Do You Want An Escape Pod?

I have endeavored not to be an alarmist. I didn't jump onboard with the Y2K panic. I don't spend my time trying to uncover all the conspiracies involved in the false pricing of Twinkies. Here is the view I take. I have always believed in the adage: "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best." (Yes, I know, you're very "spiritual" and say "pray" for the best. If you want to write to scold me for saying "hope," save my time, your crayons, and don't.) Add to that, the fact that I believe this president is: an America-hating Muslim, an ideological Communist and not a citizen, who is bent on the disassembling of our nation. I further believe his desire and plan is to be the dictator of this country and will force his will on the people any way he can.

I further think...he will achieve his goals.

I believe under his heartless rule we will see a devastating plummet in the American way of life. He has already sabotaged our healthcare system to move it downward toward Third World status. I believe he will seek to diminish our access to cutting-edge communications, transportation, and utilities.

In parts of New Zealand right now the power to water heaters in some communities is controlled by the city. A limited amount of BTUs is rationed per month. If a customer exceeds that amount before the month is finished the city cuts the power for the remainder of the month. Cold showers!

Recently, I spoke with a man who works at a municipal facility in this country that controls that community's meters. He said that his city is coaxing citizens to accept new "smart" meters. He said, "I can monitor the water usage of ever home with a smart meter. I can tell when they flush the toilet or get a drink of water."

What happens when "Der Fuhrer" decrees mandatory limits on water, gas and electric usage? The bill is before the gods of Congress right now. You may soon lose control over your thermostat, hot water heater, gas stove and kitchen faucet. You may see sweltering days when your air conditioning is turned off and freezing days with limited heating ability.

Please understand, I am not saying these changes are either imminent or guaranteed. But I understand the actions of an all-powerful dictator on a people he hates. (Check Stain's murder of millions of Ukranian.)

Can you circumvent this treachery? Here's a thought. A camper trailer is a self-contained unit that provides heat, air conditioning, cooking facilities and even a bathroom. The furnace is a 12-volt unit that runs on car batteries. Hot water heaters are 6-10 gal. and run off LP gas if the 110-volt current is cut off.

Here's what a handy person could do. Buy an old travel trailer and install the furnace to service one room. I don't advise installing an LP tank inside a structure. It should be placed outside the house. The batteries, deep cycle from an RV dealer, can be installed along with the trailer-provided converter that will let the furnace use 110v, keep the batteries charged and automatically flip it to 12v if the power is cut.

The same can be done with the trailer's A/C unit. Although all A/C units run off 110v you can have it on a circuit hooked to that generator you bought in preparation for Y2K. (A generator should not be run inside a closed structure.) Furthermore, you can get a small solar panel, at the RV place, that will trickle charge your batteries. Trailers even have a 12v fresh water pump you can use to draw water from a nearby source. If you remove and use the trailer's fresh water storage tank you can have a source of fresh water also available in an emergency. Thus, you can have heat, water and maybe even some A/C on those desperately hot days if Der Fuhrer cuts your power.

If you are not handy you can get the same trailer and park it out of sight behind your garage and resort to it on the "bad" days. You may need an electrician to set a 30amp or 50amp circuit for you, but, this will provide you with heat, A/C, cooking, refrigeration and bathroom facilities. Although you can use the sink and shower and let the waste water run out on the ground, you won't be able to use the commode without it being hooked up to a septic system of some sort.

But don't do this! Don't drop this letter, rush out and buy an old eyesore trailer, park it in your driveway ...and leave it there with "plans" for doing something with it. I don't want a bunch of irate wives writing me because their wannabe survivalist husbands' parked a wretched looking beast in their driveway and then never got around to doing anything with it! If you have a bunch of unfinished projects around your house please throw away this letter and forget you ever read it.

Also, if you are prone to chasing ever conspiracy and hiding from every imaginable threat (You do know they are watching you from a satellite right now and monitoring your computer. Eeks!), then put this letter down and go pray and ask God to protect you because you are probably one of those fools who think they can provide for themselves through just such actions as I've advised. Nothing can guarantee your safety but the Lord. (Pro. 21:31 The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD.)

You don't need a "bunker," 10,000 rounds of ammunition or a thirty years supply of freeze-dried pizza. You can have all of that and more but if the Lord does not provide for your safety there is no hope. And remember, the Jews were (are) God's chosen people but when they, as a nation, turned from God then they, as a nation, felt His wrath. There were "good Jews" who had their babies murdered and wives ravaged once God unleashed His judgment. If you think a trailer parked out behind your garage is going to take care of you, you are a fool and your family is in grave danger.

Remember, you may do all I've suggested and then... nothing happens! (Like Y2K.) You will have wasted a few thousand dollars on perceived safety. Or, you may do all of this and it comes true...right after the Rapture. This may end up being a waste of time and money.

Whether you decide to provide yourself with an "Escape Pod" or not, it is never a waste of your time or efforts to read your Bible, repent of your secret sins and live to God's glory. If you do these things you will never look back and say, "I wasted my time and efforts living for the Lord." like you might look back on an old, ugly trailer you never needed or used.

If you have money for missionaries or money for a trailer, use it on the missionaries! No old, broken down travel trailer is going to provide you with eternal rewards like giving to missions will. Remember, your "best friend" is your pastor, not the guy selling you gold coins, bullets and survivalist gear.

I have often said that it's not wrong to prepare for an emergency but it is wrong to prepare for the emergency. The above-mentioned idea may serve as a blessing to you or it may be another distraction from you really serving the Lord. Just think of the "Escape Pod" as a giant fire extinguisher. You should have one around and hope you never need it. The day our truck caught fire, I prayed, "Lord if You don't put out this fire we're going to lose our truck, our RV and everything we have," BEFORE I ran for the fire extinguisher! We lost the truck but He saved the RV.

Safety is of the LORD!

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