Letter #124

Fallen Men

It has always been the character of the men that made a society great. That character was illustrated best in the fighting prowess of those individuals. Look at the great nations of history, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome. But once a nation becomes morally corrupt and falls, those same men lose that outstanding character overnight. Look at the outstanding characteristics of these aforementioned societies. Their men define manhood by their sexual conquests and chest-beating bravado. But once the bullets start flying they crumble before their enemies.

Now look at what television has turned our men into: a bunch of whoremongers with a WWF attitude. Humiliating a woman is no victory. How many have the discipline to excel? If our country falls you will be shocked by the change in our men!

One Muslim Honors Another

When our nation’s brave and efficient Navy SEALS ended the reign of terror of Obama…er…I mean Osama, (Isn’t it amazing how much those two names sound alike?!) our Muslim president had to see to it that our nation once again bowed its knees to pagan Islam by making sure this mass murderer received a “proper Muslim funeral.” (Now that has a nice ring to it!) Why was this done? Bin Laden was not a head of state. If they did this for someone like Gaddafi, Quadaffi, Quack-daffy, at least they could truthfully say he was the head of state. Osama Bin Laden was nothing but a terrorist. But our government doesn’t give honorable funerals to terrorists…unless they are Muslims. This president is a radical Muslim and a shame to the office.

You REALLY Believe That?

Pinning down Barak Osama…er..I mean Obama, is like putting your thumb on a peeled grape. He has a near magical way of slipping out of the tight spot unscathed. When this Muslim assumed the presidency he dropped the charges against the (Muslim) terrorist who masterminded the attack on the US Cole in Yemen. Now that he’s running for reelection he has reinstituted murder charges and called for the death penalty. Then when Donald Trump was breathing down his neck concerning his Birth Certificate, Obsama, after spending a million dollars and three years trying to keep from making it public, suddenly produces one.

If you believe the Birth Certificate he published is authentic then I suggest you start smoking dope so you have an excuse for being so stupid!

Your Greatest Danger

Your greatest danger is that you can convince yourself that:

1. You love the Lord when you don’t
2. Don’t hate someone when you do
3. You’re really not so bad
4. Your situation is different than everyone else’s

Worldwide Conspiracy?

For many years worldwide Muslim immigration has been concentrated in white, European countries. This is not accidental! It is an intentional, orchestrated event. Is there going to be an uprising in which an attempt will be made to exterminate the white race? Is there going to be a signal given at which Muslims, and other races who have been taught to hate Whites by the New Mafia, will attempt to wipe out the white race?

Meeting the 7000

Pastor Ken Shavers

Bro Shavers pastors the Greater Cumberland Baptist Church in Hopkinsville, KY. While in the military he was a pilot of both Huey and Blackhawk helicopters. His church is near Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, and he has numerous military personnel as members. Bro Shavers has a heart-warming practice whenever any of his members who are in the military are being shipped to the Gulf War. He has the departing military man or woman come forward and place a flag with a yellow ribbon with their name on it in a vase which stands on the communion table in front of the church. It is a solemn occasion. The whole church then prays for them till they come back and remove their flag. They haven’t lost a person yet.

Is Bristol Palin Being Seduced?

Please construe nothing of what I’m about to say as either an attack or criticism of Bristol Palin. But her media popularity is abnormal. Think about it. The world of entertainment that gave us Tina Fey mocking her mother, Sarah Palin, is embracing and promoting Bristol in a remarkable way. Since nothing happens by coincidence and the people running the entertainment industry are some of the most liberal haters of America, Christians and Conservatives, all of which I assume Bristol is, their embracing and promoting of her is, as I said, abnormal. Thus they have a deeper reason. The nation knows that this young lady can be seduced (No judgment intended here, except maybe on scumbag Levi Johnson.) by someone who knows how in order to get what they want. So, what could the entertainment world want from Bristol Palin? I think it’s obvious that they desire to use her as a weapon to damage or even destroy her mother. Here’s what you can watch for:

1. At BEST – You can bet that behind closed doors Bristol is being assailed with anti-Conservative political views. If they can succeed in getting Bristol to make a public statement against her mother’s politics her seducers would be thrilled, and she might get off light.

2. At WORST – If this poor, unsuspecting girl, infatuated by her mock popularity but too true to her values to be used in the manner just mentioned, then she may be set up for a horribly embarrassing fall which will be more devastating than anything Levi Johnson did. She will be emotionally destroyed.

Fight On!

Years before the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906, Jack Brown had sustained an injury to his neck that left him a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down.

Following the earthquake, overturned stoves and such started numerous fires which eventually joined to devastate the city’s crude wooden buildings. As the fire swept toward Brown’s house, friends, knowing his helpless state, rushed there and carried him and two suitcases packed with his valuables to a nearby park with plans to return for them after they helped others.

Brown waited while the world burned around him. About 30 minutes after his friends left, a stranger approached the prostrate man and asked if the bags were his. Brown nodded. The stranger announced in cruel confidence, “They were your bags. They are mine now.” and picked them up and began to walk off with assured immunity.
What happened next can best be described in the words of Jack Brown himself. “I was so mad that I forgot all about the paralysis. For the first time in years, I felt the blood surging through my veins. I jumped up, seized a billet of wood and smashed it on the fellow’s head.”

Jack Brown never returned to his sick bed. His friends returned for him to find him standing there waiting for them. He carried his own bags out of the park. Fight on!

Run “Amok”

The Muslim Moros of the Philippines had a terrible tradition. If one was disgruntled or angry he was apt to slaughter the first person he ran into, innocent or not. This tradition was called “amuk.” It’s where we get “Running amok” from. Islam also gave us the words “assassin” and “arsenal.” My hasn’t this “peace-loving religion” added wonderful things to our society! (The Jews gave us, “Hallelujah!”)

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

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