How to Clean Up the News Media Cesspool

People have a perception that the News Industry is dedicated to preserving our freedom. They think this because the News Industry has told us that lie for years. We are told that telling the truth is foremost in their desires, yet the TRUTH is that nothing could be farther from the truth. The News Industry is a giant, powerful, political machine that desires to eliminate the freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution and replace them with a Liberal (Leftist) dictatorship. History is filled with the lies and misinformation they have published to achieve their quest for power. Yet, since they are the ones reporting the news, it is just about impossible to gain access to any stories that expose them because they suppress all bad press.

But every now and then their vile nature is too visible and they are forced to (briefly) report it before sweeping it under the rug and diverting our minuscule attention spans elsewhere. Following are just a few of the fraudulent acts the News Industry has pulled off over the years.

In the 1890s Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst manufactured stories to sell newspapers. (No wonder they named the “Pulitzer Prize” after Joseph Pulitzer. It is awarded to the news journalist who is best at “Pulitzering” the wool over our eyes every year!)
In the 1930s The New York Times communist reporter, Walter Duranty, withheld the fact that Stalin murdered over 8,000,000 people in the Ukraine. (Way back then The New York Times had already been taken over by Reds, as it still is today.)
The Times also fabricated a story in 1964 about “The Blood Brothers”, a fictional group of 400 blacks trained to kill and maim white people. They did this to create and spread fear. This is called terrorism. It’s a crime for anyone else to do this. (I have always said that the News Industry is the greatest terrorist organization in the world.)
In 1972 The San Francisco Examiner published a series on the secret travels around Red China of Bob Patterson. Patterson was later forced to admit that he had never even left his hotel room.
In 1976 New York Magazine published a story about a disco dancer name “Vincent.” This story inspired the movie, “Saturday Night Fever.” “Vincent” didn’t exist. The story was made up out of thin air.
In 1980 Washington Post reporter, Janet Cooke, won the Pulitzer Prize for a gripping story about Jimmy, an 8 year old heroin addict. Like “Vincent”, “Jimmy” didn’t exist. Cooke, knowing how to wring a tear from the eyes of her readers, made it all up. (Since Joseph Pulitzer was a liar, maybe the real reason for winning the prize named for him is who tells the best lies!)
In 1983 the German magazine, Stern, published diaries of Adolf Hitler which were later exposed as fraudulent. (If not a case of willful misinformation, it is at least a testimony to the News Industry’s unreliability.)
In 1997 Newsweak (sic) magazine editor, Maynard Parker, knew that Joe Klein, a Newsweak reporter, was the author of the anonymous book, Primary Colors, but pretended he didn’t in his articles he wrote about it. Apparently, news journalists have no compunction about lying about anything.
In the 1990s, Ruth Shalit, writing for The New Republic admitted to plagiarizing and fabricating “facts” in articles she wrote.
In 1998, Stephen Glass, writing for The New Republic, fabricated portions of 27 different articles he wrote. (Fairy tales sell well in News Industry offices!)
In 1998 Washington Globe “reporter”, Patricia Smith, was fired for inventing imaginary characters and dialogue for her stories.
In 1998, Washington Globe “reporter”, Mike Barnicle, resigned when it came out that he had reported false sources for stories he wrote.
In 2003 New York Times “reporter” (inventor?) Jayson Blair was fired for plagiarizing and false reporting.
(Information from Newsweek, May 26, 2003.)

These are the people you believe when you hear them on the evening news?

If there was a scandal of this magnitude in the Republican Party would it be treated so softly by the Press?

Years ago they were called “reporters” because their job was to “report” what had happened. They reported the news. But as the leftists completed their take-over of all news rooms they changed to the term “News journalist” because they knew they weren’t reporting anything! The News Industry is now controlled by a mere 10% of our country. The liberal 10%. When you hear about polls that say 10% of Americans don’t believe in God… that 10% IS the News Industry! Now, they are just cheap, political hacks who have a socialist agenda and view every story as to how it will help or hurt that agenda. That’s why you will never read about the crimes of homosexuals. The News Industry is the #1 pusher of this perverted lifestyle and they will report nothing that might curtail its advance. They still refuse to admit that guns save millions of lives every year because they want your guns taken away. (When your guns have been confiscated by the same people who enforce “Seatbelt safety”, the elite in the News Industry will all still have them.)

The News Industry is determined to strip you of your constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech through intimidation, “Hate crime” laws and “political correctness.” They will bully or politically destroy anyone who stands in the way of their political goals.

What should be done? The answer is simple. Any effort to reform or curtail the News Industry’s bias will be met with cries of “Freedom of the Press” and “Censure!” So, all that needs to be done is for the government to allow the News Industry to print or say anything they want. But, every news source should undergo a rating system that declares the source to be “Left Wing”, “Right Wing” or “Neutral.” Magazines which are leftist would have a red border around their cover. (Time magazine apparently already follows this format.) “Rightist” publications would have a blue border. “Neutral” sources would have a green border. That way, when people read another story vilifying our President, they could look at the cover of what they’re reading and they would say, “Oh, of course they feel that way, they’re leftists.” That way the News Industry’s leftist trash could still be published but it would no longer be purported to be objective truth. The Common Man would realize it is just the ranting of cheap, freedom-hating leftists. It would no longer carry the weight that the Truth does.

It would take a brave Congressman to chance the News Industry wrath to purpose such a thing. I wonder if he’s listening?

Never forget! The New Media hates you, hates your family, hates your country.

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