“It’s Up to You! Are You Up to It?” by Dr. Sam Gipp

Our nation corporately “ducked a bullet” in outcome of the Democrats’ post election attempt to steal the White House from the legitimate winner, George W. Bush. I have often said, “Bill Clinton is wicked. But Al Gore is evil.” I am not a “doomsayer” but I personally do not believe that our country could have survived four years of Al Gore after the eight we’ve had of Bedroom Bill. I believe we would have seen open, public oppression begin during the next four years if Gore’s thugs had managed to manufacture enough nonexistent votes to hand him the presidency. I can think of nothing more depressing than waking up every morning with Al Gore as the President.

There are a number of questions to be asked concerning God’s part in the 38 day drama:

Why did it happen?
Why did God allow Bush to win?
What now?
1. Why did it happen? I truly believe that God let the election hang for 38 days so He could observe what Christians would do. Would they plead with Him to spare the country or flippantly say, “Who cares”? I believe if God had allowed AL Gore to steal the White House it would have meant that He had given up on America. The fact that He didn’t means He hasn’t.

2. Why did God allow Bush to win? I also truly believe that George W. Bush is a good man and far more conservative than he is given credit for. I know. I know, Stupid! You voted for Harold Philips, or Beau Gritts or Micky Mouse or somebody REALLY conservative. That’s right. You were so stupid that you threw your vote away just so you could “make a statement.” And what was the statement you made? “Hey guys! Look how stuuuupid I am!” And if you were in Florida you were doubly stupid. I heard that a certain Christian college in Pensacola recommended that its faculty and student body vote for Harold Philips (Please understand. I am sure that Harold Philips is a good good man. But every vote for him was taken from George W. Bush and added to the vote count problem in Florida.) If they had all voted for George W. Bush it would have added about 5000 votes to Bush’s total and prevented any Democratic attempts at thievery.

If you made light of the election and discouraged Christians from voting you are irresponsible and your leadership is to be questioned. Shame on you for encouraging God’s people to give up on the greatest nation in history just because you haven’t got what it takes to fight for something good. How much of the grief we endured for 38 was the doing of someone who guarantees they’ll never lose…because they’ll never play! If you’ve opted out of the fight for this country you’re just a walking dead man. If you think there’s a better country, go live there.

3. What now? I told you, “I believe if God had allowed AL Gore to steal the White House it would have meant that He had given up on America. The fact that He didn’t means He hasn’t.” I think that means that WE JUST MAY HAVE A CHANCE AT SEEING A REVIVAL IN AMERICA! But if that is so then we obvious have only four years to work because that terrorist organization, the News Industry, is loading it assassin’s rifle and “Hurricane Hillary” is just around the corner. If we don’t “get right and get with it” in the next four years then we are going to get the president we really deserve in 2004 and you will find out that the life of the batteries in your remote are the least of your worries.

If your attitude is, “I love the Lord but if you think I’m going to forgo any pleasures for Him you can go take a hike.” So go ahead, exercise your “liberty”, dress like a streetwalker, sing your “praise choruses” and let your Bible lay around the house unread. Don’t live a separated life and whatever you do don’t openly resist the world. You won’t go to Hell…Hell will come to you in four years. And that’s not a very long time. (If you just said, “Who cares? The Lord will be back before the next four years is up.” Please put a plastic bag over your head and inhale!. You are a worthless jerk who uses a great Bible truth as an excuse to do nothing for God and hinder others.)

Are we going to “bring in the kingdom”? Of course not. A few glassy-eyed reconstructionists are taking care of that little job. But we can openly resist evil. We can publicly confront wrong doing by the world. We can rid our own lives of carnal influences. We can try to take back some of the ground that we’ve given to the devil and even fight for new ground. If we’ve got to be here let’s make it hard on the devil! (Please. We don’t shoot people and blow up abortion clinics because…because….well there must be a reason.)

Here is my suggestion. Why don’t you find an area where you can make the devil mad. (What’s the matter? More afraid of making the devil mad than you are of making God mad? You worship who you fear. If God can’t protect you from the devil while you serve Him He isn’t much of a God.)

The biggest hindrance to progress for Christians is that they are all afraid of making the devil’s crowd dislike them. Think about it. (Go ahead. Put down the remote, stop breathing through your mouth and try thinking without your TV.) Were the liberals worried about making you mad when they were trying to steal the election? (Two choices: “No” or “No.”) Have environmentalists made the advances they’ve made by being afraid of “offending” Christians? Do the homosexuals shudder at the thought that they’ve upset the normal people in the country. Hey Dummy! You can’t win victories without battles! And you can’t fight battles without making your enemy mad. If you were so busy stirring up trouble in your church you might find the time to “stir up trouble” in your community. What, you want them to “like” you? You idiot! They don’t like you. They will put the ones they “like” in the same gas chambers with the ones they don’t “like.”

Please, please, don’t claim your cowardice is “Christ-like.” You never found Jesus Christ shrink from a confrontation with His enemies. He smashed them right in the heart with the truth. Loudly. Un-apologetically. Just drop your “WWJD” bracelet in the trash and come out swinging.

Be prepared to stand alone. Too many idiots start fights just so they can be the next Lester Roloff. They write letters all over the country calling on Christians to come and take a “bold stand for Christ.” Look at it this way. If it’s right, do it. Don’t worry about the consequences.

So what area should you attack? That’s the easiest question all to answer. Get down on your knees and ask your Commander-in-Chief what you should do. God will not tell you to do anything illegal. Also, His personal campaign is one worth joining. Then be ready to spend of you time and money to engage the enemy. It may be PTA meetings or city council meeting or whatever. But jump in.

God has given us at least four more years. What are you going to do with your time? I hate wasting time. I want the time I’ve been allotted to count for something. Will yours?

I guess we’ll know in four years!

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