Letter #130

Meeting the 7000

Dennis Corle

Bro. Dennis was saved January 15, 1975. He started preaching within three months of his salvation. He is the founder and president of Revival Fires Ministries and the editor of the Revival Fires newspaper. He has also authored numerous books which have been a help to Christians. Brother Dennis has helped a great number of churches establish or rekindle the church’s zeal for soul winning. Numerous pastors have told me how their church soul winning efforts “took off” after a meeting with Bro. Dennis. Soul winning is a necessary duty of every local church. If your church soul winning has waned a bit I can assure you Bro. Dennis’ preaching can help. (He also has a tremendous series on prayer.) Contact him at 814-239-2813 or 814-935-9825.

The Zimmerman Lynchings

Ever since the 1960s the News Mafia has been psychologically training Americans that White people are all racist and therefore no Black man can be held accountable for any crime because:

1. He was made into a criminal as a victim of White racists, 2. Whites deserve any bad thing Blacks do to them because of their racism. Ever since St. Trayvon was“martyred” by a Hispanic guy the News Mafia has had two goals:

1. Never refer to Zimmerman’s Hispanic (whatever that is) heritage because the News Mafia doesn’t want its minority race puppets fighting each other. They want them both hating Whites.

2. Lynch Zimmerman and everyone associated with him! (Before a drooling, mouth-breathing, TV educated imbecile calls me a “racist” for using the word “lynch” you ought to educate yourself to where that term originated. During the days just prior to our War for Independence the British governor of South Carolina sent a man named “Lynch” to collect the Crown’s taxes. This white man was hung by the white Colonists. That became known as “lynching,” just like assassinating a Conservative through lying public attacks has become known as “Borking.” Then white-hating news journalists anointed the term as “racist” and use it to further guilt- trip Whites for casual speech.)

Therefore the local police chief has been fired to placate the racists in the News Mafia. Then, Zimmerman’s wife has been arrested for “perjury.” (How many people have “perjured” themselves and had their crime passed over by prosecutors?) And, trust me, Zimmerman will be found guilty of “murdering St. Trayvon. You can be sure that the criminals running the News Mafia are already planning riots worst than when a jury defied them and acquitted those police officers during the Rodney King trial.


You heard about the man who attacked a man who was raping his 4-year-old daughter and killed him. Now he is being charged with murder. Why? Because the Liberals, News Mafia and all the evil people running our country want to teach us not to resist evil. They fear anyone who resists evil because it would be resisting them so they always punish anyone who defends himself. Resist evil!

Fight On!

In 2003 11-year-old Elizabeth Johnson of Lafayette, Colorado was assigned an oral report by her teacher. She chose the life of Moses and the freeing of the slaves from Egypt. Bigoted school officials nixed the idea because it might “offend” someone of a different faith. But Elizabeth’s mother refused to give in and it was ruled that Elizabeth could turn in a written report but, in their never-ending attempt to curtail the freedom of speech, school officials forbade her to give her report orally. The Johnson’s attorney then contacted the school and informed them of a possible lawsuit if Elizabeth’s freedom of speech was violated. School officials caved to the legal pressure and allowed young Elizabeth her constitutional right to free speech. Fight on!

We Owe Our Enemies NOTHING!

We owe our murderous Muslim enemies nothing: not respect, mercy or life. Our Military should give every soldier a pack of bacon and have them put it in the mouth of every Muslim corpse.

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