How Watergate Destroyed the United States

The Watergate break-in is old history now. Unfortunately, we all think the worst thing that was done was the violation of Democratic headquarters. Nope, the worst thing that happened was the Liberals in the News Mafia increased their power over American society tenfold. They attacked Nixon like rabid dogs and succeeded in forcing him from office. But before they did this they realized they would be installing a man who was even more conservative politically into the White House, Vice-president Spiro Agnew. So, before they could assassinate Nixon they assassinated Agnew and replaced him with limp-wristed Gerald Ford. With Agnew out of the way, they were free to murder our President in public view and we were powerless to stop it. The News Mafia now had the power to destroy those it wanted to. Even a president was not safe.

But, that wasn’t enough power for the Liberals who had kidnapped our “free press” and were holding it hostage to their advancement. They wanted the power to create. The election of Bill Clinton was the first time the News Mafia was able to place a president in the White House. They did this by making people “mad” at George H. W. Bush. Many people who voted for Clinton were interviewed right outside the polls and asked why they voted for Clinton. “Because I was mad at Bush.” was the retort. When asked why they were “mad” at Bush many couldn’t recall why. Remember! The criminals running the News Mafia only have to control you for one second, the time it takes to vote, after that they don’t care if you regret your action.

When Clinton was due to leave the White House the News Mafia set their sights on placing “Evil Al” Gore in his place. I distinctly remember how obvious it was that the News Media had anointed George W. Bush to be the Republican candidate. ‘Why,’ I wondered? Why would the News Mafia promote a man who was way too conservative for them? Bless his heart, the poor man meant well but said the stupidest things! i.e. “This is where wings take dream!” They knew that all the American people would have to do is listen to him talk and then they would never vote him in, thus making Gore a shoe-in. That is why they went into raging hysterics when their candidate got beat. Not only had their anointed one lost but they had created a monster, President George W. Bush.

When the next election rolled around they vowed never to allow a conservative candidate a chance to win again. They set their sights on anointing the most liberal Republican breathing, John McCain. Years earlier McCain was involved in the great Saving & Loan scandal that should have landed him in prison. Instead, the News Mafia covered for him and let him walk. I told my wife way back then that the News Mafia did that so someday they would have a “safe” liberal candidate to run against their choice to serve as a backup winner if their man lost. That is exactly what took place in 2008.

Early in the primary race McCain’s campaign faltered and ran out of money but somehow it miraculously survived and he became the nominee. Now, no matter who won the 2008 contest, the News Mafia would have their guy in the White House; liberal John McCain, or Communist Barak Obama. Then to ensure the election of the Communist they assisted in voter fraud as never before seen in this country.

Democrats went out weeks before the election, registered van loads of winos and then took them straight to the closed polling places to vote. The News Mafia covered for them during this criminal action and even claimed “early voting” was common in our country. Nothing of the sort was true. We all grew up hearing on the morning of Election Day, “The polls are now open.” Before the Democratic/News Mafia scam of 2008, there were never any votes cast prior to the opening of the polls except for absentee ballots. But, Americans were too busy being intoxicated by “reality TV” to pay any attention to the stealing of a presidential election which took place right before their television-blood-shot eyes!

The 2012 election was a mere repeat of the new and now permanent format. The republicans dutifully nominated a candidate that nobody wanted, the Democrats harvested votes weeks before the polls opened and Americans sat at home, glassy-eyed and drooling as they watched another mesmerizing episode of “Cupcake Wars”, “Acne Wars” or “Braindead Wars.” If zombies are dead people who are desperate to get a brain, I am afraid the television has turned the majority of Americans into the real thing!

Television news used the Watergate scandal to elevate itself to godhood in America. Now, Americans who would never darken the door of a church go to “worship service” every time they sit down in front of their TV, just as someone should do in church:

1. They give their undivided attention to what is preached.

2. They believe whatever they are being told without question.

3. They accept as morally true whatever their TV declares. They practice religiously the dictates of their god. If their TV says using a particular word is bad they are willing to alter their personal glossary of words. If their TV commands them that they must pretend homosexuals are normal, with the fear of divine (TV) retribution, they embrace a sinful lifestyle that they personally hate but have been bullied into accepting. If their TV commands them to hate a certain group (like… “The Rich”) they blindly grab their torches & pitchforks and join the angry mob of fellow TV-drugged rioters bent on getting “their fair share.”

Because of the Watergate scandal television now holds absolute sway over the minds of 90 % of American minds. Let me repeat that. Because of the Watergate scandal television now holds absolute sway over the decision-making process of 90 % of American minds. Americans no longer think things out, they simply consult their god (TV) and ask for its moral guidance and then accept it from one of the most immoral, biased, hateful sources on the planet. Then they obediently, mindlessly carry out the orders they receive.

Do you think you could break the hold television has on you? I know. I know. You just said that TV doesn’t have a hold on you. (…and every alcoholic says they can stop drinking anytime they want to!) Do you have a program you “just can’t miss?” Do you look up to an entertainer? Do you feel you need what some TV program portrayed as valuable?
Why don’t you try this? If you have a favorite TV program skip it for two weeks in a row. Remember, it’s just imaginary people in imaginary situations so not seeing it won’t affect your life at all. Do you have an entertainer you admire? Imagine meeting them, as I’m sure you have many times before. Now, invite them to your church! Would you feel embarrassed? Are you afraid they wouldn’t like it? Do you fear the rejection of a pagan (or Christian) entertainer more than the rejection of your pastor? Imagine sitting down with your favorite athlete and discussing the King James Bible. Are you afraid they might think you’re a bit “overboard?”

The spiritual power the New Media, in particular, and your television, in general, has garnered from the Watergate debacle has transformed the television into the morality-declaring god of America. Is your television your god also? Does it set your standards and decide the course of your life?

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