It’s Time For A “Holy War!”

My ire is up! I heard recently that Detroit is going to allow pagan Muslims to sound their “call to pray, (“Allah, please kill all Jews and Christians.”) publically. I am infuriated! We have all heard about the Muslim farce of “Jihad” which, as I’ve said before is a “Ji-hoke.” But I am personally declaring a real “Holy War.” of my own. Please feel free to join me.

First off, we do not kill, hurt, burn, destroy or break the law in any other way. Pagan Muslims do that and we are Christians which is far superior to their murderous pagan religion. But if you wish to join me here is what you can do.

A “war” is action, not “mental assent.” That means if all you do is say, “I agree with Gipp.” you are doing nothing. You are not at war you are simply appeasing yourself by pretending that agreeing makes you a part of it. If you are too gutless to act then put this essay down right now and go get a new cookie recipe and “bake for Jesus.”

If you are fed up enough with our nation being given to pagans while good Americans are being browbeat and bullied into doing nothing by the terrorists who run the News Mafia then here’s what to do:


I repeat, an attack is not mental agreement or sympathy for a cause. An attack is:

Aggressive – From now on I am going after every foreigner who looks Indian, Arab or otherwise. I am going to seek them out and give them a tract. IF every Christian did this imagine how many they would be getting. They might be impressed enough to look into the Gospel and you know some who are secretly seeking the truth will get saved. Each one that gets saved is eliminated from enemy ranks.

Gives No Ground – don’t be intimidated or bullied by anyone into stopping your action. Liberals are forever guilt-tripping Americans, (“Are you prejudice?” “Christians are just as bad.” “You’re supposed to tolerate other faiths.”) into being silent and doing nothing. Well, this is your country and it was founded to Christian (see the accompanying Letter From A Friend) and not Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist. Give no ground on that point.

If a phony Christian tries to pressure you into silence get in their face. Don’t be cowered by a gutless wimp who wants everyone to lay down and die as though that somehow makes them spiritual.

Seek Them Out – One of the most outstanding things about the U.S. military is that they are trained to attack even when outnumbered. When you see the enemy go after them. If they say, “I am a Muslim.” then say, But have you emigrated to this country?” “Yes.” “Then, according to the House Judiciary Committee you are supposed to abandon your old faith and come to Jesus Christ and become a Christian. Make no apology for this because…it’s the truth!

Use Your Superiority – Point out how inferior the country they left is. (If not, then why did they move here?) Point out the poverty, disease and crime. Regardless of the News Mafia’s never-ending charges of “Crime & poverty” concerning the USA it is still better then the best Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu country. Why should we want a “loser god” who couldn’t take care of the country that worship it when we have a Winner who has greatly blessed the United States.

Defy the News Mafia – Every time you hear another “news” story that points out Americans’ “intolerance say to yourself, “They are trying to suppress me into inaction.” Than go do something that the News Mafia would not approve of. I’ve always said, “If you don’t know what to do for God then go out and do something that will make the devil mad and you’ll probably be all right.”

Read Your Bible & Pray for Strength – You will feel the pressure to stop so you will need to be in your Bible to encourage yourself in the Lord. Pray for strength and guidance.

Don’t Be a Coward – Christians are talented at making their cowardice look “spiritual.” Don’t hide your cowardice behind cheeky, pseudo-spiritual statements like, “I just think we love them and pray for them.”, “I don’t believe God is in controversy.”, “Well, the devil’s already won so there’s no use in fighting, just give up.” If you’re too gutless to act, if your afraid of “offending” the enemies of God just go turn yourself in to the local dog food factory and have them grind you up since are obviously good for nothing else.

We’ve always said, “Fight them there or we’ll have to fight them here.” Well, we now have to fight them here. Your sons are across the sea fighting for this country. We owe it to them to fight here so the country they’re fighting for is here when they return.

If you happen to be in Detroit when the Muslim “Call to Prey (sic)” is sounded take it as a Christian “Call to Praise” and call out loud, “Jesus Christ is God! There is no God but the God of the Bible!” If anyone dares to say you’re not allowed to do that demand your own personal freedom of speech. Remember, you have Constitutional Rights also and demand them. If someone says you should tolerate other religion then demand they the person speaking tolerate your religion.

Verses to Ponder

Proverbs 29:18 – “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

What vision do you have for America? I’ll bet it’s the same one most cowardly Christians have, “The devil’s already won. No use in fighting.” Most Christian have made the fall of America into a doctrine and consider anyone who wants to fight for this country a heretic. If that’s how you feel then move to the country you think is superior to this one and fight for it. We’ll stay here and fight for this one.

Proverbs 29:25 – “The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.”

Quit being afraid of men. Quit being silent because you are afraid of how some God-hating liberal or some lazy, gutless Christian is going to react. Haven’t you let the fear of men stop you long enough? Someone once said, “All evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” We have made a doctrine of inaction and hatred for our own country.

I refuse to be intimidated by some “do-nothing” Christian. I would rather fight & fail than do nothing and succeed.

Proverbs 21:31 – “The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD.”

In all wars there are casualties. You may face arguments. You may have to take someone to court for denying your freedom of speech. (Nothing sends a “brave Christian soldier”into hiding like the thought of resistence or dispute.) But nothing can guarantee success or safety but the Lord.

Imagine this: The soldiers in Iraq call President Bush and complain, “Mr. President, we are trying to build our houses, put in our swimming pools and have our picnics but these wicked Iraqis keep causing us trouble. Please send someone here to stop them.” What do you think his answer would be?

How many Christians pray the same thing, “Lord, we are trying to build our houses, put in our swimming pools and have our picnics but these wicked people keep causing us trouble. Please send someone here to stop them.” That’s what He has us here for!

I am on the warpath! My intent is to win every imported pagan to Christ and preserve my country as the Christian nation the Founding Fathers intended. I couldn’t care less about your stupid pyramid on the dollar bill, or the number 13 or what you can’t find in Scripture. Any excuse will do when you’re too gutless to fight for your country.

Now, if you care to join me, go get some tracts! or find out where the nearest dog food plant is.

Who is like unto thee, O LORD, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?

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