Letter #122

Wikileaks Exposes Our Muslim President

I am by no means a fan of the damage being done to our country by Wikileaks. But one thing that came to light due to their revelations was that President Obama instructed the U.S. Embassy in London to do all it could to empower Islam throughout the United Kingdom. (What do you think he told our embassy in Egypt?)

Obama Exposes Our Muslim President

During the Islamic pagan festival of Ramadan, Muslims are forbidden to wear jewelry of any kind. Reporters noticed that President Obama wasn’t wearing either his wedding ring or watch during Ramadan. When asked to explain he said his wedding ring was being “repaired.” He never explained what happened to his watch. RAMADAN happened to the Muslim’s watch!

Bury a Pig for the USA!

In one US city, pagan Muslims were planning to build an armory (mosque). One night patriotic residents buried a pig on the property. That “defiled” the property and the Muslims couldn’t build there. Will some patriotic American go and bury a pig at the proposed site of the mosque in New York City, please?!

“Big House” or “White House?”

Want to go to prison? Here’s how you do it. Start a business in which you sell public stocks. After you’ve sold millions of dollars worth of these stocks take the money and put it in another business and close down the one you sold stock in! Although Obama, the Swindler, didn’t start the General Motors Corporation when the godverment took it over they stole the money investors had put in GMC and started their own car company called “General Motors Company.” Then, they changed the name of “General Motors Corporation” to “Motors Liquidation Company.” The stock in this company, which no one on earth willingly invested in, is worthless because Obama’s corporate thugs stole all of GM Corp’s money and assets and started GM Co. with it. They left only the old, unwanted buildings. Investors in GM Corp. have no part in GM Co.
If this were done by someone with a name like, say, “Bernie Madoff,” the swindler would be exposed by the News Media and sent to prison for life. But Obama ends up serving time in the White House instead of the“Big House.”

Want to Change Congress?

We all know the professional politicians in Congress are only interested in the “Three Ps”, pay, perks & power. No amount of term limits will change this since the terms being “limited” are greedy individuals who will, and have, find a way around such limits. But here’s a plan that will work! Cut the pay of Congressmen by a third. End their perks, cut their pension and make them drive their own cars! No. Not as punishment. The Founders said that serving in Congress should not be a well-paid position or it would be attractive to power-hungry, greedy people. It has. Cut the pay and benefits and these greedy buzzards will scatter like a covey of quail. They will flee Washington and leave a vacuum to be filled by intelligent, dedicated Americans who want to help their country, not get rich.

Meeting the 7000

Bro. James Melton

Bro. Melton pastors the Bible Baptist Church in Sharon, TN. We have never met but I have over the years come across some of the excellent printed material he produces. Bro. Melton prints tracts and small booklets with information on the King James issue, Bible doctrines and how to deal with errant religions. He has been faithful for many years and his materials have helped many Christians in their warfare for the Lord. If you would like to see his material go to: biblebelievers.com/jmelton/order.html. Or call: 731-456-2248

“Big Brother” or “Big Bully?”

President Obama loves to have people think he is a compassionate man. He wants us to know he feels bad about those poor, poor people who can’t afford healthcare. In fact, he feels so bad that, starting in 2014, under his healthcare plan anyone who can’t afford healthcare…will be fined $1,500 a year! Yep! That’s the Socialist/Democratic plan. If you don’t get healthcare then “Big Bully” government will take even more money from you. That’s not what I call “compassionate,” but that’s what this communist in the White House calls “compassionate.” Do we really want our country run by someone with such a demented definition of “compassion?” Please, Mr. Obama, have mercy! No more “compassion!”

God or Satan?

As the truly informed know, the United States was dedicated to the God of the Bible. Patrick Henry said it best, “it cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Because of this dedication, the true God greatly blessed this nation. Ask yourself, why are nations that were around for centuries before ours still Third World nations? Simple. They were not dedicated to the only God that can bless a nation.

Haiti is the spiritual opposite of the United States. As our nation was dedicated to God, Haiti was dedicated to Satan at its founding. In 1999 it was rededicated to Satan. Look what our God has done for us and what their god has done for them.

Do we really want to let our government lead us away from the God of the Bible?

Fight On!

What’s easier to rob than an 85-year-old woman? An 85-year-old woman who doesn’t own a gun!

A 17-year-old “wannabe” thief broke into the home of 85-year-old great-grandmother, Leda Smith because he thought she would be an easy mark. Instead, Mrs. Smith woke up, grabbed her pistol from beside her bed, aimed it at the thief and said, “You’ve had it.” She held the young man until police arrived.

Mrs. Smith had the young criminal use her bedside phone to call the police on himself, but not until she warned him, “Don’t attempt to throw the phone at me, or do anything bad, or I’ll just shoot you.” Fight On!

Ma’am, Is There Another Woman?

No, I don’t mean anything immoral or improper. What I’m asking is, do you decorate your house to impress some woman friend rather than your husband? When you’ve decorated or changed something do you say to yourself “Wait until (she) sees this!” instead of thinking, “Wait until my husband sees this!”

I see a trend of women becoming addicted to fashion and style and wanting to fix up their home to impress each other rather than fix it up for their families. It was a subtle change and by no means do I blame or accuse any woman who fell for it. But it’s time to think first of your family and then…and then…no one else!

Be Prepared

These are dangerous times. We’ve already seen where churches have been targeted by gun-toting nut cases. I think it would be wise for every church to have trained, armed personnel. Check out Zion Security Training, Greg McLaughlin at 417-255-1612. It may save someone’s life.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

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