Letter #117

Is God Fighting for America?

No one would have believed that just one year after the News Mafia anointed “messiah” took office that the seemingly unstoppable tyrant would be so devastated by current events. You can call the Nov. Republican upsets no more than anti-Obama backlash, but no one would have believed a year ago one of the most vicious liberals in the Senate would be dead and his seat taken by a conservative Republican in one of the most Liberal states. It gets my attention! I am watching to see if there is a Divine trend here. But there is no doubt that God was in the elimination of Ted Kennedy and the election of Scott Brown. The future bears watching.
The Christmas Day Bomber

Obama is showing that he isn’t up to running this country. It was said he wasn’t experienced enough for the job and now he’s proving his critics right. The people he has running things can’t even keep party crashers out of the White House let alone terrorists off our airplanes or out of our military bases.

Janet Napolitono was right when she claimed “the system worked” during the Christmas Day bombing attempt. People can’t understand how an obvious Muslim terrorist could get past security. The answer is simple. Napolitono had already told us she only considered ex-military personnel and conservatives as possible terrorists. So why would they suspect a Muslim?

Obama is Still Looking for His KGB

Unable to get his “Youth Army” of left wing dope-headed college students, Comrade Obama wants to consolidate all of the National Guard units of the states into a national police force. He says it has to be as well trained and equipped as our military. Let’s se, we train and equip our military to fight our nation’s enemies. So who will be the target of this National Police Force?
The Problem REALLY Isn’t the Muslims!

Let’s see, it was nineteen Muslims who murdered 3,000 people on 9/11 and destroyed the World Trade Center. It was a Muslim who attacked a bus driver on 9/11 causing it to wreck. It was a Muslim soldier who threw a hand grenade into a group of his fellow Army soldiers and killed 11 of them at the start of the Second Gulf War. It was a Muslim that tried to light his shoes and murder people on an airliner. It was a wealthy Muslim that tried to blow up an airliner on Christianity’s holiest day. It was a Muslim teacher that bombed the subway in London. It was a Muslim doctor that murdered unarmed soldiers at Ft. Hood. It is Muslims that are blowing up fellow Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. What? You think our greatest enemy is Islam? Nope! Our greatest enemy is the Liberals who have kidnapped the News Media and now use it to defend anyone who wants to destroy us while constantly bullying us into silence with the charges of racism. Until Americans realize who their real enemy is they cannot win. We need to arrest and jail all the Liberals at CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Newsweek, USA Today, Time and so on or we will soon be slaves to Liberal masters. When we’re done with the News Mafia we can start with the liberal school teachers and college professors.

There were 1,000 people murdered in Juarez, Mexico, in the first six months of 2009. There were four people murdered in El Paso, Texas, just across the Rio Grande, during the same period.

Meeting the 7000

Bro. John Bishop

Bro. John Bishop is an evangelist. Fifteen years ago he was severely stricken with Meningitis. Following that he literally had to learn to crawl, walk and eat. He still has memory problems as well as physical problems from his encounter. But you will never meet a more joyous, victorious Christian. Bro. Bishop literally beams with the joy of the Lord. The name of his ministry is “God Is So Good.” Bro. Bishop does not let his affliction stop him. He and his wife, Donna, travel all around the world. Pray for these two noble soldiers who refused to let the trials of life whip them. You can contact Bro. John at: 501-556-5837 or www.godissogood.net.
The “Gates” of Hell

Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, is doing his best to prepare our military for defeat. The traitor has cancelled the F-22 fighter. The Air Force was supposed to get over 700 and now they have only 187. He cancelled the Next Generation Bomber and the future Air-refueling Tanker. Gates, the liar, confidently defends his treason by saying that no country will field a fighter comparable to the F-22 before 2015. Problem One: what if they do? Problem Two: if we start today it will be 10-12 years before we field our next fighter. By the way, when the Russians and Chinese, who are both working on F-22 adversaries, field their airplanes do you think they’ll only build 187? And now this traitor wants to let sex perverts serve openly in the military. Gates is working for the enemies of this country.

It’s Not Just My Opinion

“Taken in totality, the decisions Secretary Gates has made…will bequeath to his successors a military that will be older and more costly to operate, have fewer technological advantages over potential adversaries, and be less able to deal with high-end threats. Almost without exception, it has been the most advanced US weapons programs [that] have been targeted for termination, reduction, or delay,…” Daniel Goure’, Lexington Institute, National Journal Online

Another Female “Ancestor”

The Man haters promoting evolution have discovered yet another female “Monkey Man.” (They hate men so they have to find only female ancestors to help exalt their female deities.) Her name is “Ardi.” They say she was, “a careful climber” (How can they tell that from a bone?!) They also say she was “small brained.” (They didn’t say if she was blond.)

A Fighter

Bro. Rick Dawson pastored in Carterville, IL. A Strip Joint opened up in town & the town wouldn’t stop it. He picketed it for 7 months. Then he advertised in the newspaper that he was going to be taking pictures of the licence plates of cars in the parking lot. The Strip Joint owner advertised he was having in a well known stripper in hopes of drumming up business. So, Bro Dawson decided to have a tent meeting right across the street from the joint. The Strip Joint’s show fizzled.
One time when his people were out in absolutely bitter cold weather Bro. Dawson saw a pizza delivery guy pull into the joint. A minute later the pizza guy came out, got in his truck and drove over to them, got out and handed them a stack fo pizzas. “We didn’t order these pizzas,” he told the guy. “I know. The guy across the street bought these for you. He said he’s never seen anything like you people.” The Strip joint closed.

Fight On!

Who’s easier to rob than an 85-year-old woman? An 85-year-old woman who doesn’t own a gun!
A 17-year-old “wannabe” thief broke into the home of 85-year-old great-grandmother, Leda Smith because he thought she would be an easy mark. Instead, Mrs. Smith woke up, grabbed her pistol from beside her bed, aimed it at the thief and said, “You’ve had it.” She held the young man until police arrived.

Mrs. Smith had the young criminal use her bedside phone to call the police on himself, but not before she warned him, “Don’t attempt to throw the phone at me, or do anything bad or I’ll just shoot you.” Fight On!

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