It Might be Too Late

I love this country and have all my life. Even when I was lost I was a patriot. I never held any bad feeling for my country. I have prayed everyday for years for God to save it from the fate it deserves.

I know of many Christians who can hardly wait for God to judge and destroy America. My problem with that is twofold: one spiritual reason and one personal.

The spiritual reason: As Christians we are to affect the place where we are for the Lord. We send missionaries around the world to “affect” them for the Lord. OK, the United States is where I am! I’m supposed to affect it, not wish it destroyed. We are the salt of the earth, not the embalming fluid! Should a missionary want to finish his ministry in a country by saying, “I told’em off for yo, Lord. I’m glad you destroyed them!” Should you & I want to stand before the Lord so we can tell Him America fell on our watch? Wouldn’t you rather say, “I did all I could to save it.”? (God’s mercy on Nineveh shows that anything can happen when people repent of their sins.)

The personal reason: This one is very simple. I’m on this boat! I don’t want it to sink! I don’t like treading water! That may seem selfish but it’s true. I doubt you can disagree with those three sentences. Ah, but the “God, please destroy America!” all think that they are special, they are the truthtelling “Jeremiahs” of our day so they will be delivered from God’s judgement just like Jeremiah was.

Reality Check: There was only one Jeremiah. Not all the prophets in Israel were delivered from God’s judgement. Only Jeremiah.

But, regardless of all this I am grieved to say that America is most likely doomed for any number of reasons:

  1. The Democrats may never allow anyone to remove them from power. Armed resistance (I’m not saying I’m against it) will lead to a horrendous number of deaths and then the instability of civil war.
  2. We now have a generation that wants to party but not work. How will they get their party money without working. Simple, vote us into becoming a socialist nation.
  3. God may judge our country for the blood of 60 million abortions and rampant homosexuality.
  4. If our educational system is not totality redirected to teaching academics and patriotism then the students being turned into savage, sexual animals are going to make BLM & Antifa of 2020 look like Sunday School teachers. They will murder, rape and rob at will, without mercy or remorse.
  5. If society allows the sexual corruption of our children from “cradle to grave” there will be no moral fiber in succeeding generations to work, do right or make any positive moral decisions. America will be Sodom & Gomorrah.

What should you do? Well, if you are confident that God views you as a brave, daring & faithful “Jeremiah” do nothing. You have nothing to worry about. Just get ready to say, “I told you so.” a lot.

If you don’t have that confidence then clean up your life, get busy for the Lord and throw yourself at the Lord’s feet and beg His mercy. Maybe He will see fit to grant & preserve you through America’s fall and the greatest bloodbath the world has ever seen.

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