In “god/government” We Trust

Having come under the spell of public education, Hollywood and the News Mafia, Americans have slowly been weaned away from turning to their Creator for help. Rather than submit to an all-powerful Creator, Who may then demand to control our lives, Americans have been taught to trust “god/government.” What is “god/government?” That is a government that has taken over the job of being our God. Today in America if you feel you’ve been mistreated (discriminated against) then, don’t pray to God, “pray” (dial a government agency) and report it and your benevolent “god/government” will come and make it right and even punish your offender. Don’t have a job but you need money? Don’t pray to your Creator. Call a “god/government” agency and they’ll send you a check. Everything God used to do for us we now look to our great socialistic “god/government” to do for us…and this god will let us live however we want! It has even come to the point that when a hurricane hits a major city its citizens, long addicted to “god/government”, grow angry because their god didn’t have foreknowledge of how bad it was going to be and how to keep anyone from being inconvenienced.

But, there is a downside to this socialistic paradise. All gods demand worship! So now, our newly empowered and ever growing “god/government” is stretching it muscles and demanding our obedience to its “commandments.” Most people understand the concept of fair taxation. We pay taxes (tithe?) and those taxes are used to fix our highways and defend our nation. But now our “god/government” has decreed moral judgments; ie. “Smoking is bad, I will force you to stop it.”, “Abortion is good, I will force you to accept it.” Of late our “father” has decreed that we must use our seat belts or one of his badge-wearing, gun-slinging “ministers” will force us to!

But now it gets scary. Everybody has heard of “Smokey the Bear,” “Woodsy the Owl,” and “McGruff the Crime Dog.” All of the above are positive cartoon characters created by our “god/government” to encourage us to pursue a positive course. But now our “god” has introduced “The Energy Hog.” A vile looking pig dressed like a gang member with a sinister expression (remarkably similar to Hellary Clinton). This “obnoxious individual” doesn’t care about wasting “our” energy. Now, for the first time our “god” is presenting a villain, a threat to society. Remember now, this is a “god” who sees nothing wrong with homosexuality, murdering helpless unborn babies or immorality. But “waste” energy! Now, someone driving a Hummer H2 will be open to public, GOVERNMENT APPROVED scorn. Has this ever been done before. Yes, in Rwanda, before the rebels began murdering their enemies they referred to them as “cockroaches.” And, of course, in Nazi Germany the Jews were referred to as “rats” before their homes were raided and looted and they were carted off to concentration camps and death.

Our “god/government” is there to provide for us from cradle-to-grave so we need to be “forced” to worship it. This god has now defined “good people” as those who are “world conscious” and want to be good citizens of the world and “bad people” as those who aren’t “world conscious” and don’t want to be good citizens of the world. Our “god/government” has given us “heaven,” ie. the Super Bowl, Internet porn, free drugs in school and money to all who don’t wish to work. Now, I fear, it is about to give us “hell.”

Maybe it’s time to get down on your knees to the real God, ask His forgiveness for making your belly your god, for only ever thinking of pleasing your self and repent. Maybe it’s time to let Him know that He is going to be your only God. It will upset our “god/government” but then, who cares if you’re plugged into real Power?!

William Penn warned us, “Those people who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.”

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