Letter #112

Thomas Jefferson on Guns & Government

“My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”

“No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

It’s Coming

From now until the end of this year at least twenty well known companies will go out of business. We lost Circuit City & Linens ‘n Things last year and we will lose at least twenty more this year. And the Democrats, bailout will only drive the ship to the bottom!

…and the Democrats Know It

If anyone knows the Democrats’ economic plans can’t save this country it is the Democrats themselves. “Obamie” knows it. Nancy Baloney knows it. Harry Reid knows it. Every Liberal in Washington knows their plan won’t help our economy. Therefore they have one goal. Consolidate power and disarm the peasants before they realize the Democrats can’t help them. Tyrants aren’t afraid of torches and pitchforks.

Arrest Them!

It is time to call for the arrest and confinement of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Shumer, Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd and Barak Obama for treason against the Constitution of the United States. These criminals are violating the Constitution and should be arrested and tried for their crimes. Like any revolutionary they are guilty of trying to overthrow our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a Social Democracy. That is as much a crime as if they charged Washington DC with guns blazing. Someone with the legal authority and the courage needs to arrest them. They aren’t afraid of tea bags!

Automatic Speeding TicketsIs Legalized Pot Coming?

The Liberals have already got most of the country too preoccupied with sex to care about what Liberals plan to do to our country. Will Congress legalize marihuana to assure the population will be too high to care that their freedoms are being taken away by power-drunken, Liberal totalitarians?

Meeting the 7000

Evangelist David Mizel

I first met Bro. Mizel over thirty years ago. We were both young evangelists in a joint meeting in Amherst, NY. He did ventriloquism as well as preaching. Bro Mizel has suffered his entire life with Terete’s Syndrome. This disease is as embarrassing as it is debilitating. Yet Bro. Dave is still in the fight. His illness has limited his ability to travel out and speak but he is faithful at his church and doing all he can do for the Lord. Others (like me) would have given up long ago. Now Bro. Dave has had Lymphoma added to his lot in life.

Winners and Losers

Under Comrade Obama’s rule there will be several winners as well as losers. Here’s a list of each.


  1. Muslims – Whether Obama is a closet Muslim or not he is a hater of the biblical heritage of this country and will do all within his power to empower God’s enemies.
  2. Public Schools – The authority of Public schools will be increased to further dilute parental rights.
  3. Homosexuals – Same as the Muslims. Liberals want our society destroyed and promoting homosexuality is a great way to do it.
  4. Anyone evil – Don’t get your hopes up about getting help from the Bailout. Our society is now the property of evil people. Therefore, the low-lifes, the dishonest and the greedy will benefit the most.
  5. China & Russia – Since Obama hates the USA as much as they do, he will do nothing to strengthen us against them. Watch for Russia to get a military base in this hemisphere and Obamie will say, “They have every right to have one over here.”


  1. The Military – As if George Bush’s financial abandonment of our Military wasn’t bad enough, Obama will do all he can to stop weapons’ development and purchases. Training will be reduced and you will see more soldiers prosecuted for deeds done in war. Our Military will be too busy looking over their shoulders to concentrate on killing our enemies. Watch for the Marines, always viewed with hatred by Liberals, to be singled out for the most intense hardships and acts of treason against them. He has to weaken our Military to the point they can’t win the next war. Queers will be admitted and ruin the effectiveness and morale of our troops.
  2. The South – The South has always been more Bible-oriented than the North. Liberals hate the South for this reason. Watch for legislation that will always leave the South coming up short.
  3. Free Speech – Most of you have already been instructed by your TV in what you are permitted to say. You will lose far more speech freedom under Obama than you can imagine. If you are afraid to say what you think you are already a slave.
  4. Christianity – While apostate churches and Rick Warren’s “Starbucks Baptist” churches will do fine, this government will seek to curtail freedom of religion.

Fight On!

In early 1833 Kit Carson, Levin Mitchell, Joe Meek and three Delaware Indians; Tom Hill, Jonas and Manhead, were trapping along the Arkansas River. They were attacked by a force of 200 Comanches. They were surrounded in the plains with nowhere to run. Rather than give up hope, they cut the throats of their mules and built a fort of their bodies. Then, using only single shot rifles, they withstood attack after attack. Three men fired while the other three reloaded. None of the six was killed but they were responsible for killing 42 of their attackers. That night the six men silently slipped away and made their way back to their base. Fight on!

The Jews Control Everything!!!

The Jews are in control of the financial markets, education, entertainment, world governments. Yep! It’s true. But that’s because God intended it to be that way! The Bible even tells us so in Deut. 15:6. If you don’t like the Jews running everything just think of what the world would be like if it was run by the Muslims, or Hindus or Catholics or Democrats. Isn’t it strange that Liberals and Conservatives disagree on every subject but one? They both hate Israel. Think about that!

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