“Is Colored Skin ‘Thinner’ Than White Skin?” by Dr. Sam Gipp

It seems that everywhere you turn someone with skin color other than white (OTW) is offended and upset about something. And their anger is always aimed at the perceived prejudice, bigotry and evil of white folks. Nineteen olive-skinned Arabs cold-bloodedly murdered almost 3,000 helpless people (not all white) on Sept.11, 2001 and by the end of the week every white person in America was being guilt-tripped by the News Industry so that they wouldn’t “offend” any of the murderers’ relatives.

Twenty-year old blacks are whining about how they’ve been injured by “the white man’s slavery” even while they cruise the streets in BMW’s and Lexus’s. Now they want white folks to pay them for the “horrors” of slavery. Even if they’ve only immigrated since the Civil War and none of their relatives were ever slaves.

Indians are somehow offended that someone named a football team after them. There’s a football team called the “Cowboys” yet none of the cowboys I know are offended by it. There’s a college football team named “The Fighting Deacons.” Now I know some deacons that are really fighters, yet none of them are running around with their thumbs in their mouths crying, “Unfair!”

It’s also implied that by now the indians (I don’t capitalize it so as to offend some liberal somewhere who might read this. Ya gotta do what ya can!) would have established a great (environmentally friendly) civilization if only those “white guys” hadn’t messed things up. (I mean, “Today the beaded belt. Tomorrow the world!”)

We checked into a motel run by an Eastern indian. The room was filthy and depressing. I nicely asked for my money back to leave. The indian woman behind the counter murmured, “Sometimes the color of the skin makes a difference.” Hey, Stupid! If the color of her skin had made a difference I wouldn’t have checked in in the first place!

The News Industry has even invented an entire race that does not exist. It’s called, “Hispanic.” What is a “Hispanic”? The first answer that comes to mind is, “Someone who speaks Spanish.” But no! Why? Because white Spaniards born in Spain, where the language came from, aren’t included in the definition. So what is a “Hispanic”? Any non-white Spanish speaking person who the News Industry has a hope of filling with hatred against Whites to help destroy this nation! And, like the Palestinians, you can bet that the only value the News Industry sees in these people is the destruction they can cause when riled up. They couldn’t care less about any perceived “plight.”

In New Zealand the whites never took one square foot of territory from the natives, the Maoris. They purchased any land they wanted and for years the two peoples lived peaceably with each other. That was, until American television arrived. Now the Maoris have taken to walking and talking like the television stereotype ghetto blacks in America. They are constantly complaining about the abuse they’ve suffered at the hands of whites. Someone has poisoned their minds! I wonder who it was?

I would say that people OTW wear their color on their sleeves, but no, they seem to wear no sleeves at all so that they can be more quickly offended. Everywhere you turn someone OTW is offended and slighted and it is always the fault of white people. Yet white folks get discriminated against constantly and never whine or moan. We just go happily about our business. Is colored skin “thinner” than white skin?

Although you might expect me to conclude “Yes,” my answer is a firm, unequivocal “No!” What? How can these people whine and moan about such ridiculous “offenses” and not be thin-skinned? Nope. People OTW are not thinner skinned than whites. They are simply targeted more intently by the greatest terrorist organization in the world, the News Industry, than white folks are.
Well, try thinking without a remote in your hand once! If you’re white, and you really believe in “Global Warming” or fear that we are running out of either room or trees on this planet it is simply because the News Industry told you to think that. As usual, you put your brain in neutral, turned on some “educational” program and were indeed “programmed” what to think. And then you expect people OTW not to be influenced by what their television tells them!

The News Industry is the greatest “spreader of discord” in America. They constantly bombard people OTW with story after story of how they have been and are being wronged by whites. America has been called “the Melting Pot” of nations. It has been the goal of the News Industry, entertainment industry and public education to “unmelt” this pot. They do everything within their power to set the races in this nation against each other. And, of course, their favorite “whipping boys” are the whites since they have had the most to do with the founding of this nation. Thus, people OTW are always mad and spiteful towards whites. And they actually think that their indignation is self-generated rather than News Industry instigated.

Of course, their hatred and prejudice is not only defended by the News Industry but encouraged. We are never allowed to forget the “horrors” of slavery and the innate prejudice that only white people seem to be able to be guilty of. I remember a wonderful Black Christian lady in one of my meetings who stood up and said, “Thank God for slavery. If it wasn’t for slavery my people would never have been brought over here and I could never have heard about Jesus Christ.” Would the News Industry like to imply that all Blacks in this nation would be better off if they were back in Africa having some Black tin-horn dictator (like News Industry appointed Robert Mugumbe , of “Zimbabwe.”) put a car tire around their neck and set it on fire? (Gee. As awful as that act is, it must have originated in the mind of a white person because people OTW would never think of such a thing)! Every “Martin Luther King Day” (doesn’t that div id=”essay_heading” make you sick?) I will guarantee that you will hear the News Industry start off a “news” story like this: “Great strides have been made to eliminate racial prejudice in the country over the years, but experts says there is still much work to do…” Well, of course, there’s “still much work to do”! If the News Industry ever reported, “Enough has been done.” they’d lose the hammer with which they are attempting to demolish this nation. The liberals in the News Industry are professional agitators who will never report that racial prejudice is past.

Well, I am going to quote a line from the News Industry and mean it from the bottom of my heart, “People of color in America have been the focus of prejudice and unequal treatment in this country for decades.” Now I will add “the rest of the story.” “And the source of this great injustice is the News Industry.” The News Industry, and other liberal propaganda mills have focused their hatred at people OTW because they think these people are stupid and not worthy of fair and equal treatment.

Has it worked? Well, 98% of the Blacks in this country voted for Al Gore because their News Industry masters instructed them to. But don’t blame the Blacks! How many of you remember being “mad” at George Bush senior in 1992 and five minutes after the election couldn’t even remember why? Oh yeah! You’re a real “free-thinker!”

As you read this the News Industry is planning the verbal assassination of our President. Watch the hatred they spew between now and Nov. 2004. And watch how many times they hook you. And then you’ll go and criticize Blacks for being susceptible to News Industry propaganda!

The next time you hear a “news” journalist reporting another story of white injustice to people OTW say this to yourself. “This person will not be happy until they have Whites and Blacks shooting each other in the streets. That’s their goal.” Nobody spreads hatred like Ted Turner’s Thugs and the three major liberal “News Sewers.”

If you’re black, brown, red, yellow, or any shade in between, shame on you if you let them lead you around by your color. If you’re white, shame on you for being so gullible as to think you aren’t as gullible as someone with a darker skin color than yours.

Anyone, anytime, who parrots any viewpoint espoused by the News Industry is a non-thinking slave. No matter what color their skin is!

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