Letter #120

Vote Him Out?

I truly do hope next month’s elections turn our country in a more favorable direction than it has been going under the leadership of the Communist Party, USA. But I must admit I am apprehensive, at best. Obama is a Muslim. Obama is a Kenyan. Obama is a communist. Do you realize that the Communists have dreamed of having someone in the White House for decades? You know, as well as I, that Communists only respect elections that empower them. They do not believe in the electoral process. Now do you really (naively) believe that two years from now this communist is going to simply say, “Oh well! You folks voted me out so I guess I’ll just leave.” Watch for something, I don’t claim to know what, that will somehow keep Obama in power.

Dictators Defending Dictators

Recently I have heard of some pastors actually defending this Kenyan righteously claiming “He’s our
Commander-in-Chief.” This perverted authority is usually exercised by men who are themselves dictators, running roughshod over God’s people and “anathematizing” anyone who dares think for themselves. It has long been a historic truth that the most vehement defenders of dictators are fellow dictators who tremble at the thought of what an intellectually free people might do to them.
As for the, “God is against revolution.” snow-job, you need to check 1 Kings 11:29-31.

If Only!

Did you ever think about this? If our Immigration & Naturalization Services had been expelling illegal aliens for the last fifteen years like they should, Barak Obama wouldn’t have been in the country to become our president!

What Did You Expect?

We have all heard those self-righteous hypocrites who have kidnapped our “free press” bemoaning the “greed” of corporate executives that took bailout money and paid themselves big bonuses. Why should they be surprised? Every American for the last 50 years has been raised in public schools where they heard no Bible whatsoever. They have been told since they were children that life was all about self. The kid wearing the “It’s All About Me!” T-shirt grew up, became a corporate executive and …followed the instructions he had heard all his life! Yet, once again, our persecutors in the News Mafia, who reject all things Christian, rail on them for their absence of Christianity. Typical actions of our Liberal persecutors! Overthrow the News Media!

Where’s the “Equality?”

I, for one, am fed up with seeing a bunch of “macho” NFL football players running all over the field wearing pink. I know it’s to help fight breast cancer. I am sympathetic to women with any cancer, but, where’s the equality? Why is the whole country being guilt-tripped over women’s cancer and yet men’s cancer, prostate cancer is ignored? Do the Liberals who are programming American thinking want men to die? I demand all female sports venues have their players clad in blue for “Prostate Cancer Awareness.” (Go ahead you liberal, man-hating, female bigot, write me and try to intimidate me with the wornout charge of “Chauvinist Pig.” It will just expose your own unjustified hatred for men.)

Meeting the 7000

David Corey

David Corey is not a preacher. He is the man every pastor wants in his church. Dave is a member of Freedom Baptist Church in Auburn, NY, the church I pastored 25 years ago before going back into evangelism. Years ago Dave had a good job with a national chain in Auburn. His job would require him to move about the country constantly. He liked the church there (before I came to pastor) and left that job for a local company so he could keep his family in a good church. It paid off. His four children are grown and all in church. They are great folks to be around. Dave himself is simply a faithful man who is in church every time the doors are open. What pastor wouldn’t desire to have such a family. Why not be that family?

The Bullet That Didn’t Change History

It was during the American War for Independence, at the Battle of Brandywine, that Major Patrick Ferguson, head of British sharpshooters, placed his sights squarely on the back of an American officer. He gazed at the man over his sights long enough to have “lodged half a dozen balls in him before he was out of my reach….”then, he simply lowered his weapon without firing. Unbeknownst to him he had just, for some inexplicable reason, chosen not to kill George Washington.

And how would history read if Major Ferguson had squeezed that trigger? And why didn’t he?

You Have More Power Now

Remember this, Christian, you don’t have to put up with the filth on your television. In a recession a boycott has far more effect than in a good economy. Why don’t you call companies with offensive ads and tell them you will cease to shop there if they don’t change their ways? And then do what you said!

But It Gets Old

Many of today’s young women don’t try to look nice, act nice or be a lady in any way. They can’t cook or clean house and have no desire to be feminine in any way. Basically there is nothing to attract a man to such a woman. But, these girls, taught by pornography and urged on my their public school, think that as long as they can treat their man like an XXX rated video there’s nothing else they need to be able to do. Won’t they feel betrayed when they realize that there is more to life than a physical relationship, no matter how wild, but there is nothing else they’re good at!

Fight On!

During Gulf War II a Marine convoy drove right into an Iraqi ambush. Machine guns, mortars and Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG) were hammering the trapped Marines. Lt. Brian Chontosh was commanding the Marine column. Seeing they were cut off and hopelessly outgunned, Lt. Chontosh did the only thing he could do…he attacked! Chontosh ordered his HUMVEE driver to head straight at the Iraqi machine gun nest while his own machine gunner blazed away at it. The enemy machine gun was silenced. Then he told the driver to drive directly at the Iraqi trench. There, Lt. Chontosh jumped out, as it has been said, “carrying an M-16 and a Beretta and 228 years of Marine Corps pride.” Chontosh ran down the trench line killing Iraqis until his M-16 was empty. He then pulled his Beretta automatic pistol and emptied it on them. Next he picked up a dead Iraqi’s AK- 47 and fired it until it was empty. He grabbed another AK and continued his attack. Then he picked up an enemy RPG and disposed of the final group of Iraqis. Lt. Chontosh single-handedly cleared 200 yards of Iraqi trenchline, turned a sure defeat into a victory and saved his men.

Famous Short Term Successes
The Cowboy days lasted only 10 years.
The Pony Express lasted only 18 months.
The Flying Tigers lasted only 7 months.
John the Baptist’s ministry lasted only 6 months.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

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