Everybody Wants to Party

During the 40+ years I’ve been preaching I have witnessed a great many changes in the churches of our country. Cry as they may that the Bible is their guide for life the influence of television is more and more evident in the lives of our people. Christians…Bible-believing Christians have absorbed the subliminal message of TV and superimposed it over the life’s goals just as surely as any lost man has. This influence has greatly deluded the values of our people which have in turn effected their outward Christian testimony.

Some of the carnal influences that have changed today’s Christianity into yesterday’s apostasy are: 1. The Party Attitude: Like the common Roman citizens just before the fall of Rome cried for only too things, “Food & Circus!” (“Feed us & entertain us!) Americans, all Americans, Christian or heathen, have submitted their hearts to the very same spirit. Television and the constant elevation of degenerates known as “celebrates” to the place of deity have made carnality & covetousness life’s goals rather than life’s shames. All of America wants to go to a party. While most want to be at a sex/dope/booze party most Christians don’t. They just want to be at a “Tailgate” party, sit around grilling burgers & sipping iced tea. But tell those same Christians that they should forego the party and get out and try to reach the lost and they will react as violently and viciously as any lost man whose party was crashed by a hellfire & brimstone preacher. America is Disney World and everyone, including Christians, wants to ride every ride while there’s still time. But “no one wants to work in My fields.” as the song goes.

2. Sex to the greatest pleasure of life: If you grinned a “naughty” grin and quipped, “It isn’t?” it only shows how stupefied your TV has made you. Christian Americans are chasing “the best sex” with the same reckless abandon as the world. I am absolutely shocked at the wedding presents young Christians receive that insinuate that the only way to please her man is to be a wanton whore. I am convinced that pornography has to be the “daily reading” of most Christians.

The fairytale that “if the sex is good the marriage will be OK” is seemingly the secret conviction of everyone in the country. Think about it. Those “beautiful people” from Hellywood probably have no restraints on the bedroom actions. If anyone has the sex the country desires they do…and they are constantly getting divorced. So one of two things is true:

1. That star/entertainer you’ve been lusting after isn’t as good at sex as they are in your fantasy or

2. They are that good, but “good sex” doesn’t assure a “good marriage.” Sex is good and an enjoyable part of marriage, (I didn’t say “life”) but if you’re convinced it’s what marriage, or life, is all about you have been totally seduced by your television god and are headed for nothing but grief.

The saddest part is that if anyone should have an understanding of what a good marriage requires it should be God’s people. But, unfortunately, “God’s people” are busy trying to live to the values of the “devil’s people” with the resulting havoc destroying lives all across America

3. Get all you can while you can: I believe most Christians believe that the Lord’s return is near. But rather than motivate them to live in a more holy manner it almost seems they’re afraid He’s going to return before they get to “play with every toy in the store.” Since we do live in Disney World the fear seems to be that the Lord is more of a “Spoiler” of our enjoyment than a “Rescuer” of His people from a sin-cursed earth. Most intravenous don’t want the Lord to return until that get to “ride every ride.”

Sadly, parents, those who should be the anchor of the family, are just as given to play & pleasure as their children. Thus, they “send the kids out to play” in a world that will only degrade and defile them so they can go chase their own carnal entertainment. They literally throw their children to the wolves of the world when they should be protecting them from them.

Do I think there is hope for a revival? There is always hope for revival. But do I think American Christians are going to return to the values and lifestyles of yesterday? Nope. Not a chance. We are as intoxicated with the drugs that freely Hellywood dispenses as any lost man is. I see the spirit of “prophesy unto us smooth things” in most of our churches. They know the truth but the truth sounds “too harsh.” They want to go to church to fulfill their religious duty just as surely as any lost man. But they do not want to hear that anything is expected of them. They don’t want to sacrifice even one carnal pleasure for the Saviour that they “love” with “all their heart.” And that’s the attitude of most Bible-believing Christians!

Most Christians feel that because they do not opening harbor ill feelings for the Lord as do the heathen that they are “on God’s side.” But that is about all that they are willing to grant Him. It isn’t even a problem of gross sin or immorality. It is more the fatal affliction of addiction to being entertained. While some have refused to openly attend Christian Theaters (contemporary churches) they have joined them wholeheartedly with their values and desires.
I believe there may never have been a generation of Christians that has been less dedicated to the Lord. While they pay Hm lip service their real dedication is to their own comfort and pleasure. Again, this “pleasure” is not necessarily to “sinful” pleasure. Simply the “good times” so easily enjoyed by the blessing of living in the United States in the 21st Century. The whining plea of today’s American Christianity seems to be, “It’s not fair to expect me to have to sacrifice anything for Christ.” yet every Christian who feels this way also feels that God owes them His best.

I do not want to see the fall of the United States but if it happens it will not be due to the Hollywood, public schools or a corrupt government. It will be due to preachers who have abandoned their mandate to edify their people and exalt the Lord through uncompromising dedication to Christ and to Christians who are taking the pleasures of this life seemingly intravenously. We have become absolutely addicted and dedicated to our own enjoyment of life. If God brings the whole system down we will all get what we have coming. We will be dragged kicking & screaming from our own personal Disney World into a world with a reality that we won’t be able to handle.

We would all do well to read Deuteronomy 28 to see the raw horror of the result of God’s judgment on a nation that has consistently flaunted their carnality. If you say it can never happen to the United States because we have done so much for the Lord you need to remember that Deu. 28 was written about His chosen people. As much as the US has stood for God we have never enjoyed that designation. If He can judge His chosen ones He can judge those whom He has so greatly blest in the past.

Joshua 24:20 If ye forsake the LORD, and serve strange gods, then he will turn and do you hurt, and consume you, after that he hath done you good.

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