Is Al Gore a “Monster?” by Dr. Sam Gipp

Webster defines a “monster” as: “a threatening force, an animal of strange or terrifying shape, a person of unnatural or extreme ugliness, deformity, wickedness or cruelty.”

So what do we have in Al Gore? We have a definite foreigner. He was raised in this country but didn’t recognize a bust of Thomas Jefferson or one of George Washington. You would think that a politician would have at least said, “Hey. Isn’t that the guy on a twenty dollar bill?” But if you’re raised rich and used checks and credit cards I guess you might miss that.

At last year’s Whitehouse Christmas he was shown on nationwide TV randomly opening and closing his mouth in a vain attempt to mouth the words to “Hark The Herold Angels Sing”. How can a man grow up in America and not be familiar with that song?

But is he a “monster”? In his political manifesto, Earth In The Balance Gore condemns Christianity for overthrowing a peaceful, earth-loving religion that centered around a female deity. Is he a threat to Christianity? Will he force more earth worship on us if appointed President by the News Industry this November?

He also advocates higher gasoline taxes and a CAFE rating up from 27.7 mpg to 45 mpg. That is designed to put us all in Geos. But wait! The agenda of this News Industry shielded candidate gets worse. It gets very scary. Al Gore wants the total elimination of the internal combustion engine by 2017. That would eliminate the auto industry, trucking industry, railroads, small aircraft industry, recreational related industries, lawn mowers, farm equipment and heavy construction equipment. Just to name a few. Not only would about 100 million people be put out of work directly but all the related and supply industries would shut down.

This is not a scare tactic. This is Al Gore’s desire as stated in his tirade against mankind, Earth In The Balance. Al Gore wants to do to the nation what our impeached president, Darth Clinton, has done to the military. Destroy it. (That makes him a “monster”.) Why does this foreigner want to destroy our country.

First, like all environmentalists he is mentally ill. He hates mankind and hates America. Any pain, suffering or destruction he can reek on this enemy is seen as “good” in his eyes. Just like his environmental partners in crime. (Remember! The murderer revered by the press as the Unibomber had an annotated, ear marked, worn out copy of Gore’s radical environmental Earth In The Balance in his mountain “bunker.” (I just had to call it that!) Al Gore sees America as an enemy that needs to be destroyed. He realizes like all of our enemies that we are too big and too strong to be bombed into destruction. He also realizes that the way to destroy America is to eliminate her ability to produce. That’s why the Monster signed the Kyoto Treaty which is designed to stop the progress of American industry and destroy our economy.

Second, also part of Al Gore’s (and the News Industry) plan is a One World government. I have said it over and over. “A strong America is a detriment to a one world government.” The desire of the Liberals, whether in Hollywood, New York or Washington D.C., is to merge the economies of the world into one. It’s like merging gears in a transmission. Both gears must be going the same rate of speed or they grind and will not merge. If Gore and his News Mafia masters are going to merge the U.S. economy together with those of the third world then both economies are goes to have to be moving at the same speed. Try as they may they haven’t been able to accelerate the slumping world economy. So, they will have to legislate America to third world financial status. The only way to do this is through the mass destruction of our industrial base. Monster Gore intends to do just that if elected in November. And every gutless Christian who has given up and given in and doesn’t vote is helping the devil’s man.

Like it or not this country was founded on the Bible. (Another reason why Gore, the News Industry and environmentalists despise it.) Patrick Henry said, “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ.” I’ve heard many Bible believers voice disdain for America. Then get out! Go to Europe if you think it’s better. Go to Asia. No. You’d rather sit here and eat your hamburgers, watch TV and then, like a rabid dog, bite the hand that feeds you. (Did you say, “God feeds me. Not America.” Then go have Him feed you in some other country if you think it’s better than this one!)

The easiest way to keep from losing a fight is to not get into it. More than one Christian coward realizes this. Rather than fight what they fear is a losing battle they would rather play dead or sometimes even root for the devil’s side. If you root for the devil and his desires I know whose side you’re on. If you say, “It’s just no use. We’ve lost.” Then please finish dying quickly so as not to waste precious food and air. Some of us plan on taking this thing to the wire. We plan of accosting the Throne regularly and swimming against the stream…past all the dead Christian “fish” who have surrendered to their cowardice and hopelessness.

This nation has done more for God than any nation in history. If it is condemned for “starting with a rebellion” then it was the best rebellion in history. It has taken the gospel to the ends of the earth. Now it is at the mercy of men like Bill Clinton, Al Gore and the News Mafia because some Christians want it dead as badly as they do. God has not written America off yet. How do I know? Because you’re still able to read this! Once He drops the ax it will not be “business as usual”. That means there’s still something to fight for to God’s glory.

If and when this country goes down to the Al Gores will you be able to say you did all you could to stop it? No! We don’t use guns and bombs and threats. That’s Gore’s crowd. But you can write letters, argue with people and resist. You can even clean up your life. Jesus Christ used nothing stronger than His words to change the world. Quit causing trouble for your pastor and be a problem to the devil. Quit hurting your church and hurt the enemies of Christ. If you’re going to make someone dislike you. Make it someone from the devil’s crowd.

Al Gore is a monster who threatens your very existence. Again, we do not do physical harm to people. But if you’re going to spend your life, intoxicated with television and with your head buried in the sand you are his best friend! Why don’t you put up some resistance to the direction the News Industry wants you to go? Why don’t you abandon you hero worship of movie stars and sports figures and get into a scrap for “God & country”? Why don’t you go make the devil mad?!

Or you can just go microwave some more popcorn, sit on the couch and “watch the game.”

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