Letter #129

Dodge is Doomed!

Watch for Chrysler’s Dodge Division to go the way of Plymouth soon. Before Chrysler killed Plymouth it first stripped it of its “Halo” cars: the Plymouth Prowler became the Chrysler Prowler. The same thing happened with the Plymouth PT Cruiser. Plymouth was left with uninspiring small cars that were easy to discontinue. Now, the same thing is going on with Dodge. There is no longer a “Dodge” truck. Since 2011 the “Dodge” name was dropped and they are now marketed simply as “RAM” trucks. The Viper ceased production but is coming back…but not as a Dodge. It will be marketed as the SRT Viper. (SRT is Chrysler’s performance division, i.e. Street & Racing Technology.) Now the Challenger is going to leave Dodge to become the “SRT” Challenger or be replaced by the “Barracuda.” Not the “Dodge” Barracuda, not the “Plymouth” Barracuda, but the SRT Barracuda. Don’t be surprised when the same thing happens to the Charger.

Meanwhile, Dodge’s only claim to fame is a new compact, the Dart. Goodbye Dodge!

Who is Our Country’s Greatest Enemy?

The easiest way to answer that question is to check to see who has been responsible for taking our freedoms away:

1. It is Liberals who stopped school prayer. (Look where our schools are today!)

2. It is Liberals who have taken the joy out of Christmas with baseless attacks.

3. It is Liberals who have curtailed Constitutional protected free speech via “Hate Speech” laws.

4. It is Liberals who want to take your guns away while they keep theirs.

5. It is Liberals who have stopped oil drilling and enslaved America to OPEC.

6. It is Liberals who have stopped the building of new power plants and refineries.

7. It is Liberals who defended the Muslim perpetrators of the wicked 9/11 attacks.

8. It is Liberals who drove industry from the US with high taxes and union dues.

9. It is Liberals who replaced the “Three R’s” with socialism and sex education in our school.

10. It is Liberals who cultivated race hatred and used it to their own advantage.

11. It is Liberals who persecuted parents for disciplining their children.

So, how will America survive if we are unwilling to isolate and contain our enemies?

Government Rent Protection is Coming

Since this Communist president thinks the Godvernment owes every citizen health care it is only a matter of time before he decrees that it also owes everyone in the country a place to live. Watch him push for some kind of government rent payments for the unemployed and the lazy… the Democratic voters.

Can You See the Light?

I am often told by whining Christians that this is a difficult time period in which to serve the Lord. (Was there an “easy” one?) I usually respond with, “That’s not true. All you have to do is not dye your hair orange and you’ll stand out. Think about this. Go to a vacant field and place a burning candle in the middle of it at noon. Cars will drive by all day and most folks won’t even notice it. But, as it gets darker, more people will notice the light. Did it get brighter? No, the light stood out more as it got darker around it. Can’t you just burn?

Meeting the 7000

Bro. Terry Watkins

Bro. Watkins is a tremendous source of good material that can be used by the soldier-for-Christ. He operates “Dail-the-Truth Ministries.” Call 205-680-9206 and you will hear a listing of audio messages that will encourage or educate you. Go to www.av1611.org and you’ll find that Bro. Watkins has a whole list of very helpful tracts that you or your church can use in: propagating the Gospel, defending the King James Bible, combating modernism or explaining biblical doctrines. Bro. Watkin’s materials have been used across the country and around the world for these purposes. Why did he do all this? Because he wanted to! What do you “want” to achieve for the Lord?

50 + 26 + 18 = Death

What are those numbers? That’s age in years of our Air Force’s B-52, B-1 and B-2 bombers! That’s right, our newest bomber is almost 20 years old! How old is your cell phone, computer, TV or iPad? Would you want to fly into combat against brand new Russian and Chinese aircraft in a 50-year-old airplane? (Our F-15 is 28 years old and our oldest “new” F-22 is 15 years old!) Worse yet, when they do decide to build a new bomber, Congress will cheat its manufacturer (like they did on the B-2, F-22 and are going to do with the F-35) by reneging on the contract and radically reducing the number to be built, thus over-inflating the unit price so they can then call for its cancellation because it’s “too expensive.” Congress plans to force the Air Force to keep flying B-52s until 2040 and B-2s until 2058. (You do the math.) Congress is our military’s greatest enemy!

Fight On!

Not caring a whit for either free will or freedom, the theory of Islam has always been, “Convert or die!” By 732 AD, the merciless armies of Islam had conquered the Mideast, North Africa, and Spain. Europe was ripe for the picking. An army of 80,000 screaming Muslims invaded France heading for Paris, the gateway to all of Europe. Between Europe and the great-great-grandfathers of today’s terrorists stood one resolute man, Charles, King of the Franks. Granting freedom’s assailants neither respect nor appeasement, he boldly led his army south from Paris to meet them near the city of Tours. The battle would decide if Europeans were to be slaves of Islam or remain free. In the battles that raged on French soil, men fell like saplings before a hurricane. But the Ferocity of Charles’ leadership dashed the hopes of his Muslim attackers and they were forced to withdraw leaving Europe free and King Charles with a new moniker, Charles Martel…Charles the Hammer. Fight on!

My New Religion, “It’s Lame”

1. We’ll all wear towels or diapers or tablecloths on our heads.

2. We’ll be force little girls as young as nine years old to marry and sexually submit to grown men.

3. We’ll blow up innocent women and children in the name of “peace.”

4. Heaven will be different things to different groups.
Liberals – it will be running and jumping and skipping across flowered meadows singing songs of world peace.
Conservatives – It will be shooting at liberals while they are running and jumping and skipping across flowered meadows singing songs of world peace.

(I was going to say heaven was a place where one man gets 70 virgins to do all sorts of immoral things with but then I thought, “Na! Nobody would ever be stupid enough to believe that!”)

5. Hell will be different things to different groups.
Liberals – will be forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh day & night.
Conservatives – will be forced to listen to speeches by self-righteous people like Barak Obama, Joe Biden,
and Hellary Clinton.

I needed a name. Then a friend of mine said, “It’s lame.” Hey, that’s a thought! I’ll call it, “It’s Lame.”

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

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