Letter #118

Like you, I have been following the “continuing drama” of the oil leak in the Gulf. When I heard an oil platform blew up my mind immediately went back 22 years. Twenty-two years ago I was having lunch in Norfolk, VA, with a Navy SEAL. During our conversation I said, “So you guys train and practice and sit around hoping nothing bad happens, right?” His answer was so shocking that I remember it like it was yesterday, “Oh no, we’re out all the time. When you hear that an oil platform blew up [in the Persian Gulf] it isn’t an accident.”

Do I believe US Navy SEALs blew up that oil rig? Not on your life! But, I do believe it was an accident? Not on your life!

Haven’t you wondered that the thought that it was, as Obama would say, a “Man-made Disaster” has never been looked into by those “hard-hitting investigative reporters” of the News Mafia? They haven’t breathed a word of such a scenario. That howling silence is what makes me suspicious.

It Was a What?!

Believe it or not, one report that has reached me is not that the oil rig was blown up by murderous Muslim terrorists. (They were having trouble driving their car bombs out that far!) Word is that the rig was hit by a missile from a North Korean submarine. Either way, you can trust the News Mafia to cover for the murderous acts of anyone who hates America as much as they do.

Have you heard many interviews from the survivors? I thought the News Mafia was always interested in speaking with the victims of such tragedies yet they have kept us focused on oil washing up on shore and not pursued interviews with those who were there. This is not unlike how they killed the story of the Muslim who slit the throat of a bus driver on September 11, 2001, yelling “Allah Akbar!” To cover for their fellow terrorists the News Mafia simply didn’t pursue that story either. The News Media is the REAL ENEMY!

Don’t Worry, Be Intoxicated

Most Americans don’t even stop to think about the treachery of the News Mafia or the President. They are caught up with the vanity which has become America. They’re too busy whitening their teeth, trying to look sexy-a-sixty and hoping to come by a large sum of money, all while they are immersed in worrying about the real important stuff, like…who going to win “American Idol?”, what’s going to happen next on CSI or NCSI,or 24, or Criminal Minds? Your know. The important stuff! Like, well I am so upset about what Jesse did to my old friend Sandra Bullock. Sandra and I go back to…ah, go back to…um, well actually we don’t go back at all. We’ve never even met! But that great god, TV, has commanded me to be more concerned about Sandra Bullock than the real problems of my pastor. I mean! Who cares about the guy who feeds me spiritually every week and actually cares about my problems? Let’s take care of the important stuff like, “How can I look 16 again?”

I’m glad you are a Christian and not caught up in all this vanity! You aren’t… right?

Great White Sharks are “Stalkers”

Recently, “experts” (self-important idiots who can’t hold a real job) have “discovered” that Great White Sharks actually stalk their prey. Imagine that, what we thought was a cold-blooded predator turns out to be…a cold-blooded predator! (For years these same “experts” assured us they weren’t. So much for “experts.”)

Meeting the 7000

J. W. Willis

I met J.W. 23 years ago. Prior to that he had fallen 13 stories down the elevator shaft of a new building he was working on. Because of the weight of his tool belt he fell in an upright (standing) position. Just before he it the bottom his outstretched arms caught on a 6″ conduit running sideways near the bottom of the shaft. This flipped him 90 degrees and threw him out onto the floor of the building’s basement. He lived but the damage was done. His arms were practically torn off and his back, neck and internal organs were devastated.

None of this stopped J.W. from going to Bible college or staying with the Lord. He has had countless surgeries. A few years ago a doctor operated to remove some of the screws and braces in him to try to relieve some of his pain. He removed 7½ pounds of metal! In spite of the horrible daily pain he endures J.W. has continued to travel and preach when he can. What’s stopping you?

I have prayed from J.W. everyday for those 23 years. Feel free to add him to your prayer list.

The Answer for Obese Kids

The Do-gooders (DoGs) are all wringing their Teflon hands about our overweight youth. They love to blame fast food and the American lifestyle. I have an idea about the cure for fat kids…quit taking them everywhere on school buses! I walked to school, elementary, Jr High and high school. No, not 20 miles, uphill, both ways. It was about three miles from my door to the high school. We walked it all though the winter. Maybe if our pampered teens walked to school they’d lose some weight and shape up. Maybe if they hadn’t been bused everywhere for the last thirty years they never would have gotten fat!

Fight On!

As the U.S.S. Forrestal fought for its life against raging fires and exploding bombs on July 29, 1967, it was not alone. Several destroyers and two other aircraft carriers were cruising the waters of “Yankee Station” in the Gulf of Tonkin, launching air strikes on North Vietnam. But these weren’t the only warcraft in the area. Since “Yankee Station” was located in international waters, numerous Vietnamese and even Chinese boats routinely shadowed the American fleet. Now, with the Forrestal preoccupied with survival and burning men leaping into the sea, this insidious fleet moved in. There was a cash reward for any American prisoner they could capture and they aimed to take advantage of this tragedy.

Imagine leaping 90 feet from a carrier deck with your clothes ablaze, landing with 2nd and 3rd degree burns, only to be plucked from the water by a heartless enemy and spirited away right under the noses of your fellow Americans. It simply was not going to happen. As the enemy craft closed in on the beleaguered survivors, one of the accompanying destroyers went into action. It trained one of its 5 inch guns on an offending, but technically legal, craft and let fly. The boat literally disintegrated, the others turned and fled.

Their evil designs were simply not going to be fulfilled. Not now. Not ever! Fight on!

Baseball & the Oil Spill

For thirty years the new god of America has been turning Americans away from their Christian heritage. Evidence of TV’s success is the new, self-absorbed, vindictive American, always angry at some injustice and always seeking revenge. (Have you felt that towards BP?) Then comes the errant call of Major League umpire Jim Joyce which cost Detroit Tigers pitcher, Armando Galarraga, his deserved recognition for pitching a perfect game. Joyce wept over his error but that didn’t stop the phone calls from “New Americans” threatening him and his family. When Joyce and Galarraga met the next day on the diamond the slighted pitcher, standing 12 feet tall, forgave the umpire rather than breathing threats and hatred. (That’s OLD America, folks!)

Rather than scold the umpire, Galarraga said, “Nobody’s perfect, everybody makes a mistake. I’m sure he doesn’t want to make that call. You see that guy last night, he feels really bad.”

Compare that to the vindictive, bullying language you’ve heard from this President concerning the Gulf oil spill. Being a Muslim heathen he does not possess the mercy and grace ingrained in American citizens from the Bible. He bellows and threatens. He could learn a lot from a humble MAJOR League pitcher!

In Christ’s Service,
Sameul C. Gipp, Ph. D.

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