Letter #144

The Muslim Invasion of the United States is ON!

Right after Obama took office in 2008 I said he would try to get a private national police force. Why? Because all dictators need such a group to enforce their rule and eliminate their enemies. Immediately after taking office he actually attempted to openly found such a force but it went nowhere. By no means does that mean he’s given up on his apparitions of being the United States’ last president and first dictator. While waiting for his chance to take over he has waged war on the police forces and the military in order to drive the quality people out and fill the ranks with corrupt individuals who won’t/can’t resist his efforts at a coup. Then he made visits to US prisons. Now why would a president go visit prisons and speak with prisoners who have lost their right to vote? Recruiting maybe? Right after he did this he freed thousands of them! Think they feel a need to return a favor? Well, maybe, maybe not. But, finally, he has found a way to enlist loyal followers. As you read this he has opened our borders to receive 200,000 Syrian “refugees.” These are the most extraordinary refugees the world has ever seen. Most of them are young men in their 20s & 30s with no dependents. You know, a group that would make a loyal Muslim army set to rise up at their leader’s signal.

Not Just This Country

Even as we are being invaded by Muslim hordes so is Europe. Millions of military-aged, single Muslim men are flooding across the borders of the nations of Europe. Strangely it is only the governments of white, “Christian” nations in Europe that are willingly subjecting their nations to this invasion. Japan has said “no.” China won’t address the issue. And isn’t it strange that not one of those oil-rich “peace-loving” Mideast Muslim nations has opened their borders to their Muslim brothers? It is almost as if young militant Muslim men are being strategically placed in white Christian nations awaiting for a signal to be given to “start the killing.” Is this the case? Only time will tell.

Where’s Jesse?

The News Mafia attempts to control all of the information input to Americans. That way they can safely steer our country in the direction they desire. If you say what they want the public to hear they will make you famous. If you don’t they will destroy you. But if they have already made you famous and you refuse to say what they command they simply “Put you in a sound-proof room” so no one knows you aren’t onboard with their agenda. This begs the question, “Where has Jesse Jackson been during all the recent ‘Black Lives Matter’ violence?” Certainly, no one would say he doesn’t think that Black lives don’t matter so why has there been not a single word heard from him during this time? My guess is this. As corrupt and greedy and racist as he is he still has enough character and conviction that he simply cannot bring himself to chant, “What do want? Dead Cops! When do we want them? Now!” I believe he refused to read his master’s script so they simply shut him down and won’t let anyone hear from him for the time being. This is exactly what the News Mafia did to him back when Bill Clinton first ran for president. Just one time Jesse Jackson said he wouldn’t support Clinton…and he was muted by the News Mafia until after the election. When Jackson refused to chant as he was told to the News Mafia simply turned to Al Sharpton. Sharpton, ever the obedient slave, jumped right out in front of the parade and called for the killing of police officers. As sorry as Jesse Jackson is he’s got more scruples than Sharpton. But don’t worry. He’ll be back.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

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