Has the Judgement Begun?

If ye forsake the LORD, and serve strange gods, then he will turn and do you hurt,
and consume you, after that he hath done you good. Joshua 24:20

You know I’m not quick to decry the death of America. But if you read your Bible you know that God didn’t just drop judgement on Israel out of the sky like He did Sodom & Gomorrah. He started small to give them a chance to repent. Israel’s enemies experienced military victories and Israel’s sphere of influence began to shrink. Sometimes Israel realized what was wrong and got right and God would withdraw His hand until they wandered off again.

Finally, after repeated cycles and an unrepentant heart on the part of Israel, God judged them. It was bloody, babies had their brains dashed out and women were ravaged. I know there are self-righteous air-brained Christians who think they will be spared the horror if God judges this country but are you willing to bet your children or grandchildren on it?

We have always suffered natural disasters but take a look at what has been happening in our country of late. We had the “Mother of all Hurricanes” destroy New Orleans two weeks before they had their “Decadence” celebration. We have had the most extreme fires in California while the other end of the nation was underwater. Meanwhile God shut the rain off for some portions. Then He sprinkled in a massive number of tornadoes… in February!

While this has been going on we are in our seventeenth year of war in the Mideast. We cannot be successful if we cannot tell these people that their god is the problem. But, the brains of Americans have been pickled by the News Mafia and are forbidden to even think about the God of the Bible let alone declare Him as superior.

Of course, then there’s Dr. Spock’s unspanked, unrestrained generations who go down to their school or local mall and blow everybody they can away. Try thinking! Spock said that spanking made kids bad, not spanking them would make them good. So…where are his children?! They are killing each other and us. Or they are teachers who molest their students. They are people with no rules and no restraint. (Can you say “Britney.”)

Meanwhile, the attention of Americans has been turned away from reality and directed by their TV set to sex, sports and partying. Anything Americans see as a threat to their fun is met with hostility.

Now we are about to vote in a Liberal President. Whether it’s Hellary, McCain or the Muslim, it will be a Liberal.

Barring an act of God I have given up on the election. I can understand a bunch of greedy, power-hungry Democrats offering us Clinton and Obama, but if the gutless, and just as greedy and power-hungry Republicans give us no more choice than another Liberal in a different wrapper then there is no hope of getting a decent President. We had a decent President in George Bush until the surgery that removed his backbone. Now he’s just another cheap, political hack that barks when he’s ordered to. (You think aliens took and replaced him with a Democrat?)

What bothers me the most about the dregs we have for presidential candidates is that it may be of God. I once told you God will give us the President we deserve and maybe He’s about to give us the hand that will be on the wheel when the boat sinks.

On a smaller scale every business that thumbed its nose at God lost: 7-Eleven, K-Mart, Disney, Ford and now Starbucks. Why can’t Americans see this? Because television has become America’s “god.” It makes its decrees – “Say ‘f___’ all day long but just don’t say ‘n_____’ or ‘q____’ or we’ll destroy you!” – which are preached by CNN, USA Today, Time and the like. The Liberals who have taken TV captive know what’s going on but their hatred for God and America moves them to keep Americans distracted with fun and reality TV. (What does it say about the corporate intellect of America that “reality TV” is popular?!)

So far our Liberal dictators have eliminated private property, free speech and parental rights. You can’t touch certain parts of your car or land, you have to be afraid of offending the News Mafia by what you say and you can’t spank your child. You will even be national, and publicly, judged for your private conversations with your own children!

But, the one word our fun-drugged population will really kill you for is, “restraint.” Forget “sin.” They couldn’t care less about “sin,” they simply don’t want anything to interfere with their fun!

But the worst has been the fact that they are now willing to let the News Mafia lead them to accept false gods as equal to the true God. Check your Bible! God put up with a lot from Israel but the one thing that brought God’s hand down wasn’t corporate greed, hurting the environment or even sexual perversion. It was embracing false God’s. (Don’t forget, He is “jealous.” Ex. 34:14)

As we are ordered to be more “tolerant” of false gods by our TV god, we plant our country right in the middle of God’s bull’s eye and give Him an obscene gesture nationally. There can be only one outcome. We, as a nation will lose. We will lose our freedoms, our children and our lives. (If you just said, “Good, we deserve it.” you’re an idiot!)

How will it happen? Who knows? Maybe something as overt as another Muslim attack. Maybe a natural disaster with so much damage the Government “breaks the bank” trying to pay for it. Maybe it will be something as quiet as the world going to the Euro as its standard currency. You may not realize it, but the moment the Euro becomes world currency instead of the dollar the United States will become a third world nation. Maybe Americans will be in such a TV induced stupor they will see it coming and simply say, “I don’t care. Now let’s party!”

For what it’s worth, we are again promoting April 25 as a National Day of Prayer and Fasting. Why would I say all of the above and still try to get God to spare America? Because He’s Merciful!

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