“God Hates America!”

Essay #115

It doesn’t take a genius to see that our country is in dire peril. Evil people (call them: Democrats, Socialists, Liberals, Progressives, Communists, ANTIFA or anything else, they all fit) are bent on setting up a communist dictatorship in this country. They don’t care what they have to destroy or who they have to kill. They are bold, shameless and determined and remarkably successful.

In fact, I believe the mad rage in the camp of liberals since the Democrats’ lost to Trump is not simply over Hellary losing the election. If she had won in 2016 she would have taken office in 2017, one hundred years after Communists overthrew the Russian government and established the United Soviet Socialist Republic. (It was none of those.) After Obama’s great success in forcing the country to the Left I think if Hellary had become president the Deep State would have cancelled our Constitution and set up their desired dictatorship here. They’re not going insane because Hellary lost, it’s because their entire plan of American domination was about to be instituted and Trump derailed it.

Since the 2016 Democratic loss the above group of “America Haters” has for the first time been openly calling for the destruction of the United States. Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Hollywood, the News Mafia and all institutions of education have been shamelessly, openly doing everything in their power to destroy the nation they so fervently hate.

Add to this mix the hitmen they have imported, the Muslims. Islam has attempted to overthrow the governments of every nation they have migrated to. The “Global Deep State” militarized the immigration system of every European nation, and ours, and quietly imported millions of Muslims to assist them in the destruction of Israel and all Christian societies. Although any resemblance to true Christianity has long disappeared from most “Christian” European nations the God of the Bible has still been the God they acknowledged as the true God. Islam hates this. Therefore the “Global Deep State” opened the floodgates of Europe to import and empower Muslims to overthrow the governments of these nations. The results of this massive Muslim influx has been rape, riot and murder, exactly what the “Global Deep State” wants. (Australia and New Zealand have not been overlooked by these evil people.)

The very same immigration-invasion has been invisibly going on in this country for decades. Detroit was targeted and our Auto industry fell. Now, Muslims call publicly for prayer five time a day in Dearborn, Michigan! The “Deep State” front-end-loaded 70,000 Muslims into Minnesota and the result is a Muslim terrorist now serving in our Congress. Conservative Texas is being targeted and now has the largest Muslim concentration in the country. What? You thought this all happened by accident? You’ve been in a reality-TV-induced drunken stupor while your country was being stolen from you!

The blatantly violent criminal activity of ANTIFA is well known yet neither Law Enforcement, the News Mafia or Congress will publicly condemn these acts. They have finally exposed the deceitfulness of all the lauding of free speech Liberals have done for years. In fact, it is more evident everyday that the Democrats, and company, are the very people our Founding Fathers wanted to protect us from when they crafted our Constitution. Although evil forces have tried to overcome that document for over 230 years it has thwarted them consistently.

America has been a good nation for most of its existence and is responsible for sending the vast majority of Gospel-preaching missionaries around the globe. Therefore it is understandable that such demoniac organizations as just mentioned would hate this country. What doesn’t make sense is those self- righteous, vitriolic Christians who have made hating America a new doctrine. It’s odd when Democrats, Communists, ANTIFA, Muslims and Bible believers all agree that the United States is “The Great Satan.”

I’ve heard it declared that anyone who reads their Bible wouldn’t vote. Strange? I’ve read my Bible cover-to-cover over 300 times…and I vote! Worse yet, I can’t see the evil in it.

I know as well as anyone that America is far from God. The simple job of Christians was to get those “far from God” to move closer to Him. Some Bible believers have the same goal as an abortion doctor, they only consider themselves a success if their patient dies!

These self-proclaimed prophets probably liken themselves to Jeremiah who so thoroughly condemned Israel’s apostasy. Maybe they think hating the United States will buy them a pass when God judges this country. (Other than Jeremiah and Ebed-melech I don’t see too many enjoying that pass.)

Personally they seem more in the vein of the prophet, Jonah. He’s the only prophet who hated the field God had called him to. He didn’t want to see Nineveh survive. He wanted the place destroyed by the wrath of a righteous God. He harbored so much hatred for his God-assigned field that when they repented and God spared them he died a bitter man.

If you are saved and live in this country, wouldn’t you think God would want you to be active in trying to turn it to Him? For many years I watched many of the Brethren happily dig America’s grave, toss her in and start shoveling in the dirt…only to see the country make an unexpected correct turn, climb out of the hole and keep going. To the rage of all the little Jonahs!

Do these folks really believe that if the judgement of God falls on this country that every member of their family will be spared, that none of their family members will die, no one that they know will suffer? They will never go hungry? Lunacy! They same lunacy that blinds the eyes of the Democrats who keep blowing holes in the bottom of the boat that they are on!

America has a lot to answer to God for, not the least of which is the murder of over 60,000,000 unborn babies due to abortion, but we as Christians are still responsible to pray for our leaders that we might enjoy a peaceful life.

1 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;
2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet ands peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.)

(1 Tim 2:1-2)

[Maybe I’m wrong, maybe this is a Tribulation application!]

The Lord may well judge America brutally. We may all bury loved ones and experience suffering like we have never known. But the better thing is for America to get right and give God the glory due Him. I will spend what time I have left working to that goal. I will do all I can to bring this country back to the God on which it was founded, the God of the Bible. We would all be better served if America got right and praised the Lord right up to the Blessed Hope. Then we’ll leave and the judgement so many Liberals, Muslims and Christians hope for can come. Can America have a revival? It has about as much chance of it as Nineveh had!


  1. Barbara Adkins on April 30, 2020 at 8:39 pm

    How can I get a copy of this?

  2. RONNIE YORK on May 16, 2020 at 5:35 pm


  3. Greg Baker on May 18, 2020 at 7:35 pm

    Brilliant! I could t agree more.

  4. Robert Hatch on June 6, 2020 at 7:22 pm

    Amen, brother.

  5. Brian Tori on July 18, 2021 at 5:26 pm

    I’m a former democrat. The first president and only i’ve voted for is Donald Trump – twice now. Growing up in a heavily influenced Democrat environment, i’ve seen the holes, errors, and hypocrisy to the modern “lIberal’ philosophy. What I thought is “liberalism” isn’t exactly what it used to be…I’m pro-life too – so the Democrat Party’s stances with abortion is really radical and I never realized how bad it was until I started stepping back and recognized what was happening around me in the political sphere. I feel the same way about everything that is happening in this crazy world. It makes me think that the “beast” is the American Political System itself.

  6. Charlie Hull on July 17, 2022 at 3:59 pm

    I like it and you are right. The Muslim part I knew about but only up to a point thanks for explaining it for me

  7. ES on September 12, 2022 at 7:25 pm

    I’m one of those Christians that sees the USA turning into Sodom and Gomorrah, witchcraft abounds, women aborting babies for pleasure, lawlessness & violence.
    Do we ask the Lord to Bless America? When Floods, droughts, and earthquakes happen I can’t help but think God is bringing judgment.
    I share the Gospel, I hand out tracts, I mail out tracts.
    Many people have hardened their hearts and speak hateful things about our Saviour.

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