Do You Feel The Power?

This past election was historic in illustrating the power of one vote! It was more than just a win for President Bush. It was a flexing of our voting muscles. Following is a brief list of winners & losers:


We returned President Bush to the White House with a 3.5 million vote margin.
We have extended the Republicans’ margin in both the House and the Senate.

We kept John Kerry & “Pretty Boy” Edwards out of the White House.
We threw obstructionist Tom Daschale out of the Senate.
We absolutely destroyed homosexual marriages in 11 out of 11 states.
Bill Clinton has been emasculated! (He needed that.) He is portrayed as the Democrats’ unstoppable gun. Earlier, he (and Al Gore) failed to keep Gov. Grey Davis in office in California. Now, neither of this dynamic-less duo could wedge John (Lurch) Kerry into the White House. Bill Clinton isn’t the “power” the News Mafia portrays him as. (If this humiliation had happened to a Republican it would be a major story.)
Your vote is stronger than the endorsement of Hollywood’s Hateful Horde.
Your vote is stronger than Bruce Springsteen & the immoral entertainers.
Your vote is stronger than the News Mafia!
Think about it! Most Christians automatically assign decisive influence to the Liberals. We say, “They have the schools, News Media and Hollywood. There’s no way we can compete with that.” Don’t you get it yet? All they have are the microphones! We have the Truth! This election has proven that our Truth is more powerful than their lies. We are the ones who are unbeatable! The only way we can lose is by not voting. Every whining Christian who didn’t vote did vote. They voted to empower the devil’s crowd. Whose side does that put them on? If you didn’t vote I’m not hammering you. But haven’t you been dedicated to defeat long enough? Haven’t you declared America “dead” enough times to see that you have been misled by somebody? Listen, I, Sam Gipp, with one finger (my “voting” finger), whipped Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, Dan Rather, Ted Turner, Bruce Springsteen, Michael J. Fox, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw and every queer in the country! What have you done? Not only have you served the devil but now all you’re doing is beefing and claiming, “It doesn’t make any difference.” because you’re embarrassed at your foolishness. I feel sorry for you. You must start each day by sucking on lemons just so you’ll be in the proper “Christian” mood. (“I hate everybody…in Jesus’ name.”) Why not join the winners?

Most Christians expect the Democrats to run Hellery Clinton for president in 2008. Then they automatically ascribe success to that effort. Guess what? Four years from now we’re just going to whip her, too. (You just thought her election was a forgone conclusion, didn’t you? It is if we don’t vote.)

But the biggest thing this election was was an affirmation that God hasn’t written America off yet. He has said we don’t deserve John Kerry. He has given us four more years to do something for Him. Now we need to fervently use this time before the next election.

What Should You Do Now?

If you are over 30 years old, (20 to 30 year olds, I’ll give you some news in the next Essay) you have 4 years to work. You should look over your local and state situation and decide on one small change you desire to make in the next four years. (California and Massachusetts should look into starting a movement to impeach those liberal judges who have made pro-abortion and pro-homosexual decrees in spite of the will of the people.) There are laws on the books that provide for their replacement (remember Grey Davis) but you’ll have to do a little footwork to sort them out. If every state rolled back one liberal item in the next four years that would be tremendous progress and over load the liberals fighting ability. Remember: they had millionaires give to the Kerry campaign but your vote was more powerful.

You may wish to go down to your local school board and make your presence known. What you don’t realize is that Liberals are AFRAID of us! And this election has them trembling. They know if we can throw out an incumbent, liberal Senator, we can remove a mayor or school board member. Don’t cower when they call you “bigot” or “hateful.” (“Sticks & stones…”) Think of what God will call you.

If you are already active in your church as a soul winner, in church visitation or some other area don’t stop it to become politically active. You’re already doing something for the Lord. Don’t stop one thing just to do another. But if you haven’t been active then get busy in this arena. (And don’t steer someone away from soul winning and visitation, either.)

Pastors, think about this. Many times I’ve seen pastors attempt to stop any kind of political activism. They piously claim, “Well, they ought to be winning souls.” or “We’re not trying to bring in the kingdom..” Look, not everyone in the military does the same job. So it is, and ever will be, in the church. No matter how hard you try, everyone is not going to go on visitation or win souls. Those who do, use in those areas. But if you have someone who hasn’t been active in those areas, get out of their way and see what they can do for the Lord in a different venue. They’re not a threat to you. Let them be a threat to the devil.

You who are 30 and older need to start working now on the next election. Rally the mouth-breathers who have been dully repeating, “It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. Black helicopters are coming.” and show them what you did without them. If we have to we’ll do it again without them but it would certainly be nice to have all the help we can get. Don’t be afraid to push some wimpy Republicans around.

Sit down and think about ways to make Americans think. I am personally working on seven non-book projects in this area. My projects have already outstripped both our manpower and finances but I plan on leaning hard in the right direction until something gives. Then I’ll exploit the break through.

One thing you can do is quit talking hopelessness. Some Christians I’ve spoken to seem dedicated to one thing only…losing. No matter how many victories you point out they always have a “doomsday” report. Losing is not the objective the Lord gave us. If the destruction of America is your desire or goal, that didn’t come from God. It hurts me to think that King James Bible believers have been the devil’s “best friends” when it comes to this country. But now, stop it.

Determine that you aren’t going to lay down anymore. Determine that you are going to do something to make a difference. If you aren’t making a difference you can’t even justify your existence. So, go out and justify your existence.

The liberals have the microphones, the newspapers, the schools and Hollywood. None of those carried the last election for them. All we have is the Truth. Do you plan on serving the Truth or going to your grave as a “do-nothing” for God?

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