He’s Not The White Man’s God

Black Muslims reject Jesus Christ because He’s the “White Man’s God.” Consequently, they then choose “Allah”, the Arab’s god. So now they run around wearing little beanies on their heads and praising “Allah”, as though they had somehow escaped the “tyranny” of the “evil” White Man. Of course, they were commanded to think this by a school or college teacher or by Hollywood. You see, Blacks don’t think any more than Whites do. (And that is racial equality!)

Jesus Christ isn’t the “White Man’s God.” White men are just as pagan, just as heathen as Black men. (How’s that for “racial equality?!) Before Christianity swept through Europe white men worshipped trees and rocks and rivers just like blacks! The white man’s god is just as pagan, and worthless, as the black, or red, or yellow man’s god.

The difference is that white men knew a good thing when they saw it. (Or heard it.) Once they heard about Jesus Christ it was obvious to them that the God of the Bible, the God of Creation, was superior to the god/s they had been worshipping. Therefore, instead of whining about a “proud heritage” of paganism, they correctly abandoned their inferior god for The Superior Creator. He wasn’t the “White Man’s God” at all. In fact, He was the Jews’ God. Nor were Whites “smarter” than Indians and Blacks. Blacks in the South, slaves that they were, wisely abandoned the inferior gods of their forefathers and turned to the God of Creation. Had the Indians been so wise they would have been much better for it.

It is only in recent years that the return to heathenism, disguised as a return to a lost “proud heritage,” has been hailed as a positive thing.

Higher education despises the God of Creation. Hollywood despises the God of Creation. The New Mafia despises the God of Creation. They have been working together for years in a concerted effort to turn all Americans back to the inferior gods of their ancestors. They directed Blacks away from the “God of the White Man” and steered him towards the Arabs’ god. (Any god will do as long at it isn’t the God of the Bible.) Then they patted the “Poor Indians” on the head, consoled them about the abuses they’ve suffered at the hands of “Christian” white men, and steered them back to the god that can’t help them today anymore than he helped their ancestors two centuries ago. The overwhelmingly hilarious thing about this is that the very people who are guiding unthinking Blacks & Indians are White Men! They didn’t really have the “White Man’s god” before, but they do now! Just when they had hooked up to a Winner, the God of the Bible, they had Him stolen from their minds and hearts by the very people they claim have been short-changing them for centuries. It looks like Blacks and Indians (and queers and “liberated” women) will never win because they’re being led by the very people they claim have been hurting them for years. They’re right!

Finally, colleges have converted white men into pagan environmentalists and animal worshippers. Now we find college graduates proudly declaring “I’m a pagan” and smiling smugly as though that was an intelligent thing to say. (There’re even a few “intellectually lightweight” Christians who parrot these causes. But what do you expect from people who have a “brain” that has a 25″ screen?)
As long as Blacks, Indians & Co. use their television to form all their thoughts they are doomed. They will never stand up for themselves. They will be forever shackled to the “Loser” gods of their, and our, ancestors. The only thing they will be able to produce is hatred and, of course, that will be directed at those deserving “Evil” white folks. And somewhere…somewhere their White puppeteers are laughing their heads off at their success.

What should you do? I would suggest throwing away this letter, getting drunk and gluing your comatose brain to your television screen. You do have the brainpower to form an original thought but probably abandoned that process the day after you bought the electronic god that is leading you. Furthermore, if you ever manage to “see” the truth you probably lack the guts to try to do anything about it. Of course, you’ll piously hide your cowardice behind a high-sounding statement like, “I’m not trying to bring in the Kingdom,” or “It’s the devil’s world anyway, let him have it.”

OR, you could try to find a way to upset the devil’s plans just because he’s the enemy of your God and just because you refuse to lay down and play dead. I have often said, “If you don’t know what to do for God, then think of something that would make the devil mad and do that!” In some cases just the act of “thinking” would scare him. (If all of your “causes” came to you right after you watched a TV special, it is a sure sign your brain is in neutral.) The choice is yours.

Maybe you should just go watch another “educational” program on your trustworthy television.

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