Letter #103

The Perfect Democratic Candidate?

He didn’t smoke or drink, ate a vitamin-rich, vegetarian diet, regularly consulted an astrologer and communed with the spirits of dead people and opposed animal experimentation. His name was Adolf Hitler. (Maybe he could be Hellary’s running mate. She communes with the dead!)

Twisted Values

America used to exalt heroes. Therefore every young American kid wanted to grow up and be a hero.
Now we exalt victims. So now everyone wants to be a “victim.”

Where Was the “Post-war War”?

Where was the News Mafia’s “Post-war War” on Pres. Clinton’s invasion of Haiti? I saw pictures of Haitians bashing in the skulls of other Haitians with rocks and there was no “outrage” from the News Mafia.
Where was the “Post-war War” after Clinton’s Kosovo bombing?

Why does the News Mafia only attack the military actions of Republicans?

Meeting the 7000

Phil Czekalski, Mike Sherry, Samson Ryman, Brandon Lake, Nathan Gipp, Chris Ryman, Kevin Kabel, Nathan Ching, David Haveman, James Kahler, Nathan Bard, Matthew Keenan, Danny Gilbert, George Burkinshaw Jr., Amos Niehaus, Daniel Haveman, Spencer Baker, John Ager, Tim Benson, Chad Morrow, Donny DeMichele, David Silvestri, Jonathan Marshall, David Heaton, Jeremy Wilson, Matthew Marshall, Nathan Keenan.

This is just a tiny fraction of the great generation of young people between 20 & 30 years old. Some might be just under or over those ages but still fit the bill. You can add “and wife” to most of the above. I’ve also excluded some tremendous single young ladies whose desire is to serve the Lord. I know that some of this age group are self-possessed losers, but I believe we have more outstanding young people from this age group than any I’ve seen in recent years. I’ve also omitted hundreds that I either forgot or haven’t even met.

Fight On!

Early on the morning of June 2, 1969, the American destroyer U.S.S. Frank E. Evans mistakenly crossed the bow of the Australian aircraft carrier, Melbourne during SEATO naval exercises. The 2,200-ton destroyer was sheared in half. The bow section sank immediately taking 74 sailors to their death. Sailors onboard the foundering aft section lashed it to the aircraft carrier to keep it afloat. Lost on the Evans were three brothers, Gary, Gregory and Kelly Sage of Niobrara, Neb. Informed of the tragedy, Gregory’s wife, Linda, said, “We don’t blame anyone. We don’t blame the Navy or Australia. It was the boys’ wish that they serve together. That’s the way they wanted it, and that’s the way we accept it. I guess it couldn’t be helped.” Fight on!


The British named their WWI battleships “Dreadnoughts” for; “Dreadnought for God is with you.”

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