Letter #119

Another Computer Created Dinosaur

The greatest boon to the teaching of evolution was “Jurassic Park.” Now, Bible rejecters don’t need to discover a new “missing link” they only have to generate one in their imagination and then their computer makes it a “fact.” (Seeing is believing.) Desperate to put fur on a dinosaur, evolutionists have invented “Tawa-hallae” a fur-covered computer fake to help convince television intoxicated Americans that they came from monkeys.

A REALLY Dead Dinosaur

Scientists recently admitted the Triceratops never existed. They say it was actually a young Torosaurus. I see, I’m supposed to not believe in creation because dinosaurs existed and now scientists are admitting they never existed. They say that dinosaurs were “shape changers,” a newly-manufactured term to cover their error. One article says the Triceratops “fooled” scientists. Right! 80 brazilian years ago a Triceratops said, “Wow! I bet this will fool scientists years from now.” What the story meant to say was, “Scientists, whose names we evoke whenever we want to overthrow the authority of the Bible, don’t know what they’re talking about! They swore a dinosaur existed that didn’t. How can we trust them after this.” I’m sure that’s what the article meant to say but the computer-game-addicted, religious evolutionist writer wasn’t able to articulate it.

Okay, if the “Torosaurus” (Latin for: “A lot of bull”) looked like a “Triceratops” when it was young, how do we know a “Tyrannosaurus Rex” didn’t look just like a crocodile when it was a “puppy?!” Maybe, if reptiles, which never stop growing, lived for 900 years in a perfect environment, our crocodile might stand on its hind legs when it hit around 500 years old. (Don’t we crawl around before learning to balance ourselves and walk upright?) So now, go to your “authoritative” school text book and scratch out “Triceratops.” But I wouldn’t recommend scratching anything out of your Bible!

And Furthermore!

I carry with me a USA Today article from July 7, 2005, which reveals the “discovery” of a dinosaur ancestor to birds. (Scientists have been desperately trying to connect dinosaurs to birds for 50 years.) Back in 2005 they had found a dinosaur ancestor to birds. They carefully explained it was a meat-eater that was 9-13 feet long. (They didn’t say “tall.”) The “expert” scientist, Anthony Fiorillo, curator of earth sciences at Dallas Museum of Natural History said, “You are looking at a very large, birdlike animal, except it has teeth and a tail, and instead of wings it has arms.” “Expert” Fiorillo described this “birdlike animal” as looking like that other birdlike dinosaur…the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Now there’s a drumstick! Great! (I once saw a “birdlike animal” out in the middle of a pasture, EXCEPT instead of claws it had hooves and instead of a beak it had horns and it almost killed me before I jumped back over the fence!)

By the way, do you know what had been found from this “birdlike animal?” A FOOTPRINT! I think these “expert scientists” are wasting their talents. They need to get jobs with police departments. They could tell a suspect’s height, hair color, eye color, and any identifying marks…by a shoe print!

Nuff Said!

On August 2, 2010, a van carrying two heavy metal bands crashed on I-5 near Portland, OR. A vocalist was killed and two guitarists were injured. The names of the bands were: Early Graves and The Funeral Pyre. The most resent release for Early Graves was named, “Goner.”

Meeting the 7000

Bill Wall

Bro. Bill Wall is a German-Canadian-Mexican! He is from Canada but is a missionary to a German enclave in Chihuahua, Mexico. He speaks Spanish, German and English. His group is a German speaking “bubble” in a Mexican “sea.” The people he ministers to are industrious and have one of the most productive settlements in Mexico.

Kill the “Dream!”

We have all heard songs glorifying those who “have a dream.” Due to this unrealistic, romantic baloney we have raised a generation of “dreamers;” air-headed people with the “50 yard stare” who ramble endlessly about how “someday” they’re going to achieve their “dream.” Until then they do nothing. They just sit around and keep dreaming. Is it any wonder that we have to import people to harvest our crops? Our able-bodied young people are too busy… dreaming! It’s time to stop dreaming and get to work!

How Can America Survive?

America must be doomed. Why? Because there are no longer any Americans. The people who believe in going to church, working hard and being honest are being replaced by public-educated, TV-indoctrinated, Hollywood-intoxicated young people who believe in nothing but themselves. Congratulations, we have the same motivating factors of any third-world nation.

Characteristics of Heathen

  1. Girls lose their purity at an early age.
  2. Parents are too interested in themselves to care about it.
  3. All thinking is centered on “self.”
  4. They have no concept of future consequences for today’s actions.
  5. They justify stealing.
  6. They won’t work hard.
  7. Children run wild, unsupervised.
  8. Children are exploited by their parents, rather than protected by them.

I see these same characteristics in Americans today.

Fight On!

At 85 years old she lay dying when he last came to see her. He had just been elected the first President of the new United States. “The people, madam,” he told her, “have been pleased, with the most flattering unanimity, to elect me to the chief magistracy of the United States; but before I can assume the functions of the office, I have come to bid you an affectionate farewell. So, soon as the public business can be disposed of I shall hasten to Virginia, and…” But his mother interrupted, “You will see me no more. My great age and the disease that is rapidly approaching my vitals, warn me that I am not long for this world. I trust in God, I am somewhat prepared for the better. But go, George, fulfill the high destinies which Heaven appears to assign you; go my son, and may Heaven’s and your mother’s blessing be with you always.” Fight on!

Buy the Seed

If you’re not called to preach you should help those who are. You could:

  1. Buy all of the tracts for your church.
  2. Buy your church’s Sunday School material.
  3. Pay to put a child through Christian school.
  4. Pay to put a child through summer Youth Camp.
  5. Buy song books.
  6. Pay for a missionary’s project…or vacation.

In Christ’s Service,
Sameul C. Gipp, Ph. D.

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