipp and says, “You’re all wet. This guy’s right. God never preserved the Bible perfectly.” (King James opponents would be wise to consider this scenario.)

So, that leads me to this, do I want to take a stand on this country that a murderous, Christ-hating Muslim would take. Yet strangely, there are some Bible believers who have the same view of this country as do the Muslims. Muslims shout “Death to America! America is the Great Satan! God will judge America!” which exactly describes the feeling of a few Bible believers who think hating America is the godly thing to do. If the Muslims heard them they would whole-heartedly agree with them. Do I want to take that stand?

1. Public schools

2. Higher education

3. The News Media

4. Hollywood

5. Liberal judges

A List of America-haters

6. ACLU & crooked defense lawyers

7. Environmentalists

8. The Immigration & Naturalization Service

9. Muslims

10. Some Bible believers

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

Meeting the 7000

Pastor Rob Carlson

Pastor Carlson pastors the Golden Plains Baptist Church in Portage-la-Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. Bro. Carlson in a Canadian, not an American missionary. Bro. Carlson was raised in a Christian home and has never wavered from the convictions of his youth. He is a combination of wisdom and humor. He founded Golden Plains BC 26 years ago and it is one of Canada’s great churches.

You might remember Bro. Carlson in prayer. He has a rare kidney condition and is having a kidney transplant this month. Sick as he has been it has not prevented him from fulfilling his duties as pastor.

An Idea

Pastor Greg Rinehart pastors Bible Believers Baptist Church of Parker, Fl. Here is a project he did. He gathered pictures from his congregation of what they looked like before they got saved. Then he took pictures of them since their salvation and turned both into slides. He set them then to music in a “Before & After” layout, with occasional Scripture references. It is the most moving presentation I’ve ever seen. It is great for New Year’s Eve. Call Bro Riehart at:

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