Letter #137

The Truly Abused Minority

There is a minority in our country who have been taken advantage of by all of us, robbed by our government and have no valid way to address their grievances. That group is the U. S. Military. They are sent all over the world to fight our wars and do so without complaining. Now the professional politicians in Congress have to choose between taking money away from the military or entitled dead-heads. If they cut the giveaways they face angry voters. But if they cut defense spending they don’t have a thing to worry about because the military vote never gets counted. Do you really believe a country that can walk on the moon can’t find a way to tabulate the votes of our military? Don’t kid yourself. Politicians don’t want the military being heard from so they’ll be free to pick their pockets to finance more vote-buying money giveaways.

It’s Called “Treason”

The personnel in the United States military are the finest our country has to offer. Their character and dedication are world famous. I believe President Obama is trying to drive these outstanding people out of our military to be replaced with “low-lifes” with no character. Why? Because such people are easily “bought” by favors. They make up the militaries of every Third- World nation and are always willing to back a dictator, which is this Muslim’s goal. Military personnel are now being asked directly if they would be willing to fire on American citizens. (This crowd won’t, the “low-lifes” will.)

Congress is just as guilty. They have cut military pensions, cut training and even want to close the commissaries where our fighters buy their groceries. Under Obama our Air Force will no longer be “mission capable.” Units stateside will be kept below combat readiness standards and only “brought up” to combat readiness when they deploy overseas. The Air Force has had to scrap it’s Red Flag training unit that made the American Air Force the finest in the world. Furthermore, the Air Force will have 45,000 fewer flying hours.

Our ground combat troops have been engaged in combat for 12 years. Our Air Force; for 23! They are overworked, underfunded, and called “potential terrorists” by the Liberals who have taken over the government. Chuck Hagel recently hosted a “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender” event where he praised such perverts and welcomed them in to (ruin) the military. The acting Air Force secretary is a homosexual. We will soon have a military that is incapable of winning a war but great at suppressing us. Exactly what the Kenyan wants!

Will They Remember?

If “push-comes-to-shove” what will our military do? Let’s hope they remember the care packages sent to them by common citizens who were total strangers while they were deployed, because of the love our people have for them. May they recall the homes that private citizens’ groups built for them while Obama’s thieves were stealing their benefits. Let’s hope they remember they swore to protect the Constitution, not the president. They said they would protect that great document from enemies “foreign and domestic.” Let’s hope they side with the common citizens against the tyrants of government. Because if they don’t…we’re toast!

The “What” House?

During the War of 1812 the President’s dwelling in Washington DC was burned by the British. It was later restored and whitewashed. Thus it became known as the “White House.” Before that it was known as the “President’s House.”

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

Meeting the 7000

Pastor Craig Foote

Bro. Foote pastors the Grace BC in Marrero, LA. At the beginning of 2011 his church covenanted to win 2011 people to Christ that year. They reached that goal on Nov. 19. At almost the same time number 2011 was being led to Christ, Pastor Foote was speaking to a young lady, trying to lead her to Christ,and a young man hit him in the back of the head with a baseball bat, knocked him unconscious & robbed him. Bro. Foote sustained a fractured skull, 14 brain contusions, brain bleeding & swelling. He spent six days in the hospital with his faithful church folks & Christians around the country praying for him. He was told he wouldn’t be recovered enough to return to the pulpit for 3-6 months…but he preached a tremendous message to his church on Christmas Day. Today Bro. Foote is back to his old self & pastoring his church. He has not let either his injuries nor any fear of this happening again stop him from fulfilling God’s call for his life! Don’t you feel blessed to be serving the Lord with someone like that!

Fight On!

Two illegal aliens, broke into the house of 50-year-old David O’Burien and mercilessly stabbed him to death. They robbed his house taking what they could, including a 45-caliber handgun. Then they left, seeking more plunder. They lighted on the Harrington home, empty except for little 11 year old, Patricia. The girl was upstair in her room when she heard the front door smashed open. At this point the story doesn’t go as you would think for two reasons: this was Montana, and Patricia had been a clay-shooting champion since she was nine. She ran to her father’s room and armed herself with his 12-gauge Mossberg shotgun. One criminal headed upstairs where Patricia was. The last thing he saw in this world when he appeared at the top of the stairs moments later was little Patricia crouching on one knee pointing her Daddy’s shotgun at him. She greeted this criminal with a load of buckshot which he tactfully stopped with his abdomen. He died. Then the second criminal ran to the steps to investigate what he had just heard. A really, really bad idea. He caught the next load of buckshot in his torso, staggered outside and died. A Montana crime wave had just come to an end. Fight on!

It’s OK Now!

Just after he took the presidency Barak Obama stole the money of the stockholders of General Motors Corp. & started his own company, General Motors Company. Somehow authorities forgot to arrest him for his crime. The GM CO. You hear about is not the GMC that brought you the small block V8, the ‘57 Chevy or the Corvette. That company no longer exists. Of course, when Obama stole the money of General Motors Corp. he also stole the product line so his GM Co. pretends to have its history as well as its money, buildings, emblem & dealerships. Now, GM Co. has voted in a woman CEO. That will make everything OK now. Being a woman she cannot be greedy or unfeeling like an evil man. We can all sleep better knowing this. In fact, she probably wears a “Dayglow Green” safety vest everywhere she goes to be both safe & politically correct.

Deserting a Sinking Ship

For the third year in a row, Obama’s GM Co. sold more cars to the Red Chinese than to the American capitalist dogs.

Also, in 2011, GM Co. abandoned the U.S. and moved its Research & Development to China. That means that future GM cars sold in the U.S. will be designed in China. Watch for more slanted headlights.

They NEVER Say “Thank You”

Our Liberal slave masters demand we drive more fuel efficient cars & drive less to save gas. Now, a filthy, liberal Democratic senator wants to raise gas taxes up to $1.00 per gallon because “…people are driving more fuel-efficient cars & driving less.” Typical, oppressive, unappreciative liberals!

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