Last Days, Last Chance

In October of 2009, while in Portland, Oregon, a man showed me a video on his computer. It was a computer generated film of Jack Chick’s tract, The Sissy. It wasn’t Pixar quality but I was stunned! It was the most graphic witness I’d ever seen. Then I heard the story behind the video. A brother-in-the-Lord had had a burden to make it. He got Chick’s permission and set about the task. A quarter of a million dollars later he had his video. No, he wasn’t rich by any means. He had sold all the equipment he used for his business and spent himself into bankruptcy. But, at a quarter of a million apiece, the project was beyond being practical and it died, with him in financial Limbo. The project was effectively dead.

When I saw the video I never saw costs or logistics or anything else. I saw a teenager, who was raised “watching” all his life, watching it and being shocked into reality. I saw Creator or Liar being read via the internet in China (Don’t tell me why it can’t be done. There’s no lack of people willing to tell why something can’t be done!) and Big Daddy reaching a lost scientist. I saw a Muslim about to murder innocent people watching Allah Had No Son and seeing the need for Jesus Christ. I saw a nation, the United States, which has a generation that doesn’t or can’t read seeing the Gospel! Without thinking I said, “This guy can’t quit! This has to go on.”

Amazingly, a few days later the man who made the video called me. He was shocked that someone saw hope for the project. I told him he couldn’t quit, the videos had to be made. The Lord’s return is soon and this was the last, best method of reaching our nation and the world before we left.

A few days later I got a voice mail for Jack Chick. (Jack and I usually have lunch every time I’m in the Los Angeles area.) He said, “Sam! I heard you’ve taken on this video project. I’m so excited. I’m glad to hear you’re doing it.” When Kathy came home I told her, “I have a new project, Jack just told me I did.”

Thus, for the last year, we have been working to secure the rights to make these videos. That right has now been secured and a 501c3, tax-exempt corporation has been formed so folks can give to the project and their offerings be tax exempt.

The goal of the project is to produce computer-generated videos of selected Chick tracts that will then be viewed free over the Internet. I think you can see the potential here! Also, we want to work on making them available to be downloaded to cell phones and other electronic devices. How difficult is it to carry a DVD into a country where the Internet is controlled by a repressive government, mass produce them and pass them around or leave them where they can be found?

We have now produced The Sissy and Tiny Shoes. The Sissy is about a rough, tough truck driver who comes to Christ. Tiny Shoes is about a Mexican man who gets saved. The Sissy can be viewed in English German and Spanish. Tiny Shoes is in English and Spanish. If you buy a DVD of either one you are free to make as many copies as you wish to pass out free. We have millions of legal and illegal Spanish speakers in our country. Why not give them a chance to get saved by watching a video aimed right at them (Tiny Shoes) in their language?

Here in the United States, we have a generation of public uneducated kids who don’t/can’t read. Their minds are integrated with the electronic media and they absorb whatever their screen shows them. I don’t care if they watch the videos just to mock them. Once the Gospel images are in their brains the Lord has a new arsenal to use to convict them. ( I had a college student once who got saved because he used to act out Chick tracts in his high school homeroom and got under conviction from it.)

Image having the DVDs around your house for your grandchildren to watch and see a Gospel message they will never forget.

I believe you, like me, feel we are in the last days before the Lord returns. Can you think of a better way to get the Gospel out in the days just before the Lord returns? I can’t.

The average cost of getting such videos done commercially is around $150,000. We should be able to do it for about a third of that. Yes, I said a third of that amount! (Since the tracts all differ from each other the actual cost of each video will be different.)

Many years ago a man paid for the second printing of An Understandable History of the Bible. It wasn’t getting the money that blessed me. It was the thought that if anyone got straightened out on the Bible issue while reading a book from that printing the eternal credit would go to the man who had paid for the printing. Those are eternal rewards.
That’s what I thought of when I saw these videos and saw the price. I doubt anyone could afford the whole price of making one, but I’m sure there are people who have several Certificates of Deposits (CDs). They could invest one for $25,000 to help make a video and still have plenty left over to take care of their retirement. Image if you financed Allah Had No Son or Creator or Liar or Big Daddy! The folks who invested in any one of these or other titles would get the eternal rewards from the fruit the video produced. Now, name me one spiritual investment that has greater potential for eternal rewards?

Are you not good at personal work? Are you able to travel around the world to witness to a Chinese scientist or an Iraqi bomb maker? What about an evolutionist college professor in the United States?

No, no, no! I am not asking for money to help produce these videos. I offering someone with vision the opportunity of a lifetime to invest some of their money in a soul winning, life-altering, world-changing effort. These videos will be produced. They will have an effect on viewers greater than anything out there right now. Someone will finance them and receive rewards on the other side that someone else will miss out on. Kathy & I are investing because we believe in this opportunity. My question is, is there someone reading this that would like to get in on the chance to affect the world for Christ with one of the most potent tools Christianity ever possessed? What last-days ministry has the potential to save souls, change lives and possibly alter a nation’s destiny?

Go to and view the two videos that we’ve already made: The Sissy and Tiny Shoes. The picture quality from The Sissy to Tiny Shoes has improved greatly. It will only get better. The videos and DVDs will be produced in the appropriate language groups. If you want to invest any amount make your check out to:

Biblical Video Publications
1701 Rand Morgan Road Corpus Christi, TX

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