Letter #146

I Think I Have Trump Figured Out

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump has a polarizing personality, you love’im or hate’im. If he does everything he says he will do he will set the plans of the America-haters back by decades. If he appoints two or three conservative justices on the Supreme Court he could protect America for years after he’s out of office. But, if he gets in and repudiates everything he has said and comes out as a liberal after all then we are cooked for sure. Therefore I think I can safely predict that, if elected president, Donald Trump will either be the next Ronald Reagan or the next Adolph Hitler. Doesn’t sound too promising? Well, we have a 50-50 chance of getting a great president. Compare that to any Democrat who will be the next Joseph Stalin.

Revolution Isn’t the Answer

Everybody, whether on the Left or Right thinks that, “If my side doesn’t win we’ll just get our guns and fight until we get what we want.” That is a stupid, unthoughtful plan. It will lead to nothing but death and the guaranteed destruction of our country. Why?

Pick a side, any side, liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat. Let either one win and then have the other start an armed revolution because they think the election was fixed or whatever. Let them fight. Civil war! Blood in the streets. Terror in the night. Finally, one of those sides begins to pull ahead and looks about to win, doesn’t matter, liberal or conservative. Just before they “seal-the-deal”…China, or Russia, or a group including them and North Korea, Iran, Cuba and maybe even Mexico declare war on the United States and come in and clean-the-clock of the potential winners. The losers are too weak to defeat them and the would-be winners are also too weak to defeat them. Thus, our country ceases to exist.

Am I saying we should lay down and allow ourselves to be made slaves? That won’t happen. Only a corrupt, tyrannic power can incite its common citizen to raise arms against it. Our government is now a corrupt, tyrannic dictatorial power run by merciless liberals. Therefore, only they have the power to cause a revolution or maintain peace. If they back off of their dictatorial antics and quit stealing our freedoms there will be peace. If they continue their heartless, merciless, mindless, immoral ways they will spark a revolution. How will it end? Read the above.
Will You Invest?

Many Christians are seeking good, solid investments that will net them a secure financial future. This is neither greedy nor carnal. It’s simply good sense. But what about investing in your eternal future? The two greatest things you can invest in that have eternal benefits are your church and foreign missions. (I didn’t say “the Gipps.”)

1. If you bought every tract your church purchases then you would have a part in every soul saved through that ministry.

2. If you purchased the Sunday School material for your church you would have a part in every young life it touches.

3. What if you did the above two for a missionary?

4. What if you helped a missionary on furlough benefit from a week off?

You can do any of these and still have plenty to sock away for yourself.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

Meeting the 7000

Rusty Erickson
Rusty Erickson is 39 years old. He lives in Casanova, Michigan. When Rusty was 11 years old it was discovered that he had brain cancer. That is a horrible disease and an even worse age to have it. Surgery was performed which saved Rusty’s life but which also changed it forever. Rusty is very slow and methodic and always fearful that he’s not doing a good job at whatever he’s doing. He’ll stop and say, “Did I do anything wrong. I’m kinda slow.” Rusty is saved and absolutely loves the Lord and His Bible. Now get this…he has read his Bible cover-to-cover 15 times! That’s right, brain cancer, brain surgery, mental slowness and he’s read the “difficult-to-read” King James Bible 15 times cover-to-cover! Do you realize how much trouble you who are reading this are in when you encounter Rusty at the Judgement Seat of Christ and try to con the Lord with your lame excuse for not reading your Bible?! See you there!

Fight On!

As Marie Dorian’s husband and his two fur trapping partners were out checking their traps they were attacked by Bannock Indians. One man survived long enough to make his way to her cabin and warn her to escape immediately. Marie, a native Sioux, took what she could, put her two sons on one horse and the dying trapper on another and walking, led them into the wilderness, heading for the safety of the main trapping camp, a four-day trip away. The wounded trapper died the next day. With escape essential, Marie left him and continued on to the camp. Four days later she arrived at the camp to find all the trappers dead and their bodies mutilated by the savage Bannocks. She continued on with the horses in tow. After fifty-three days they ran out of food. One by one she killed the two horses for the meat. Then Marie was smitten with snow blindness from the glare of the sun on the bright surface. At that point her son, Baptiste was sure they were doomed. But the resolute mother assured him she would recover and they would survive. When her sight returned they continued on, stumbling through the deep snow of the Blue Mountains, suffering frigid temperatures.

After four more tortuous weeks, with death hounding their tracks, Marie spied campfire smoke in the distance. “I will go for help and come back for you soon,” she assured the boys. Then she staggered off toward the smoke. She hadn’t gone far when exhausted, she dropped face first in the snow. Revived by the snow’s coldness she continued on, crawling on her hands and knees until she reached the camp of friendly Wallah Wallah Indians. The Wallah Wallah’s cared for her and her sons for a month until other trappers happened by and took them on to Fort Astoria in Oregon. Marie died thirty-six years later in St. Louis, Oregon. A strong woman and dedicated mother who had chosen to …Fight on!

A Satanic Goal

The goal of the Public Education System is to turn every child in the country into some kind of pervert. It may be sexual, social or religious (Muslim or environmental). (No, I didn’t say, “The goal of every public school teacher…” There are some good, brave, stubborn school teachers but if you think they’re going to turn the system back in a good direction you’re a fool.) While we are all busy trying to stop Muslims from infiltrating our country our own schools are promoting that religion. How can America survive if there are no more “Americans?” Public education is “Public Enemy #1.

Eight Years to Socialism

The surprising thing about the Bernie Sanders campaign has been the large number of people who didn’t discount him because he is a Socialist. (How did a Socialist run on the “Democratic” Party ticket if they disagree with him? Would the Democrats allow a Libertarian candidate to run on their ticket?) This is the result of the paragraph you just read about Public Education. For decades American children have had socialism ingrained into their thinking and now they fill our society. The only thing that stopped Sanders was that he was too early. Let’s say Trump gets in and he’s another Reagan. If he doesn’t stop the socialistic teaching in public schools then there will be 8 more years of little socialists produced during his terms and in 2024 a “Bernie Sanders” socialist will be elected.

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