How They Did It

In the last few years we have watched in confusion as men’s earrings, tattoos and vampires have literally taken over our nation seemingly overnight, without warning. How did the World pull this off without us seeing it coming? The fact is, we did see it. We watched it happening for fifty years. This “heathenization” of our nation was a three step process.

Phase 1: This introduced heathen music, morals and dress into our culture.

Phase 2: This brought men’s earrings, tattoos, branding and perverted entertainment.

Phase 3: This is in the future. It will bring the loss of civilized benefits; public water, power, sewer, honest police & military, tribalism, mob rule and “righteous” vengeance as a way of life.

Right now America has a huge civilized infrastructure that was built and maintained by the character that Christianity instills in its followers. But today this system is run by American pagans. It is only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down and reforms as Third-World tribalism like that found in Somalia. This will happen over a period of days and weeks. Then, rural areas will be ruled by tribalism and force while urban areas are run by corrupt political dictators and shock troops. How did this come about?

When Christianity entered Europe centuries ago it displaced tribalism with nationalism and developed what is known today as “European Society,” which left feudalism behind and spawned modern civilization. Suddenly, Satan, who had been worshipped through paganism was dethroned and replaced by the God of creation. It was devastating to his plan of world rule. But, Europe could go no further when it ran into residual paganism so God crossed the Atlantic and, as he had developed the nation of Israel within Egypt, developed an entirely new nation in the wilderness of America. Because of these two protected developments, Israel and the United States are the only two nations in the world that have no pagan history.

From its beginning our country was built through the Christian character introduced into Americans via preaching and having the Bible as an integral part of our educational system. The normal heathenism found in man was displaced by the virtue and dedication to God instilled by the Bible. While other nations remained primitive, the freedom of thought and blessing of God caused America to pass them up in inventions and innovations. Early settlers got off the same type of sailing ships the world had been using for 2000 years, yet within just 200 years we had huge nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. The settlers of 1776 plowed their fields with the same plows their ancient ancestors had used, yet today we have huge, 1,000 horsepower, articulated tractors producing ten times the yield of those settlers.

Our national Christian character led us to share these benefits with the world. We got electric lights and shared them with the world. We used ballots rather than bullets to change our government and the world followed suit. We shared our medical blessings with pagan nations. The world now began to benefit from the fruits of Christianity but mistook it as the fruits of America; democracy, human rights, and free speech were mistakenly (or intentionally through News Mafia misinformation) attributed to “democracy” rather than God and Christianity.

Just as we knowingly serve the Lord God there are those who knowingly serve Satan. Christian America; moral, clean and founded on the Bible, stood smack in the way of Satan’s plans for the world. It would have to be eliminated. It was a Monotheistic Republic and both had to go! Since the nation was Christian, it would have to be “heathenized” before Satan could replace God. The Bible-oriented message of both the classrooms and pulpits would have to be replaced with the Satan-oriented message of paganism.

How they did it – Phase 1:

1. America’s first teachers were preachers who taught the “3Rs” and biblical values.

2. These were replaced by “public” schools with professional teachers who taught the same as above.

3. Communism & Socialism were constructed as alternatives to our Republican form of government.

4. Communists & Socialists were installed as professors in colleges and universities to train the next generation of public school teachers to replace biblical values with the heathen/pagan values of environmentalism, homosexuality and one-world government. These teachers ushered in the “New Morality” and socialism. They taught Secular Humanism: “compassion” without Christ and “charity” without caring. In 1963 God was removed from public education. In ‘64 the Rock & Roll music of the “British Invasion” addicted American teens to the desires of their flesh.

How they did it – Phase 2:

By 1985-90 we had a generation which for 25 years had had no biblical input. The influence preachers had enjoyed over our society had been handed off to God-hating teachers, entertainers and News Mafia reporters.

The elimination of the Bible from our society led to a spiritual vacuum within every American. All Satan had to do was “present” earrings, tattoos and vampires and they were “sucked” into the spiritual vacancy within every American. Virtually overnight these pagan practices swept into Americans like smoke into a vacuum. Life was now dedicated to pleasure rather than glorifying the Creator. Like all pagans, Americans now have been converted to sensual, sex-obsessed perverts who still, through the pagan religion of earth-worship, found a way to see themselves as righteous.

Today, every American under 50 years old has been raised with that same spiritual void within them. This is due to the fact that there has been no Bible teaching in our public schools for that period of time. Also, the denominational seminaries have fallen to the same fate as secular universities with the same result. We are now a nation of pagans profiting from the remnants of our historic Christian founding.

How they did it – Phase 3:

I do not know what the “trigger” will be that instantly evaporates the cohesion of our threatened society. Those who have brought us to this perilous point are wiser in their evil that I am. I do not see what it will take. But when it happens the last remnant of our Christian founding, our societal infrastructure, will dissolve like sugar in water. Since most people under 50 will have the inner strength provided by a Bible upbringing, they will instantly be converted outwardly to the heathen they have been for years inwardly. They will be driven by violent selfishness. The welfare of no one else will matter to them. Then the guns will come out as they go hunting inside their neighbor’s houses for anything that will sustain them, and Heaven help the fool who tries to stop them!

With this breakdown will come a cessation of reliable water, sewer and electrical services. Bribes and muscle will rule the day and the nights will be pure horror…until a guy shows up in Europe who says he can make everything OK if the people will simply…and they will do whatever he says!

America may be beyond saving and being saved and having a King James Bible won’t guarantee food, safety or survival. Suddenly, vampires won’t be so important! It’s time to draw close to the Lord!


  1. Rick Graff on May 4, 2019 at 7:19 am

    Thanks Sam, always enjoy reading your “insight” into history be it secular or biblical! Is it too simple to recognize that the trigger will be the rapture of the church? The wheels most certainly will come off on this earth (not just the USA) after that blessed event!!! Love ya brother! Godspeed, Brother Rick Graff Galatians 6:14

  2. Howard Hunter on September 3, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    Well spoken Bro Gipp…

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