Is It Hopeless?

I must apologize to you folks. It is my desire to be a help to those who read these essays. I don’t want to rave about the newest “conspiracy” nor pontificate on how right I am as opposed to all those who might disagree with me. I want to write something that will encourage Christians to do a little more for the Lord than they are doing.

I think you have noticed that we now get “Bad News” at what seems like a 20-1 ratio. Everyday there is some new evil manifesting itself in our country which the powers that be not only refuse to stop but that they are boldly promoting. We are seeing the Bible prophecy that good will be called evil and evil will be called good fulfilled everyday. The two emotions I find rampant in our country are “depression” and “frustration.” I do not report this in a critical or condemning manner. It is simply the emotional state of most Americans as they watch our country being disassembled by those running it.

But much of the above is superficial, not systemic. When I examine my country I look beneath the surface see foundational damage (Ps. 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?) That may be unrepairable. Think! If you have a wooden table and it has a broken leg it can be fixed. “Broken” can be fixed. But if the wood is rotten it cannot be fixed. You cannot repair rot. I fear our nation is not “broken.” I fear it is rotten. If so, then there is no hope for it to be fixed. How did this happen?

In spite of the evil of the Democrats and the cowardice and treachery of the Republicans and the willing compliance of the News Industry, they were not the instruments of our rot. It has been the public education system. It has been decade upon decade of innocent public school children being brainwashed by this evil system that has destroyed our country. At one time public school taught Creation, the truths of scripture and patriotism. But at the pace of a relaxed snail this system has flooded our helpless children’s minds with evolution, ungodliness and perversion. Where the Bible taught selflessness and self-restraint the schools taught self-love and personal anarchy. Where the Bible taught integrity and morals our schools changed that to rationalism and every sexual perversion imaginable. (And some which were unimaginable!)

The generation being programmed by our public schools right now will graduate with no morals, no mercy and no remorse. They will know no math, no science, no history and no moral restraint. They will kill whoever their government programmers tell them to without compunction. Can they be saved? Of course. Can they be salvaged? Not likely. In fact, it is this government’s intent to replace them with those millions of fine folks who they’ve been bringing across the border. They would not be above arming them and telling them, “Go kill the white racists.”

Some patriots think they will stave off the Communists by posting pictures of them with their guns. If somehow the good guys could be about to defeat these Communists you can count on Biden asking China to send troops which they will gladly do. Sending even more than requested.

Once the America-haters take over they will go on a frenzy of destruction. Every national monument, everything of beauty, anything distinctly American will be destroyed and desecrated. Americans will learn the true definition of words like, “treachery,” “desperation” and “hopelessness.” We have never experienced these. Many overconfident conservatives will see their country, way of life and even the family horribly desecrated. (I know, you’re going to stop it.) Many loud-talking wannabe heroes will lose their spirit and become as defeated as those passive men who’ve been on their knees waiting for the muslim behind them to cut off their heads. I know that you are absolutely convinced that this can, or will, never happen. So many civilizations before ours died with the same vain confidence.

But it really doesn’t matter if we fall due to a civil war, loss of the dollar as world currency or are hit with another plandemic. The result will the same. Our country will cease to exist. The America you grew up in will forever disappear, existing only as a memory in your horrified mind.

What should we do? My Friends, I think “what we should do” we should have done a decade ago. We should have gotten right with God. We should have overthrown the Communist control of our education system, News Mafia and government. But most Americans were too busy enjoying life. Not even necessarily living immorally. They were rocking in their pretend churches, seeking every pleasure they could experience and busily filling up their “Bucket List.”

And now, anyone who wants to go back to the good-old-days of our pre-dictatorship thinks the Lord owes them the Blessed Hope as an emergency escape. They are rushing to the Bible to instill themselves with confidence that God may end up harshly judging wayward America…but He’ll spare them! Look! They even have a Book, Chapter & Verse to prove it! God has to keep His word, doesn’t He?!

I truly hope they’re right! But I fear most Americans, and way too many Christians, have been too busy “celebrating life ”than trying to honor God. The more vile Americans have sought every sensual pleasure our society now freely offers. The conservative Christians refuse to stoop to such things. But they still prefer to be at a party than at a church service. They will drink nothing stronger than Diet Coke and grill burgers and talk about the Bible. They will rest in the confidence they have that they “aren’t as bad as so-and-so.” Yet, while they talk some great convictions they feel they owe God nothing. Nothing! No change in their lifestyle. No money. No trips to church. Nothing. But He owes them divine intervention from the demonic plans of our satanic government.

Please do this! Please read Deuteronomy, chapter 28. It is a horrifying description of what God did to His chosen people when they chose instead to live like modern American Christians do now. In Romans 11:25 He speaks of the “fullness of the Gentiles.” I used to think that was a date on His divine calendar. Then I read Genesis 15:16, But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.

All of the debauchery, all of the transgender perversion, all of the child molestation that is being promoted and advanced around the world right now is being promoted and advanced by the Gentiles! Is the “fullness of the Gentiles” not a date on God’s divine calendar but, instead, a point at which God simply can’t stand their wickedness anymore?

All I can tell you is:

  1. Go to a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church every Sunday. You need to be preached to!
  2. Read a substantial amount of your Bible everyday
  3. Keep your sins confessed to the Lord.
  4. Throw yourself at His feet and beg Him to show you mercy if He drops the hammer on the USA.


  1. Dan Ferrell on July 14, 2023 at 5:00 pm

    Bullseye. And we need to memorize the Prayer in Daniel 9
    We are guilty. I Peter 4:17.
    We are not vigilant. And we were too busy building crowds and counting converts that true evangelism suffered.

    America is doomed without a Sovereign Divine Intervention.

  2. James Mlinar on November 14, 2023 at 7:55 pm

    How about:

    Read the King James throughout the day, everyday.
    Pray throughout the day, everyday.
    Strive to live a holy life.
    Spread the glorious gospel, everywhere.
    Go to a bible believing church every Sunday, if you can.

    That’s the Christian standard. That’s how we can turn this around.

  3. Glenn on December 15, 2023 at 3:36 pm

    Hi Dr Gipp,

    I recently attained your book on the KJV. Thank you for your work and this article. I would like to ask you a private question, but I can’t seem to locate your email?

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