Letter #116

Obama’s True Color

All you have to do to see the true color of Der Fuhrer is to monitor his actions. He consistently acts in favor of dictators, Communists and Muslims.

  1. Because he hates Christianity, like all Muslims, he refused to join in our National Day of Prayer.
  2. But he prayed with a group of Muslims in the Capital.
  3. He refused to say anything that might encourage freedom-lovers in Iran after the phony election and probably has caused the death of hundreds of protesters. But, a Muslim dictator who came to power via a fixed election isn’t going to say anything bad about a Muslim dictator who came to power via a fixed election!
  4. He refused to appear at the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. (He was probably in mourning.)
  5. He is friendly toward Communist dictators, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez
  6. Because he hates Jews, like all Muslims, he is working toward the destruction of Israel

This is our President: a Communist, a Muslim, a Totalitarian who intends to overthrow our Constitution and install himself as a lifetime dictator and turn Americans into slaves.

No! I’m not a racist…I don’t like his white half either!

Where Did They Go?

After numerous false starts at trying to instill fear and panic into Americans, it seems that the terrorist organization, the News Media, has achieved a certain amount of success with the newly invented “Swine Flu.” The furor over this flu, which hasn’t killed a tenth as many Americans as the real flu, causes me to ponder…what has happened to the Bird Flu? Is it still out there? Is it still the threat we were told to fear? Or has it simply evaporated since the News Mafia now has a more effective tool to sow fear? Hey, what happened to the West Nile Virus? Do we still need to fear it?

Remember! If the goal of a terrorist organization is to instill fear into people, then the largest, most successful terrorist organization in the world is the News Media.

Concentrated Fire

Everywhere I go churches are under the strongest Satanic attacks ever. Health problems, devil-inspired church members and numerous other occurrences are hammering Bible-believing churches. Here’s my theory. Imagine 10,000 enemy troops were going to attack you tomorrow and you have to deploy your artillery to cover them as best you can. Then, overnight 9,000 decide not to attack. Now, you can concentrate the artillery you had poised for 10,000 on a mere 1,000. I believe that so many churches have gotten off the devil’s “Target List” by joining the Contemporary Movement that he can now concentrate his fire on the few that haven’t joined his side. Think about it. These churches are playing his music, dancing, drinking, living unseparated from the world and preaching humanistic messages. What would the devil need to attack them for?

Hey Preacher, Looking for a Building?

Many young churches have trouble finding a place to meet. Here are a few places to check; bank building basements, 7th Day Adventist buildings, or the purchase/rental of an old funeral home.

Meeting the 7000

Jim White

Bro. Jim White is a good friend. He is also one of the funniest preachers you could ever hear. Jim spent time as a missionary in Alaska and then a field representative for a mission board. In 1995 Jim was riding on an airplane when someone opened the bin over his head and a suitcase dropped out and hit him on the head, giving him Amnesia. It was several years before Jim could preach again. Many times he would have to be taken to a hospital right after he had preached. There were other battles associated with his injury that would have caused most men to leave the ministry and turn to booze. But Jim kept going. He had surgery on his neck that helped him quite a bit. In May of 2009, Jim and I had a meeting together in California and both his preaching and his fellowship were enjoyed greatly. Last month Jim called me to tell me he has inoperable lung cancer. His doctor gives him 6-8 months. Jim said, “I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for quite a few years. I’m fixin’ to light it in the middle and then throw it in the fire.” That’s Jim White!

Pray for Jim as he tries to spend his last days serving the God he has served all his life. Nothing has stopped him yet. Don’t let anything stop you!

The Power of Hellivision

The power television has to dictate what we think and approve is apparently limitless. Think of the things/groups that are now socially acceptable only because TV has ceaselessly promoted their cause. We now find acceptable:

  1. Communists
  2. Homosexuals
  3. Psychics
  4. Vampires
  5. Cannibals
  6. Murderers
  7. Pornographers
  8. Witches
  9. Muslims
  10. Space Monsters
  11. Whores

While these low-life folks have been exalted the following have had their character assassinated by TV:

  1. Christians
  2. Jews
  3. Preachers
  4. Whites
  5. Parents
  6. CEOs
  7. Virgins
  8. Patriots

We all promote our own crowd and seek its welfare to the detriment of those we oppose. The above reveals which crowd television writers belong to. Who else could have addicted you to blood to the point that if you didn’t get to see at least two murders per hour you thought you weren’t being entertained?!

Fight On!

On Feb. 1, 1932, pilot, Lt. Edward Hoffman, an observer, Lt. William Cocke, left San Francisco’s Crissey Army Air Field and flew right into a blinding snowstorm. As their plane lost altitude, Lt. Cocke bailed out. Landing he began to hike out through the blowing snow storm and after a while came upon a remote ranger cabin. He spent the night there and hiked out to safety the next day. It would be April before the world would know what happened to Lt. Hoffman.

After Cocke jumped, Hoffman continued flying until he realized his plane was going in and bailed out. Landing 3 miles from where his plane crashed, Hoffman first attempted to light a fire but gave up in the vicious snow storm. Then, basically uninjured, he laid down, went to sleep and never woke up. He was just a few feet from a trail that led to the safety of the Lake Canyon Lodge just 3/4 of a mile away. Fight on!

A Fighter!

On November 3, Al Kreiger was swept into the office of mayor of Yuma, Arizona. You have no idea what you can achieve for the Lord if you’re willing to make the right people mad!

More Good News

  1. Toyota lost more money last year than GM.
  2. USA Today dropped 7.5% in sales.
  3. USA Today dropped 7.5% in sales.
  4. USA Today dropped 7.5% in sales.
  5. U.S. News and World Report dropped 22.3%.
  6. Enough Republicans won office that Der Fuhrer’s health care bill may be dead.

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