“I’m Not Very Smart” by Dr. Sam Gipp

We all like to think that we are above average in intelligence and that we have an accurate and correct understanding of the things that go on around us. Unfortunately, we all have to come to grips with the sad fact that there really are people out there who are one up on us in both intellect and understanding. Embarrassing as it is I have had to come to that concussion concerning the News Industry and me. I am forced to admit that those millionaires running the News Industry are much smarter than I am. I know this is true because whatever I find myself naturally concluding about the godless terror attack on our country I discover to be completely wrong when I check it against what the News Industry is reporting. I will give several examples.

When I see everyday, common citizens in Afghanistan destroying the old U. S. embassy I think, “All Muslims hate us.” But then I tune in to any news broadcast and hear that the Muslims are a “peace loving” people. (True! They all wanted a piece of that embassy.)

Next I hear how anyone trying to enter the moderate Muslim country of Saudi Arabia with a Bible has it shredded by Saudi customs agents at the gate. I immediately think, “These people are disrespectful of private property and other people’s religions.”

Then I hear that there is not one church in Saudi Arabia and the specter of a church-state appears in my little brain. But when I tune in the news I see that none of things is even worth a story.

I read that Muslims in India throw acid in t he faces of non-Muslin women who aren’t dressed in Muslims garb. Now they say they’re instead going to kill them. I think, “This religion is a blood-thirsty, vicious religion. Why do we allow them in our country where they can do the same to our women?” But then those trust worthy folks from the news networks let me know that there is actually something wrong with me if I even think that Muslims are wrong for such wicked acts. Boy, I’m glad I have them to straighten out my nasty tendency toward prejudice against criminals who do such things.

I am intimidated by this all-knowing, all-loving News Industry by the threat that my fears may even be “hate crimes.” (God forbid!) Yet I remember an atheist boy who said he hated Christians and then shot 14 of them while they were innocently praying and the News Industry never condemned him for hate a crime. I remember hearing about a helpless teenage girl at Columbine High School who was murdered because she answered “Yes.” to “Do you believe in God?” Yet the all-wise News Industry could not see any evidence of any hate crime there. Well, they are smarter than me so somehow I guess there was no hate crime. Even though, to us less intelligent, it would seem the News Industry hates Christianity as much as these murderers did.

I do see a news blurb that 56 Muslim nations are meeting together to deal with a joint war on the United States. But immediately following that I am assured by the all-knowing News Industry that we are not at war with all Muslims, just “extremists.”

Next I am forced to ponder the days immediately following the murder of all those helpless people in the World Trade Center. Before the smoke cleared the News Industry was right there defending the Muslims and saying that they weren’t in favor of it. They even ran out and gathered a few lame condemnations of it by Muslims clerics. Well, I guess that proves that Islam isn’t our enemy. But then my ignorance tries to confuse me and I start thinking, “If they’re really against acts of terrorism why don’t these clerics declare that no one who commits such an act will go to Heaven and have 70 virgins waiting for him.” (In fact, I wonder what kind of a people it is whose idea of “heaven” is nothing but a sex orgy?) It strikes me that if these murderers were told by their own “holy men” that they would instead go straight to Hell, like those on the hijacked flights did, that they may not feel as motivated to prove their bravery by murdering unarmed women and children. But then I realize that most certainly those highly intelligent people running the News Industry have surely had the same thought. But they’ve never mentioned it over the air. Why? Well, it must be that in their superior wisdom they don’t believe it would spare any Americans’ lives. Because, certainly, if they could they would do all they could to help their country. Wouldn’t they? Patriots that they are. I mean, look, Dan Rather even cried!

But one of the most amazing things is how I watched as thousands of Americans died in the collapse of those towers, killed by Middle Eastern Muslims. And I think, “If I was Muslim I would be standing in front of every TV camera I could and tell the American people how ashamed I felt by the actions of my countrymen.” But instead I see them, arms crossed, foot tapping, demanding an apology from us, THE VICTIMS for even thinking of being upset with them. Yes, I see the all-wise News Industry using it’s full force to guilt-trip every American into being ashamed instead for what these terrorists did. I mean, I am so ignorant that I start thinking that the News Industry in an unseen alliance with the murders who would destroy our nation, our families and our way of life. But that couldn’t be true. That would be treason. Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw and Ted Turner could never be guilty of treason. Could they?

I find myself wanting to answer the question, “Why would these people do this to a nation which has helped so many, including their countries?” In my ignorance what I want to conclude is that all Muslims seek all countries to be Muslims countries. European Christianity is their adversary. They hate it.. Then I see that they would naturally hate us because, as a Christian nation, we would be the greatest obstacle to their goal of world conquest. (Like Hitler wanted.) In this context their attacks make sense and our enemy is easy to identify. Then I see the News Industry bending over backwards to defend them and guilt-trip freedom loving Americans and I start to think, “Gee, maybe the News Industry hates European Christianity too. Maybe that’s why they are taking these cold-blooded murderers’ side? They want to see the fall of Christianity in this country as bad as the Muslims do.” But no. That could never be true. That would make the News Industry as much an enemy to America as the Muslims were. Nope! Can’t be. What we really need is less bigotry, legalized homosexual marriages, gun confiscation, more abortion clinics, closed churches and a more multi-cultural society. Personally I abhor these things. But this seems to be what the News Industry promotes and I have to remind myself that they are smarter than I am.

In fact, the only reason I wrote this is to let you know that, in the future, anything I say that sounds critical of the Muslims or the all-knowing News Industry is coming from my wealth of ignorance. It’s not a hate crime. I’m just not as smart as they are. What’s really sad is that what I write is just as protected under the First Amendment as what the News Industry writes or reports. Ah yes! Protected ignorance! Only in America! Ignorance really is bliss!

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