Letter #127

Droning On

Right after the fall of the Soviet Union I said the United States would start building the military of China. If you ever studied the military equipment of the USSR it was almost all ours. It was given to them to build a false “villain” to keep the people of the USA afraid. With the fall of the USSR the “fear mongers” needed to build new “villain.”

Go to YouTube and search “Chinese air weapons” and almost everything you see will be ours with the standard minor changes necessary to make it look original. The Chinese have a ”Predator” that looks just like ours. The front half of their “stealth” fighter is grafted straight from our F-22. But you can give them the physical specifications and they will still lack the necessary electronics. Enter the RQ-170.

We were first told the RQ-170 “crashed” in Iran. That was the original cover story. Then the electronics could be passed on to Russia and China with the people of the US thinking they had been destroyed. Then the pride of the Iranians messed things up and they showed it to the world…intact. The RQ-170 is not autonomous, meaning it doesn’t take off and land unassisted. (If it was they, Department of Defense, would still have to explain how the drone “knew” the location of an airfield in Iran!) It needs a “pilot” on the ground to fly it at takeoff and landing. That means it was controlled when it landed. Someone here gave the radio frequencies to the Iranians or landed the aircraft for them. Another example of the enemies here helping our enemies there.

Occupy What?

Those supposed “grassroots” protesters form the “Occupy Hell” movement are as real as Santa Claus. They claim to be upset with “greedy” millionaires. Ok. Ok. I believe them. So, when will we see “Occupy Hollywood” and “Occupy Pro Sports?” Other than those forced high visibility “We love helpless people” campaigns, does anybody see these two groups, “giving a little of it back?”

The “occupyers” are nothing but Bolsheviks who hate capitalism because, like most Americans, they let others program their thinking rather than think for themselves. Obama and his Keepers in the News Mafia are hoping the “Occupy” movement will turn into a new French Revolution that will make Obama our last president and our first dictator.

I Am Stumped

I try to be observant and raised my sons to be also. Since October I have noticed something on television which has me stumped. It started in October and has continued through, at least, the end of the year. The color purple is everywhere! Watch the ties on news, sports and weather announcers. Purple. But they also show up in advertisements. I recently saw a news interview with two women and a man. The man had on a purple shirt and tie and both women had on purple dresses. What does it mean? I don’t know. There are two things that I do know. I know that purple is the color espoused by homosexuals. Also, at the upper-level newsmen, etc., don’t choose their wardrobe, but they do on local levels.

If the INS had been doing its job of getting illegal aliens out of this country Barak Obama wouldn’t have been here in 2008 to steal the White House!

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

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