Letter #115

Yet Another Traitor

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is doing a great job… for our enemies! When the Government first purchased the F-22 fighter for the Air Force they promised to buy 361…to replace over 700 F-15s. Now Gates has canceled the F-22 with only 187 in the inventory. The Defense Department also signed on for 1763 of the Joint Strike Fighter, the F-35. I told you several years ago the Air Force would never see that many. Now, Comrade Gates has stated that they will not be buying all the F-35s they said they would. In fact, under his traitorous policies, our military will soon no longer be able to win a conventional war with our enemies.

While Gates is undercutting the military’s ability to defend our freedom, both Russia and China are working on fighters equal to the F-22. Do you think they’ll buy only 361? No matter how good our airplanes and how brave our fighting men, if you send one U.S. fighter out to face 10-to-1 odds, we will lose!

Think anyone will remember this when reports come in of our military being overwhelmed by our enemy’s better equipment and superior numbers? But it won’t matter then because we will no longer be free thanks to one more traitor in our government working against his own country.

You Saw It!

YOU WATCHED voter fraud taking place before your eyes during this last presidential election. Before the 2008 Scam Election, when did you ever see voters lined up at polling place two weeks before the election? But the News Mafia covered this fraud up claiming it was legal. You watched Acorn committing voter fraud and yet the God-haters in the News Mafia never carried on a “hard-hitting investigative report” on them. You watched false charges brought against a sitting Republican Senator from Alaska that cost him his Senatorial seat. Once he was out the charges were dismissed. You watched as Minnesota Liberals stole the Senatorial election away from the Republican winner and gave it to their fellow America-hating Al Franken-stein.

You must understand, these people are WAGING WAR ON US! The News Mafia covers for anyone who is trying to destroy the United States whether they are in a foreign country or the White House. They are lying, intimidating and falsely reporting everything related to their Liberal allies hoping you’ll be too busy watching football to care.

Be Defiant!

Whistle “Just As I AM” while working. It brings conviction to those who have been in a service.
Put in a preaching CD & play it loud when someone plays their music too loud. It’s your RIGHT!
When a Liberal defends the takeover of our government confront them about it.

Death to Freedom

Michael Connelly of Carrollton, Texas, is a retired Constitutional lawyer and has read the entire health care bill. His conclusion is that it is NOT about “health care” but transferring dictatorial power to the White House. Those foreign invaders crossing the Rio Grande will be covered. Abortion will be paid for by the Godvernment while doctors are forced to perform them. This legislation also provides for access by the Obama administration of all of your healthcare information, your personal financial information, and the information of your employer, physician, and hospital.

Visit http://michaelconnelly.viviti.com

Meeting the 7000

An Old Preacher
An 86 year old retired pastor was attending a church when the pastor announced that there would be a “Work Day” the following Saturday. When Saturday came the pastor looked out and saw the old man tottering towards him. He had bib-overalls on. To the best of his ability he was grasping a hammer in hands that were crippled by arthritis. The pastor stopped and said, “Brother, why are you here? We don’t expect you to have to show up for a ‘Work Day’.” The old man looked up with 86 years of fire still gleaming in his eyes and said, “I just wanted people to know where I stand.”

Trouble On the Horizon

Comrade Obama has been steamrolling his will on America since he stole our presidency. But now he has lost his momentum over his attempt to install himself as Dictator via the “Health Care” bill. The “Tea Parties” and “Town Hall” meetings have caught fire. It is estimated that 2 million people showed up in Washington D.C. on September 12. (Eight years after 19 of Obama’s fellow Muslims murdered over 3,000 Americans.) Since the goal of the Liberal News Mafia is to thwart the truth rather than report it, they claimed only 80,000. (Later most of them grudgingly admitted their false report.) But, these 2 million citizens have now met! They have traded addresses and learned to network together. If the News Mafia keeps squelching the truth, these justifiably irate citizens are going to take their protests to the streets. At that point, Obama is going to call in the National Guard. The question is, will a bunch of 21-year-old kids obey an order to club 70-year grandmothers? If they don’t, Obama and his Liberal Media friends will realize they’ve lost control. That is when they will conspire to fabricate an excuse to call in UN troops. Be aware, ANY foreign troops on U.S. soil constitutes an invasion! They are to be treated as an invading army should be treated!
When a Liberal sees that words won’t get him what he wants he turns to force.

Fight On!

A hope-to-be car-jacker tapped on the window of a man’s car in Bluffton, South Carolina, demanding the man surrender his car. Instead, the man slammed the door open right into his assailant’s legs. Then he threw his hot coffee in his face and jumped on him. The startled, injured and terrified criminal managed to stagger to his feet and was last seen running away in stark terror. Fight on!

A Fighter!

Everybody complains about their local, state or national government in some manner. But talk is cheap and accomplishes little. Al Kreiger of Yuma, Arizona, doesn’t like the way Yuma is run, but rather than whine like the typical “do-nothing” he has decided to do something about it. Therefore he is running for mayor of Yuma. He hasn’t been arrested, harassed or subjected to intimidation since his decision. He probably will get “bad-mouthed” by his political opposition but that’s to be expected. I salute his effort to seek to change what he doesn’t like rather than just complain.

Are you going to gripe about your School Board or seek a seat on it? Are you going to complain about your City Council or sit on it? Are you going to fight your zoning codes or write them? What’s in your backbone?

Is a “Gun Tax” Coming?

Barak Obama hates all the freedoms the U.S. Constitution provides but he more than hates our right to bear arms… he fears it! He may see that he cannot eliminate this right. Hence he may seek to thwart it in the fashion Democrats love so much… tax it! Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t try to institute a “Gun Tax.” He may say, “Sure you have the ‘right’ to own a gun, and the Godvernment has the ‘right’ to tax that ownership.” Let’s say $500 per year on each gun you own and a $1,000 “Transfer Tax” on every gun you sell. Then, when your neighbor turns you in they will justify it by saying they are turning you in for “tax cheating” not for gun ownership. You’d better have a gun no one… I said, NO ONE knows about.

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