“Is Hollywood ‘Christian?'” by Dr. Sam Gipp

Well, of course, you’re going to be insulted and cry “No!” as loud as you can. But that doesn’t change the truth. I ask again. “Is Hollywood ‘Christian’?” The reason I ask is the irrefutable presence of an underlying Christian tenant in Hollywood’s method of operation. That is this: They always take care of their own. What do I mean?

If Hollywood is anything it is an endless source of money. Americans, Christians included, run to pour as much of their earnings as they can into Hollywood’s movies and the products they spin off. Hollywood always has cash. Therefore, Hollywood is a great supporter of people of “like faith”. What? Did you think it took talent to act? No. The main requirement is to be a dyed-in-the-wool liberal! Think about it. There are countless aspiring actors and actresses trying to get Hollywood’s attention and yet they are passed over for sports figures and such who need a transfusion of cash.

I remember the film, The Longest Day, about the Normandy invasion of World War II. There were a slew of young liberals who weren’t actors but needed the money to live until their careers could get going. Red Buttons, Joey Bishop, Bobby Darren. None of them actors yet all placed in a movie as a sort of “working welfare”. Why did Hollywood do it. So that they could later become great forces in liberalizing the country. Did you really think that America hater Martin Sheen’s sons were put in the movies because of their acting ability? And do you remember the liberal darling, Brian Bosworth. With his purple hair, and earing, spouting the liberal gospel the Heisman Trophy winner bombed out big in pro football. But the liberals of Hollywood rushed out and rescued the social zero by plopping him into a film so he could have some money.

There are several things that are amazing about this:

Hollywood is quick to support a “fellow believer” to help their cause.
The recipients don’t always pan out, (Bosworth…less) but Hollywood doesn’t give up.
The recipients don’t always agree 100% with Hollywood.
Their cause is more important than their personal gain.
Now, take “Hollywood” out of the above four guidelines and replace it with “Christian.” Doesn’t it sound like the way we are supposed to treat our fellow Christians? Isn’t it odd that we who like to think of ourselves as superior to Hollywood don’t have as benevolent a spirit towards each other. Hollywood seems to have far more grace and dedication than we do when it comes to furthering their cause.

Here’s how we do it:

We are never quick to get behind or support a fellow believer.
If a missionary doesn’t pan out we ignore all the successes and through up our hands and proclaim, “It just doesn’t work!”
We humiliate missionaries with ridicules questionnaires and demand that they fellowship only with those that we approve of or we refuse to support them. Isn’t it sad that we quiz and question missionary candidates like they were criminals as though we were looking for an excuse not to support them. Isn’t sad that we demand adherents to our pet doctrines
All too often a pastor will act only in situations that he will benefit from rather than the cause of Christ.
Have you ever read a letter or proclamation from Hollywood telling its followers who they should and shouldn’t fellowship with? But how many times have you had that happen with fellow Christians? Isn’t it amazing that they act like dedicated Christians and we act like a bunch of vindictive heathen?!

We can postulate any number of theories as to why Christianity is lagging. Most will involve evil outside influences. All will have a certain amount of truth to them. But do you suppose it could be that, from pew to pulpit we simply can’t see anything or anyone as important as ourselves? That for some Christianity isn’t a “cause” but a vehicle they can use to reap much personal gain?

While Hollywood overlooks personal differences and promotes their agenda with all speed and support we bicker over pet doctrines and “Secondary Separation” issues. They are busy fighting us while we are busy fighting US!

Maybe we shouldn’t expect or demand 100% agreement with each other. (I am not talking “ecumenicism”.) Maybe we should help and support each other to further Christ’s cause rather than our own. Maybe we should allow our friends to be “wrong” in some areas if they can accomplish something for Christ that we ourselves can’t. Maybe we should act like we believe what we preach!

If we really believed that we are here to influence the world for Christ we might quit judging everything’s importance by how it effects our own trivial agenda. We might be more benevolent to our brethren. Who knows, we might even act more like Hollywood and less like “Hellywood.” Isn’t it sad that we are being outdone in Christian love by one of the most ungodly crowds on earth!

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