Letter #133

It’s the Constitution, Stupid!

The United States of America is defined by the Constitution. The greatest power in the country is not the President (Would someone please tell “The Beast!”), Congress or the Supreme Court. Those three branches of our government get their power from the Constitution but they are not more powerful than the Constitution. If anyone in the country, including anyone occupying a position in one of these three offices, acts contrary to the edicts of the Constitution they have broken the Law of the Land and are subject to arrest.

Furthermore, no Law Enforcement Officer, member of the United States military or citizen has ever sworn to protect the PRESIDENCY or Congress. They have sworn to protect the Constitution (from the president if need be) because the Constitution is our country! Therefore, if this president or any member of Congress passes any edicts that violate the United States Constitution they have broken the law of the Land and are subject to arrest and restraint.

C, E & S

As any pastor can tell you, the Unholy Trinity; the News Media, public education and Hollywood, have taken a nation that was a God-fearing, church-attending country and turned it into a boozed up, immoral party- going nation that only attends church on Christmas & Easter. Among preachers, these are called “C & E” Christians. Well, America now has one more “day” when otherwise ungodly Americans feel compelled to show up at church to feel “holy.” The three big religious days are Christmas, Easter…and the day after the Shooting!

That’s right. Americans all crowd the churches the day after another mass shooting feeling holy and heartbroken and demanding “Where was God?” Well, where were they all the other Sundays of the year?! Out sleeping off last night’s party! That’s where. It seems God can fill the churches anytime He wants to!

I Am a “LEGAL Alien”

Having been born & raised in this country I have always held great ire for both illegal aliens and anyone who defends them. But, as of Nov. 6 of last year, my status has changed. I am a “Legal Alien.” An “alien” is someone who will die in a different country than he was born in. That’s me! I was born and raised in the United States of America but I will not die in the country I was born in! The nation I was born in no longer exists. It was invaded by people hostile to it who conquered and changed it into a dictatorship that forced its will on its citizens by might of the gun. For all I know I may die in the same town I was born in. In fact, maybe in the very same hospital. But it will be in a different country. I am a “Legal Alien.”

We’re Doomed by Fools

John Hancock said, “…God … rules the Armies of Heaven and without whose Blessing the best human Counsels are but foolishness…” Hancock was correct. Thus, the Democrats and the Republicans, the Conservatives and the Liberals are all “fools” because they seek success outside of the God of the Bible. Therefore, no matter what conclusions they come to as “cures” for national economic and moral woes they can only be so much foolishness. We are doomed as a nation because our future is in the hands of fools, no matter what political party or persuasion they belong to. Limbaugh can’t help anymore than Obama can! The “Blind” are confidently leading us into the future.

Meeting the 7000

Philip & Suzy Klevmoen

Bro. Klevmoen lives in Whitefish, Montana, and makes the very best Ten Commandment signs that I have ever seen. Look at the You Tube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrQuw9ipEOw to see what one Christian brother said about them but also to see the quality of the finished signs. I spoke with Brother Klevmoen and he has a real burden to get these out across the country. They really are seen all over the Kalispell/ Columbia Falls/ Whitefish area of Montana. There are several different styles. Some are magnetic and small enough to stick to the back bumper of your car but they go all the way up to 32 foot x 16 foot billboards.

If you’re interested, here’s Bro Klevmoen’s contact information:

Philip & Suzy Klevmoen, PO Box 5119, Whitefish, MT, 59937.
Or you can call: 405-257-5900 or 702-271-9288.

Only the Phones are “Smart”

We are in the age of “Smart Phones” that are operated by “Dumb People.” Since folks find new ways to exhibit their brainlessness with these devices I thought I’d offer a little “Smart Phone” etiquette.

1. “Name please?” – Why do people brainlessly text others and not give their name? No Sir! It is not because they think you already have their number in your phone. I’ve received texts from people I didn’t even know existed and who I finally asked, “Do you have a name?” I don’t know how many times I’ve told Kathy, “Well, Area Code 471 is praying for me!”

2. Turn it OFF! – There is no excuse for your phone being “On” in a church service. Don’t do the line about “First Responders.” What’s more tragic, someone dying in a fire because a phone was off or someone going to Hell forever because some proud bonehead quenched the Holy Spirit when his/her phone went off during the Invitation. No! I didn’t say, “Put it on ‘Vibrate’.” There is no call you’ll ever get that you need to know about it during church. If you insist on having a phone on during a service it’s because you are proud and love yourself far more than you love the Lord or His Church.

3. Tone it down – Don’t you love those mindless wonders who walk through airports or restaurants waving their arms and talking loudly… to the air?! These sick folks are so desperate for attention they will hide a phone deep in their ear and talk as loud as they can in public so people will notice them. I’d like to “notice” them with a ball-peen hammer!
Remember, Smart Phones are very handy tools but they don’t raise your IQ one degree!

Fight On!

On February 6, 2002, Eric LeMarque neglected to tell the friends he was snowboarding with at the Sierra Nevada Mammoth Mountain Resort that he was slipping out to seek fresh powder. He found it on the backside of Mammoth Mountain. Distracted by the great surface, LeMarque missed the trail leading back to the lodge. Following his instincts only led him farther into the backcountry until he was thoroughly lost. All he had with him was an MP3 player, some bubble gum, some wet matches, a dead cell phone, and his snowboard. He would be lost for seven days. During that time he would use his snowboard to scrape pine boughs off trees to sleep on. His diet was tree bark and melted snow. After about three days he thought to turn on his MP3 player to its radio setting. As he continued on, the signal grew weaker and he realized he had been traveling away from rescue. He turned and followed the signal as the station got clearer. Finally, as he struggled forward on his seventh day, he was spotted by a search party helicopter. They were looking for his body. Fight on!

Don’t Let Them Surprise You

Some morning you may awake & find your computer is dead, your smartphone doesn’t work and your car won’t start. In fact, anything with a computer chip has ceased to function! The “Powers That Be” have the ability to shut down anything with a computer chip. You should have a plan rehearsed with friends & family on how to communicate without modern electronic devices. What about traveling without a car? Have prearranged meeting places and plans-of-action in place before the “Dark Morning” comes.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

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