How Americans Were Taught to Hate America

The first word in the name of our country, the United States of America, is “United.” The defining description of our country has always been “A Melting Pot” before it was falsely redefined by the News Mafia & public education as “A Multi-cultural Society.” People came to this country, abandoned their allegiance to their country of origin and reveled in the privilege of being an “American.”

One of the oldest strategies in warfare is known as “Divide & Conquer.” Before you attack your enemy you use tactics to destroy their spiritual unity. That way they won’t feel any duty to defend their fellow citizens with whom they disagree. Americans have been assailed by this strategy for decades via public schools, Hollywood & the News Mafia. Our society has been broken into specialty culture groups that are then taught they have a right to hate America. Special “hate-privileged” groups such as women, Blacks, Indians, Hispanics (What are those? Spanish speakers? No, because people from Spain, where the language comes from are never included in the group. It’s a non-existent group that TV manipulates through hatred) and now even Muslims are taught they have a right to hate both America and Americans.

The target group to be hated is easy to identify by “back-tracking” the hate instructions issued by The Unholy Trinity mentioned above. Let’s see…women are instructed to hate someone. Who could that be? Blacks are told their hatred for Whites is both justified and virtuous. So, we have White men targeted for hate. Then Indians, oh yes, hate White, male PIONEERS who built this country. Then, there’s anyone evil enough to speak English. And the most amazing transformation has been turning cold-blooded Muslim murderers into “victims of Americans’ racial prejudice…and the News Mafia has succeeded. How many people watch another Muslim murderer but fear to say anything against the News Mafia’s proclaimed “religion of peace.” (Or “pieces.”)

So white, Christian, men who speak English & have a “Get’er done” attitude are free to be hated because the News Mafia, public schools & Hollywood hate them and encourage everyone else to as well. Yep, that’s exactly how the professional hate-mongers at the aforementioned “hate generating stations” have framed it. And that’s how it’s been working in this country for decades.

Did you just say, “Amen!”? Do you think you have been left out of the plan?

If conservative, Americans make one mistake consistently it is that they simply cannot believe that the evil people who run this country can be smarter than them. We think we cannot be fooled, misled or outmaneuvered. Which is why it happens all the time. Which is why many conservative Americans now obediently “hate” their country while truly believing that they love it. Don’t believe you’re susceptible to having your emotions manipulated? You might be surprised.

For conservative Americans, The Unholy Trinity used a different tact but still the tried-‘n-true “Divide & Conquer” strategy. They trained conservatives to hate America one piece at a time. They were
taught to hate little parts of the United States until little-by-little there would be no love left for the nation as a whole. Don’t think so? What do you think of:

1. American cars
2. Fast food
3. America is a great polluter
4. English
5. “Walmartians”
6. Our drinking water
7. Our Interstate highways
8. Our “chemical packed” diet
9. Our oil companies

I’m sure you haven’t been critical of everything on the above list, (and there are other things that could have been included) but I believe you have probably been roped in on a few.

There are constant news stories “informing” Americans on some new corruption in our country. What one American doesn’t bite on another does. Take the case of “Walmartians.” The Internet is full of pictures of weirdly dressed people shopping at Walmart. The inference is that…the company that saves you the most money when you shop…somehow is a low-life bastian. Then, instead of appreciating Walmart for saving you money, you look down your newly “snobified” nose at one of the last profitable businesses. (Maybe that’s why Walmart has been targeted.) Now, turn off your TV, set down the remote and try thinking! Do you really believe those very low-class people dress normally all the time but just dress that way to go to Walmart? Better yet, do you really believe they used to dress nicely but became Walmart shoppers and that caused them to dress that way? Don’t you think it is more likely that the low standards of dress at their public school and the low standard of “style” taught to them by the TV is the real reason they dress that way?

Or do you hate Walmart for the other reason… “Walmart takes jobs from local businesses!” Go ahead, scream the propaganda placed in your head by your trust-worthy TV. You claim to love America and yet hate something which is, in fact, very American.

What about fast food. Which reason do you accept to hate it? “It isn’t nutritional.”, “It’s just assembly line food.”, “It isn’t clean.”, “They don’t pay enough.” or whatever other words your television has put in your head and your mouth.

Americans…good Americans have been programmed to hate this country a piece at a time. So, when it comes time to defend it, either verbally or physically, they feel ashamed, almost like compromising, to do so. The country that has been good to us all will die unloved and undefended by those it blessed. And we will feel righteous for doing nothing to help it.

Don’t worry, I have no hope of turning you or anyone else around. Americans are hypnotized and captivated by their televisions and they are certainly not going to alter the programming of their god because of what one Preacher says.
Most Americans, Christians, would rather be disloyal to their God and their country than to defy the teachings of their TV sets. “American Idol” and “Storage Wars” has garnered more loyalty than either God or the United States. That’s not about to change now when almost all Americans are taking TV intravenously. The country’s about to fall but…the party is still going on so they are dedicated to enjoying it as long as they can. Who knows, maybe you’ll put on your leopard-skinned tights, pink silk top, Day-Glo green tennis shoes and a marching band helmet and go buy more party supplies…at Walmart?

If we ever believed 2 Chronicles 7:14 was true we all thought it applied to the errors of someone else anyway. So enjoy the party on the Titanic as it sinks while you curse it all the way to the bottom!

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