Is There Hope for America?

It is unfortunate that Bible believers always seem to want the wrath of God to fall on America. I believe this attitude is fostered by two things: a false sense of righteousness and the mistaken belief that, just because they uphold the King James Bible, God will exempt them from that judgment. A Marine DI once yelled at a Recruit who had whined that Basic Training was taking place in the rain, “Boot! It doesn’t rain ON Marines! It rains AROUND Marines!” I fear that most Bible believers think the judgment of God will fall “around” them rather than “on” them so they have never cared about saving our Country.

I tried for decades to help turn this country back to God, ever finding hope in the smallest changes. I fought for the survival of the United States (Does any doctor want to brag that his patient died while under his care?) until the “election” of Barak Obama. Why? Because I believed that our last chance to turn America around was under Geo Bush. I believed that if we Christians didn’t get serious about saving America God would give us the president we deserved. I fear we have him now. I now believe there is no hope of saving our Country. No, I’m not rejoicing in my heart about this. I am broken-hearted about it.

A few years ago I met Bro. Chuck Harding of Awake America ministries. Bro. Harding is still full of hope that the USA can be saved. He invited me to attend the 2015 Capitol Connection last mouth in Washington DC where I closed the conference out on Wednesday night. I didn’t go there with hope, but willing to find hope for America. Recorded below are my impressions from that meeting.

The first thing I discovered was that there are quite a few outspoken Christians in Congress. Many times when a politician speaks to Christians his handlers give him a biblical phrase to mindlessly repeat to fool the yokels that he’s OK. (“We have this treasure in earthen vessels…We have this treasure in earthen vessels…”) (“We’re supposed to be salt & light…We’re supposed to be salt & light…”) But every Congressman/woman who spoke to us gave a real testimony of having been saved. Most were too familiar with the Bible to have been simply coached by handlers:
1. Bill Johnson, Ohio – Bro. Johnson got saved when he was 5 years old in a Baptist church that picked him and his sister up on their bus route. We visited Con. Johnson in his office and his knowledge of the Bible was too great to have been a “quick study” for our benefit.

2. Daniel Webster, Florida – Was saved at the age of 11 when he was attending Sunday School. Of the Bible he said, “How can you go wrong when everything in there is Truth?”

3. Stephen Daines, Montana – Bro. Daines led us in “My Hope is Built on Nothing Less.” He called himself, “A great sinner saved by a great Saviour.”

4. Kathy McMorris Rogers, Washington – Sis. Rogers was saved at a young age and attended Liberty University. She heard Bro. David Gibbs speak years ago as a teenager and determined then to enter politics. She didn’t know that Bro. Gibbs was speaking at the Capitol Connection and was floored to find him there. She cried after she finished speaking and Bro. Harding had Bro. Gibbs pray for her.

5. Doug Collins, Georgia – Bro. Collins did a tour in Iraq in the military and was the pastor of a Southern Baptist church before going to Congress. He’s the only one who didn’t “speak” to us…he preached!

6. Bill Pitts, Pennsylvania – Bro. Pitts flew 116 combat missions in Vietnam.

7. Vicki Hartsler, Missouri – She got saved at age nine. In spite of being in Congress she lives on a working farm in Missouri.

This being said the question then arises, “Then why don’t they take a more militant stand in Congress?” Assumed answer: Because they’re compromising cowards! I find two reasons this may not be true. I am not defending them but trying to answer a valid question.

1. Maybe they are outspoken in Congress & we don’t know it. You can bet that the devil’s crowd (the News Mafia) is not going to reveal such a thing. They wouldn’t want to encourage them or us.

2. In order to live you need money. To get that money you need to do two things: get a job & keep that job. Now imagine if you finally landed a job but you had a chance of losing it every 2 or 6 years. That’s the simple fact-of-life these folks operate under.

Then I had this thought: “These folks face the devil’s crowd daily. They have to face Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi & a News Media that is ever trying to kill them. Many of our soldiers don’t have as much “face-time” with their enemies as do our Congressmen. Preachers don’t face the devil as openly or as frequently as these people do. Then I reasoned, “I pray for our military, don’t I? I pray for Law Enforcement Officers, don’t I? I pray for preachers, don’t I? Can’t I at least pray for these people?” Then my brain took me further into the equation: “When I see someone wearing a military uniform don’t I sometimes say, ‘Thank you’ to them to encourage them? Don’t I sometimes say, ‘Thank you’ to Law Enforcement Officers to encourage them? Don’t I contact preachers to encourage them?” The reasoning hit me! Then can’t I at least pray for those in Congress and then go further and contact them in hopes of encouraging them to take a correct stand?

The next question that arises is: “How do you justify praying for folks, some of which, take improper stands on biblical issues?” Well, let me ask you, the Reader a question. Do you ask God to protect and help our military? If you said “Yes” then you just admitted to asking God’s blessing on Muslims, Hindus, Catholics, Atheists…and Bo Bergdahl! So to prevent this do we quit praying for our military and abandon the good Christians who are serving? No! I have a simply “Prayer Disclaimer” I use whenever I pray for: the Military, Law Enforcement Officers and members of Congress. I say, “God please bless your friends and disarm your enemies.” That may seem simplistic but it covers the issue. Too many folks like to pray, “God kill so & so!” But if God simply disarms His enemies no one has to die and no one ends up in Hell.

One of the most amazing things I heard from these folks is that none of them claimed to be the “hope” of America’s survival. Everyone that mentioned America’s future said that if our country was going to be saved it would be through the Church, not Congress. Pretty humble statement for folks I took as thinking they were the answer to every problem!
So has attended the Capitol Connection changed my mind on whether or not America can be saved? No. Actually, I still think it’s hopeless. BUT, I saw the all-important word “connection” in the name. Bros. Chuck Harding & Mike Creed both said the purpose of the conference was to “connect” preachers & Christians to their Congressmen so that just maybe they can help them make good decisions. I think that’s great! The Capitol Connection was not just another patriotic meeting where we sang patriotic songs and bemoaned where the USA is unspiritual. Instead, rather than a “meeting”, it was a “mechanism” by which we Bible Believers can interact and influence our senators & representatives and help steer our country in a more biblical direction…and maybe that will save America.
I am not going to be a cheerleader for America and try to get you all excited about the possibility of revival. Nor am I going to try to guilt-trip you into getting onboard with Awake America. Do I have hope for America’s survival? No. But I am still willing to have hope and do believe that Awake America is the best “hope for that hope.”
I recommend that you do three things:

1. Pray for those in government as faithfully as you pray for our military.

2. Contact your senators & representatives and encourage them to do right. (A Congressman stated
just 10 phone calls about an issue influenced his decision making on that issue.

3. Consider attending Capitol Connection 2016 in DC. You will be moved by the experience!


  1. Eric Chang on April 17, 2021 at 5:18 am

    I don’t believe that there’s hope for America either, but you made some good points. Pray for your congressmen/women!

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