How I Know “Global Warming” Is A Lie

The Humanists are a proud bunch. Never to be stopped or even delayed in bringing in their “Brave New World.” They are proud of their accomplishments and even prouder of their future plans. They like to brag on the way in which they never let a “challenge” get them down. Whether it is splitting the atom, finding a cure for smallpox, defeating a fascist regime, or going to the moon, they never let the magnitude of any obstacle deter them or cause them tto fret.

Even now they are talking about setting up colonies on the lunar poles and mining water from lunar rocks in -200 degree temperatures like it’s just a trip around the block. Build a space station? Travel to Mars? No Problem! Yet when faced with the ogre of “Global Warming,” these same brave souls turn into quivering masses of flesh, paralyzed by the immensity of this “threat.” There is no hope! “We’re all going to die!” “The world is going to end!” “The sky is falling!”

If the Humanists ofthe world really believed that the world was getting warmer, they would look at it–not as a threat–but as a mere “bump” in the road that they would be certain they would overcome. Instead, they all panic and call for more control over industry. (?)

Think about this. If “Global Warming” is true, then think about the positive affects would have on the world:

1. There would be more land with moderate climate for all those people who are “overpopulating” the earth to live on. (Overpopulation problem solved)

2. There would be more fresh water available for irrigating desert lands. (Food Shortage solved)

3. More arable land to grow crops. (Food Shortage solved)

4. Milder winters. (Heat fuel shortage solved)

5. Milder winters. (Less sickness)

6. More Ultra Violet rays getting to earth. (UV kills some bacteria)

7. Longer summers, longer tourist seasons. (More national income)

If the Humanists really believed the world was getting warmer, they would be telling us not to be alarmed because “Man will rise to the occasion!” Instead, they huddle in the corner like terrified mice. Why? Because they want Americans to huddle in the corner like terrified mice so they can gain more power over us. Humanists hate America.

I have said it time and time again. The goal of environmentalism and animal rightism is not to “save the earth.” Their goal is to destroy the American economy. Why? Because a strong America is a detriment to a One World government! That’s why over 160 nations were exempted from the environmental restrictions placed on the U.S. at Kyoto, Japan. The nations with the dirtiest air were exempted while stricter regulations were imposed on America–the nation that has done the most to clean up its environment.

Remember the Gulf War? (The one to liberate Kuwait, not the one Clinton wants to fight to get our attention off of Monica.) Remember when Saddam Hussein poured raw crude oil into the Persian Gulf and then set over two hundred oil wells on fire? Where was the indignant outcry of environmentalism against Hussein? Nowhere! Why? Because he wasn’t an American! Because Iraq isn’t America!

So here are men who are optimistic about finding a cure for AIDS. Men who talk about manned flight to Jupiter as though it were plausible. Yet “Global Warming”? They can’t think of anything positive to say. They can see no hope whatsoever. That’s because they see it as an opportunity to place greater restrictions on your freedoms and a tool to push America into poverty.

Me? I’m going to pretend that “Global Warming” is true for a moment.

I look forward to seeing vast corn fields in northern Canada and Siberia. I look forward to the additional rainfall from “the greenhouse” (tremble, please) turning our deserts into lush, fertile plains where new cities will spring up to take in the “overflow” from the “growing population”. I look forward to it being warmer the year round, to the new citrus groves in Ohio and the rest of the Midwest. I look forward to the auto and aircraft industries expanding to supply transportation for the expanded populations in our northernmost regions. And I really look forward to San Francisco being underwater!

Do you see? Do you see how easy it would be to put a positive spin on this so-called “Global Warming” if they really wanted to? But they don’t do it. Do they? No. Because they have other plans–sinister plans for you, your family, and your country.

So if you really believe in “Global Warming,” then you should lighten up a little! It really won’t be the disaster that you’ve been told it will be. You’ll soon be sipping iced tea by the pool in your new retirement community in balmy North Dakota while your investments in corn production in the Northwest Territories continue to bring you more income. You’ll be watching some loony “earth scientist” on TV trying to warn you of “Global Cooling” due to “increased greenhouse gases.” (Like they tried in the ’70’s.)

You just have to realize that these people are mentally ill, and the sooner we put them away, the sooner we can get on to “This bold new challenge facing us.”

We don’t have a problem with “Global Warming.” We have a problem with the loonies that are claiming that it’s bad. I know that there is a shortage of asylums to put them in. But we can build more. In fact, why don’t we build them in Alaska?! It might be a little cold for a few more years, but in no time at all they’ll be enjoying the view of tropical Alaska from their “rubber room” windows. Then they’ll see how wrong they were to bother us with their foolish worries about such a wonderful blessing as “Global Warming!”

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