January #69

Their Wish…

“We are not worried about death. We should die as Muslims. It does not matter whether we die today or tomorrow. The goal is martyrdom.” Mullah Mohammad Omar 10-18-01

…Is Our Command

“We are going to disrupt these people thru pre-emptive attack…We will deceive them. We will run psyops on them…At selected points and times, they will be killed suddenly, in significant numbers, and without warning. Tomahawk missiles, 2,000- pound laser-guided weapons dropped from B-2s or F-22s at very high altitude, remote-control booby-traps, blackmail, and at places…small groups of soldiers or SEALS will appear in total darkness… blow down the doors, and kill them at close range with automatic weapons and hand grenades…We will locate their training areas and surveil or mine them. We will isolate them from their families. We will try to dominate their communication function and alternately listen, jam, or spoof it. We will make their couriers disappear. If we can find out how they eat, or play, or receive rewards, or where they sleep… we will go there and kill them by surprise.” Retired U.S. Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey 10-19-01

Wicked Terrorist Threaten the U.S.

“We know where you live. Stop your actions now…:” If you do not stop, your homes will be firebombed…your children’s and grandchildren’s throats will be slit…” No, these were not words of Muslim “extremists” or “white racists.” These words were in a letter written to members of the Iowa Committee for the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America by environmentalists! Their offense? They were seeking to legalize mourning dove hunting! The News Industry failed to cover this story. Did they cover up this environmentalist hate crime to protect their allies in the animal rights movement? Or are they just inept?

Animal rightists are mentally ill. They are criminally insane and should be rounded up and institutionalized.

Humans: The REAL Endangered Species

While fighting a little 25-acre forest fire in Washington’s Okanogan National Forest on July 10, 2001, firefighters called for a helicopter to drop water to contain the blaze. The call was made at 5:30 AM. Bureaucrats whimpered and fretted over whether to make the drop because they might hurt some “endangered” bull trout in the Chewuch River. It was nine hours before the drop was approved. But by that time it was too late. The uncontained blaze had surged to 2,500 acres and overrun 14 firefighters, killing four of them. Two were girls aged 18 and 19. (Did you notice that the News Industry was not “outraged?”)

Manslaughter charges, as well as wrongful-death suits, should be brought against the officials who dallied and on any official who endangers humans due to their preference to protect the environment over humans..

Environmentalists are mentally ill and need to be institutionalized!

Why is the News Industry protecting Muslim terrorists from “bad press?”

Meeting the 7000

Judge Roy S. Moore

As circuit court judge of Etowah county, Alabama, Judge Moore made headlines by hanging the Ten Commandments in his courtroom. The Leftist ACLU and the God-hating News Industry went ballistic. Not only did they fail in trying to deprive Judge Moore of his right to display the Commandments but their media campaign backfired and got him elected Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Moore, a Christian, showed his gratitude to God by having a four foot tall, three foot square granite monument displaying the Ten Commandments in plain, King James English in the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building. Now the God-haters are afraid to try to get the monument removed.

The difference between Judge Moore and you may be that Judge Moore doesn’t care if the enemies of God hate him for fighting for the Lord.

Foreigners Slipping

J D. Powers.& Associates, among other things, ranks the build quality automobiles. Below are the rankings from surveys they did in May and October of 2001.

May 2001

  1. Toyota
  2. Honda
  3. Nissan
  4. General Motors
  5. DaimlerChrysler
  6. Volkswagon
  7. Ford Motor

October 2001

  1. Toyota
  2. Honda
  3. General Motors
  4. Nissan
  5. Ford Motor
  6. DaimlerChrysler
  7. Volkswagon

Only the Americans!

On January 17, 1991, seven B-52s flew from Barksdale AFB, LA to bomb Iraq in a mission that took 35 hours, the longest combat mission in history…until November, 2001, when six B2s flew from Whiteman, AFB, MO for a mission to Afghanistan that took over 44 hours. That’s almost two days flying!

“Arabs Are Not Welcome in this Country”

If I told you that statement was made by a Republican Congressman you’d be appalled. If it came from a Baptist preacher he would be assailed by all as a bigot. But this “bigoted, hateful, mean-spirited” statement was made by a Pakistani news journalist. And the fellow news journalist interviewing him never batted an eye! And now even you don’t care. You can only get mad at what the News Industry tells you to get mad about.

Fight On!

At 2 Am on the night of September 8, 1860, the side-wheeler, Lady Elgin, was rammed by the schooner, Augusta in a gale ten miles off the shore of Winnetka, WI. The Augusta sailed off leaving the 400 passengers of the Lady Elgin to the merciless storm. 287 drowned. Many of those who made it to shore lost their lives in the ten-foot waves dashing the shoreline. Several ministerial students from the Garrett Bible Institute and Northwestern University dove selflessly into the waves to drag survivors to safety. One of those students was Edward Spencer. Over and over Spencer dove into the icy waters to retrieve the helpless. After fifteen such trips, he could go no further. He literally dragged himself onto the shore and collapsed in exhaustion.

Then, above the roar of the storm, Spencer heard a desperate cry for help. An exhausted man was trying and failing to bring his drowning wife through the breakers. Spencer summoned his last ounce of strength and dragged himself back into the freezing waters and saved the couple. But it cost him his life and his dreams. The superhuman effort broke Spencer’s health and he lived the rest of his life as an invalid. But, laying on the shore that night, after bringing his last two survivors ashore, a semi-delirious Spencer called to no one in particular, “Did I do my best? Did I do my best?” Have you done your best? Fight On!

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